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Uncle Larry Birkhead in the Swim

4/11/2007 12:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yesterday was a day of celebration for the DNA victorious Larry Birkhead. Shortly after the news of Dannielynn's paternity was announced, Birkhead did some victory laps -- in a pool with his adorable niece and nephew.

While a huge weight has been lifted from Larry's shoulders, it looks like he'll still have heavyweight Virgie Arthur to contend with in a custody hearing.

It seems that Larry will be a swimmingly good dad, and Dannielynn will have some happy cousins to play with. *Sniff*


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24. i mean she could have had a wonderful and happy life with this cutiepie..i believe that maybe in her heart she wanted to be with larry....but howard wouldnt let her.

Posted at 11:49AM on Apr 11th 2007 by cherokeechic

EXACTLY!! Like I said before...I've read & heard that Howard gave Anna an ultimatum saying that "its me or Larry....Larry supposely has e-mails from Anna while she was with Howard stating that " I love you & can't wait until we have our baby".

2722 days ago


He promised his niece and nephew that he would take them to the pool. Awww soo sweet. he is going to be a great dad!

2722 days ago

carol ard    

TMZ You Suck always picking on Grammas! I am sick of it!
You really must be afraid that HKS is going to sue your butt..Meanwhiel Virgie is getting O'Quinn into action right now to sue your AZZ!

2722 days ago


Wow. Surprise. TMZ trashing Virgie.
TMZ=The new Stern PR firm
You are in bed with the devil now.

2722 days ago


Howard needs time so he said he will need transitional time (Larry) before he gets the baby but all it is ,is time for Howard to con Larry into letting him take care of the money . The bastard is wicked and will do anything and he thinks Larry is stupid and weak and he can get him to let him in on it . See the baby and stay the hell away from him Larry for he is after you now .

2722 days ago


Anna did what her evil attorney told her to do and Howard knew if he kept her sedated with all the drugs she wanted then he could rule the roost and he did and it was an overkill or may just a kill ..

2722 days ago


TMZ shame on you for making fun of Virgie Arthur's weight. Virgie said she only wants to be a grandmother. HKS is now on your buddy list so you sound like him trashing Virgie. I think Larry's family are probably very nice people & want no part of hatred.

Larry needs to get the baby & get as far away from HKS as possible. The Sterns don't need to ever see the baby again. They kept Larry away for seven months. You can't trust a snake and you never know when he will strike.

2722 days ago


All you Larry fans out there are so stupid!!! You can bet if this child wasn't attached to such a fortune he wouldn't have wanted it so bad. Get real!

2722 days ago



Some people think the fascination with this case is out of LOVE for Anna Nicole.. I don't believe that is the case AT ALL.

For me, it is about this courageous young man who fell in love with a larger than life star and then fought his heart for his child because he CARED about her well being. He is like a knight in shining armor and he "rescued" his child so that she can have a healthy life in a drug-free home.

Anna did not care enough about her child to stay off drugs during pregnancy, nor did she care enough to stay healthy herself so she could live to raise the baby.

Larry is a HERO and he is already more popular than Anna ever was!

(How sick is it that Howard wants to stay in the Bahamas with Anna and Daniel's dead bodies?)

2722 days ago


See this is what real famiies do. they dont hide in a house with the curtains pulled down. Never to see the sunlight . I wonder if anyone has taken Danny to play in the pool? *frowns* That poor thing has been like a prisoner in that house. Larry looks soo happy. he deserves it because he has been through soo much.

2722 days ago

THAT money??? what money???    

#2. Looks like HKS has already latched on to Larry... I wish Larry was no this naive... If Larry has done this for sure... I've got no more time to waste on him, for any reason.
- - - - - - - - -
During Anderson Cooper last last, one of those investigative reporters came on and said that one of the so-called deals she learned about was that Howard K. Stern offered Larry the opportunity to move into the Studio City house. Stern also said he would make sure Larry always had money.

The reporter said that Howard made these offers and Larry thought it was too good to pass up. The matter was settled between the two men. Howard said he would not contest the custody issue if Larry was indeed found to be the father of the baby and would let Larry move into the Studio City house and give him plenty of money to give Dannielynn the life she should have PROVIDED Larry does not hire a new attorney to address the Marshall case and does not hire a new attorney to manage Anna's Estate and Dannielynn's Estate.

Quid Pro Quo?

Looks like Howard is looking for a job!
Posted at 11:26AM on Apr 11th 2007 by Roddy McDowall as Cornelius
--------- - - - - - - - --------------- - - - - - - - ------------------

2. Watch out HKS will be in that family picture soon if Larry isn't careful. HKS latched on to Anna now he needs to latch on to Larry.

Posted at 11:36AM on Apr 11th 2007 by tammiew

2722 days ago


48. All you Larry fans out there are so stupid!!! You can bet if this child wasn't attached to such a fortune he wouldn't have wanted it so bad. Get real!

Posted at 12:08PM on Apr 11th 2007 by rebecca

************************************************************************************************What are you talking about?? Larry has been fighting for her since last October, way before Anna passed...He was at her first ultrasounds etc....He has bought her clothes etc. & sent to the Bahamas.

2722 days ago

carol ard    

Ok Folks We must face it..God works his wonders in mysterious ways and He meant for this man to raise his daughter..Howard did everything he could (feeding Anna more & more drugs) while this child was in the womb and God protected her..Howard wanted Anna to abort this child and now he has prolonged this whole thing this long and now he is whacking on Virgie who has a right to be a Gramma to this child just as much as larry's mother! Virgie does not want custody she just wants an assurance of being a part of this child's life. Anna left larry because she knew Larry would make her get off drugs and Howie would move heaven & earth to get them for her hoping all the while that this child would not be born but lost because of the drug used..
I wish you Joy & Happiness Larry but please remember your daughter has 2 Gramma's!

2722 days ago


He will be a great dady! and I also think he is a very nice looking man too!

2722 days ago


Why would tmz try to discredit a grandmother and a mother at every opportunity?
Do you guys not have mothers and grandmothers? I have never seen anything as disgusting as the sites like tmz and Et who have tried time and time again to make a mother and grandmother look as bad as these two so called informational shows have. You know what I hope? I hope that Mrs Virgie gets custody of Dannilyn, moves her daughter's body next to Marily n Monroe and moves her grandson's body to Texas where he belongs and be damned with the lot of you, who are all looking to make money off Anna Nicole Smith. You are all shameless. From what I saw yesterday, HKS will now have LB under his wing and control like he had Anna under his control, and nothing was more obvious. I can see why Opri left him as LB also has his hand in the pie and I am sure HS has offered him the world. Do I hope the Bahama Courts fool you all! Give the baby to Mrs. Arthur! Then, ET and TMZ will really have something to report.

2722 days ago
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