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MSNBC You Later Imus

4/11/2007 7:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ImusMSNBC just announced it will no longer simulcast Don Imus' radio show.

In a statement to TMZ, MSNBC says "Effective immediately, MSNBC will no longer simulcast the "Imus in the Morning" radio program. This decision comes as a result of an ongoing review process, which initially included the announcement of a suspension. It also takes into account many conversations with our own employees. What matters to us most is that the men and women of NBC Universal have confidence in the values we have set for this company. This is the only decision that makes that possible. Once again, we apologize to the women of the Rutgers basketball team and to our viewers. We deeply regret the pain this incident has caused."

An FCC spokesperson has confirmed to TMZ that they have received complaints about Imus' remarks, but downplays media reports that they have launched an investigation.


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First, why African-American when most never came from there. Are we German-American and etc, the whites?

Secondly as above, there are two sets of standards. The rappers can call their "women" anything and it is fine, acceptable, everyone laughs, and the wome want to sit next to them; even do as they desire. Let a "white" say something and watch what happens!


Third, what do the black "activists" have to do-besides stir up trouble? The blacks need to get smart and realize Jackson and the others are using them for publicity and fame, nothing else!

2720 days ago



2720 days ago


they caved.. and he is foul mouthed but , he is being made an example . Shaprton makes me ill, so self centered and always so right . cant stand him

2720 days ago



2720 days ago

Just me??    

Go LADY VOLS you beat RUTGERS........................................

2720 days ago


So much for freedom of speech. I think this is incredibly HARSH!!! This man has done so much GOOD for so many children. I see NO justice in this. My prayers are with IMUS and his family.

2720 days ago


Yes, Imus made a rude and tasteless remark that was not funny to most, but his critics want political correctness -and they want him censored! Is this still America? What happened to the right to free speech and the 1st amendment? From what I've read and seem of Imus' critics, they are the very same type of politically correct individuals who routinely support the ACLU and freedom of speech. These are the same kind of people who supported the neo-Nazis when they wanted to march on Skokie, Ill. in 1978. Skokie had the largest number of Jewish concentration camp survivors of any city in the world at that time and the Neo-Nazis wanted to march there. Yet, the ACLU supported their right to speak and march. How is this different? I didn't believe the Nazis should have been able to march because I felt they targeted Skokie in order to terrorize the residents who had numbers tattooed on their arms from the concentration camps. But the ACLU and the courts found it to be covered under the 1st amendment. That being the law, how can they fire Imus for this?????As offensive as it may be, speech like this should never be censored just because someone doesn't like it.

2720 days ago

Just my opinion    

So sad. That is just ridiculous.

2720 days ago

Just me??    

Mike Nifong tried to please the black community to get their vote and looked what happened...He may be disbarred............Way to go DUKE LACROSSE PLAYER......innocent...charges dropped.................................

2720 days ago


I said no to the poll. I don't think he will have to be banned I believe American sponsors and the public will speak out regarding the racist and sexist remarks!!! He will reap what he sows: negativity ! He is in the minority now! These were sucessful women: black and white. He can have his talk show but no one will air it or sponsor it. The remarks flowed very easily...he very sad. I bet the females in his life (if there are any) are really proud of him. May God have mercy on him.

2720 days ago

Just me??    

What goes around comes around...REV. SHARPTON and JACKSON

2720 days ago


I do not agree with the back lash given to Don Imus for his comments. Why is it that all other races except for white people, can get away with all the racist remarks? White people do not have a the Latin Music Awards, a special magazine called Ivory nor have dedicated T.V. channels for white people. We are the minority now. Let people have freedom of speech. If you don't like it, don't listen to it on the radio or change the channel. My America is being consumed with always being politically correct. If we are going to point fingers and criticize Don Imus, it may be time to crticize EVERYONE who is a public figure. Whether that be hip hop artists, politicians or anyone in the public eye.

