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MSNBC You Later Imus

4/11/2007 7:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ImusMSNBC just announced it will no longer simulcast Don Imus' radio show.

In a statement to TMZ, MSNBC says "Effective immediately, MSNBC will no longer simulcast the "Imus in the Morning" radio program. This decision comes as a result of an ongoing review process, which initially included the announcement of a suspension. It also takes into account many conversations with our own employees. What matters to us most is that the men and women of NBC Universal have confidence in the values we have set for this company. This is the only decision that makes that possible. Once again, we apologize to the women of the Rutgers basketball team and to our viewers. We deeply regret the pain this incident has caused."

An FCC spokesperson has confirmed to TMZ that they have received complaints about Imus' remarks, but downplays media reports that they have launched an investigation.


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Just me??    

Sharpton and Jackson go after the RAPPERS..........................We don't like to hear their language

2718 days ago


Why is it that Isaiah Washington got a small slap on the wrist and had to go for counseling, but was not fired when he said what he did about gays?
Although what Imus said was wrong on so many levels - the reason he was fired was all about money... MSNBC was losing sponsors - losing cash flow and that is what this is about.

2718 days ago


This is WHY i love msnbc...they always pay attention...BRAVO!

2718 days ago


How many really listen to imus? How many really care what he said? I hear worse language on a 50cent song. But i guess that's ok?

2718 days ago

carol ard    


2718 days ago


No Imus on MSNBC then NO msnbc in MY HOUSE and no products from Staples, Bigelow Teas, Head ON and etc......

2718 days ago


Sattelite Radio here comes Imus.

2718 days ago


"Ho" was being used as... tough girl players

I can't stand , almost hate, Sharpton and I hope Imus gets another station signed up.

I will boycott msnbc ! I don't watch imus unsually, but I saw that remark and could tell he was just tring to be hip and ment to harm

It was rude but Sorry should have done it and I can't stand all those making a fuss over this.

It's not fair

2718 days ago


This is such a typical response - one always expects african american to just bend over and take it, for lack of a better analogy - because african americans are allowed to "breathe" . . so typical the post here

2718 days ago


I agree with Michael -- no wonder MSNBC and NBC are 3rd rated -- Imus you will be missed I didn't always agree but on this one I did !!! Your comments though maybe mean were not racist ! Ann Coulter even took your side !! Why wasn't Rush Limbaugh fired when he called a group of black women Water Buffalo ! I guess only Liberals get screwed that's OK go to Sirus Radio where you can say what you want !! As for the women of Rutgers yea it was mean but christ you do look like thugs all women do white or black to me when they tattoo themselves up so do men I am not a fan of body art as a retired nurse I have seen what they look like as the person ages and it is an ugly site not to mention it is hard to find veins and skin disorders when they are covered up !! This is bad call and I hope Imus shows up NBC and hasa successful show on another network !!! If it wasn't for Law And Order that network would go under do they have any other good shows and there news coverage sucks please Tucker ewwww !!!

2718 days ago

Woot!Toot!shut the hell up    

I am sorry, but whatever happened to freedom of speech? You might not like what people say, but as Americans we have the right to say what ever! Whatever he said, about gays, blacks, or whatever, might not have been valid or important. But when it is put all over the media, then what he says must be true, or else why would people flip out so much. Come on, people let him say whatever, and ignore it! Giving in means its getting to you, and really should some old strangers opinion even matter?

2718 days ago

Reita Perdue    

How utterly ridiculous, let the blacks calls you anything that they want and we do not say anything, grow up get over it, no one is perfect. If you have not sinned then cast the first stone. Why don't you come out with a dictionary that says what is proper to say to a black person and what isn't. it is time for people to stop wearing their feelings on their shoulders. I did not put your people in slavery, nor did I approve of it, and I have some great black friends but their feelings are not paper thin. We do not care if you eat in an all black restaurant, we do not care if you have your own theaters, we do not mind sharing, but I do mind your whining over every little thing that happens, I suppose we are not talked about all the time, wrong, but do you think that I care, no. Life is too important to cry over everything. Correct, he was very wrong, but he does not deserve to be curcified. Grow up America RAP

2718 days ago


IMUS, if you want respect you have to give respect. If you can say that about the college team, what must you say about your young wife ?? Is she one, too ??

You have time to think about it now, Imus and take your ruthless producer with you !


2718 days ago

Enough is enough    

I say let Imus and the girls basketball team sit down and hash it out. At the most have Imus make a generous contribution to the charity of the girls choice in their names, but taking someones job just because a bleeding heart liberalist wants to make a mountain out of a molehill is crazy. Imus by far isnt the first person to make comments as such and Im almost certain he wont be the last. Its obvious that some people have so on their calendar these days that they just jumped on this to fill the void or to get their five minutes of fame on television. So Sorry Imus for the misfortune but better things will come your way! Good luck to ya!

2718 days ago


Jesse, AL.....I need to speak to you! JUSTUS JUSTUS JUSTUS FOR ALL!

2718 days ago
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