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Sanjaya Hits Puberty!

4/11/2007 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sanjaya MalakarSanjy's grown some facial hair, and he wants the world to know it!

If you watched last night's J.Lo-mentored edition of "American Idol," you probably noticed Sanjy's freshly-fuzzed face. Our inside source tells TMZ that "It was all [Sanjaya's] idea."

Perhaps the little songbird is trying to address media scrutiny of his "masculinity" by adding his own bit of Tom Selleckness.

While it was a compelling attempt at butching it up, it looked to us like his face was a little dirty. Sanjy warbled a version of "Besame Mucho" (kiss me a lot) and batted his doe eyes at the swooping camera. Did the facial hair help? You decide.


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Good grief, Not another article about this guy, Everytinme I look on TMZ's site there is something about him. I dont have anything bad to say about him as a person. . But I agree with another post, Enough is enough. You can ram something down peoples throats until it is sickening. Is he related to you guys or something?

2753 days ago


He seems to be trying too hard.

2753 days ago


I love everything Sanjaya does. He is the best entertainer EVER on any of AI's seasons. He deserves to get through all the way. Way to go Sanjaya. Don't listen to people's negative bickering --- they are just jealous and can't recognize your rare talent. You are great! Love ya!!! :))

2752 days ago


I just want to slap that fake smile right off his face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2752 days ago

Skeeter 17    

Ridiculously obnoxious! No amount of facial hair can cover up his true gender tendency ---And as to Simon's comment that his rendition was "not horrible"....perhaps Simon meant - "it was most horrible"!!!
And really no amount of facial gimmicks....clothes....posings, etc. can make him likeable---to a majority of AI viewers....because he is just horrily unlikeable!

2752 days ago


I hate Sanjaya. All the press he is getting is just helping get further along on AI. Stop writing about him and maybe he will go away.

2752 days ago


Buck Cherry, Oasis, The Stones, Velvet Revolver and my mother would kick this boys ass in a snow ball fight..good grief American Idol SUX!!! Lets start a boycott NOW!

2752 days ago

no fan    

This kid needs to disappear. It's pretty bad when he's major enterainment news

2752 days ago


you all are idiot saying hatred stuff about him. how you would you all feel if its your 17year old kid in american idol and been harass by random people he doesnt even know? Your kid or you should be in his position. stop whinning.

2752 days ago


Mr. SEXY SANJAYA is on EBAY for $1,000,000, check him out ! Item# 150109729160.
What will they think of next?

2752 days ago

Drama Continues!    

It's American Idol....LOL all the Tweenies are voting as they should be!
I really like Blake Lewis....original...sounds like himself, not a copycat and very talented. I also think that Melinda Dolittle is extremely good..but will have work even after American Idol.

2752 days ago


Sanjaya: Talent called: They want their identity back!!

2752 days ago


I just wish everyone would leave this poor kid alone. It is so obvious that Simon, Randy & Paula do not want him to win, they basically don't even give him the time of day when remarking on his performances. Do I think Sanjaya is the best singer on AI this year? No, but Simon, Randy & Paula thought at one time he was good enough to be in the top 12. So they should be repectful and give this poor kid a chance. Sanjaya is no different from anyone wanting to be the next AI. Everyone, including the media, should leave this kid alone. The harder everyone is on him, the more it makes me want him to win. If he can weather all the silly press and crap AI has thrown his way, then Sanjaya can do anything. Keep on smiling Sanjaya, all the press regardsless bad or good will make you a very rich young man.

2752 days ago

pattie in cali    

he gives me the willies when he looks into the camera, i am very sure hes a nice guy, but still, his eyes glare, its creepy

2752 days ago
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