2720 days ago


the ones who suffer from this is the kids that go to his ranch that have cancer,and what about the vets ! look at all the good he done for them ,as a desert storm vet that was wounded twice I thank you for all you did Imus,tell me what has Sharpton,or jackson ever done for anyone? not a damn thing! I guess its ok for blacks to say whatever they want to and get away with it like those duke players that went thur hell for a year! but if a white person said it all hell breaks lose! well I hope a never hear a black person call a white person a cracker,whitie,etc.what gives them the right ?

2720 days ago


Hey! If the comb fits........

(I feel sorry for the poor SOB. Anybody remember Tawana Brawley?)

2720 days ago


reports that they have launched an investigation.

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Reader Comments
(Page 6 of 6)Previous 15 Comments | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 76. Tawana Brawley (born 1972) is a black woman who received national attention in the U.S. when she was 15 years old for her claim that she was raped by six white men, some of them police officers, in the village of Wappingers Falls, New York. The alleged incident soon became a media sensation, championed by Reverend Al Sharpton and by attorneys Alton H. Maddox and C. Vernon Mason. There were no indictments in an investigation conducted by a grand jury in October 1988, who cited a lack of evidence, concluding she had not been abducted, assaulted, raped or sodomized.

Origins of the case
On Saturday, November 28, 1987, Brawley, who had been missing for four days, was found lying conscious but unresponsive in a garbage bag several feet away from an apartment she had once lived in, her clothing torn and burned, her body smeared with feces. She was taken to the emergency room, where various slurs and epithets were discovered written on her torso with a black substance described as charcoal.

A detective from the Sheriff's Juvenile Aid Bureau, among others, was summoned to interview Brawley, but she remained unresponsive. The family requested a black officer, which the police granted. Brawley, described as having an "extremely spacey" look on her face, communicated with this officer with nods of the head, shrugs of the shoulder, and written notes. The interview lasted 20 minutes, during which she uttered only one word: "neon." Through gestures and writing, however, she indicated that she had been raped repeatedly in a wooded area by three white men, at least one of them a police officer. A sexual assault kit was administered, and police began building a case.

Public response
Public response to Brawley's story was at first mostly sympathetic. Bill Cosby, among others, pledged support for her. Articles about Brawley captured headlines across the US. Public rallies were held denouncing the incident. However, racial tensions also climbed, and when up-and-coming civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton, with attorneys Alton H. Maddox and C. Vernon Mason, began handling Brawley's publicity, the case quickly took on an explosive edge.

Under the wing of Sharpton, Maddox, and Mason, a full-fledged media sensation was born. The three claimed that the entire case was a coverup going all the way up to the state government. They named New York prosecutor Steven Pagones specifically, calling him a racist and a rapist, among other accusations.

Grand jury hearings
On October 6, 1988, the Abrams Grand Jury released its extensive and thorough 170 page report concluding that Tawana Brawley ("Brawley") had not been abducted, assaulted, raped and sodomized as had been claimed by Brawley and her advisors. The report further concluded that the "unsworn public allegations against Dutchess County Assistant District Attorney Steven Pagones" were false and had no basis in fact. To issue the report, the Grand Jury heard from 180 witnesses, saw 250 exhibits and recorded over 6,000 pages of testimony.

In the decision, the grand jury noted many problems with Brawley's story. Among these were the results of the rape kit, which did not indicate sexual assault. Also, despite her claim of having been held captive for days, Brawley was not suffering from exposure, was well nourished, and appeared to have brushed her teeth recently. There were no burns on her body, despite her clothing being charred. A shoe she was wearing was cut through, yet she had sustained no injuries to her foot. Testimony from her schoolmates indicated that she had attended a local party during the time of her supposed abduction, and one witness claimed to have observed Brawley climbing into the garbage bag. An ex-boyfriend of Brawley's told Newsday that Brawley had admitted making the attack up.

A total of 180 witnesses were called during the hearings. Brawley herself never testified.

Brawley and her mother were issued subpoenas to testify in front of the grand jury, and refused to do so. This may have prompted Brawley and her family to move hastily to Virginia, taking with them a "defense fund" of $300,000 which had been contributed by well-wishers. There is still an outstanding warrant in New York against the two for ignoring the subpoena.

The case still hangs over Sharpton, particularly following his entry into mainstream politics (his race for th

2720 days ago
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