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Bobby Trendy to "Star" in Anna Movie

4/14/2007 4:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You heard it here first!
Anna Nicole and Bobby Trendy
Bobby Trendy has confirmed to TMZ that he will star alongside Willa Ford in the Anna Nicole Smith movie. Who better to play an outlandishly peculiar designer character than the character himself?

Trendy previously appeared with Smith in the "Anna Nicole Show" on E!, so this won't be a stretch for the whimsical fashion mavenette.

From the sound of it, Bobby thinks he's "starring" in the movie. TMZ didn't have the heart to break it to him that it's Anna's story.


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All alone in paradise    

Yes, glorify the weirdos that lived in Anna's whacked out world.

Howard K. Stern is gay, too.

2751 days ago

Stern Supporter    

Nobody can play Bobby Trendy like the real Bobby Trendy. As far as the remark made about HKS, I doubt if he is gay, but only HKS knows for sure. Besides who cares? Anna Nicole was bisexual. She picked and chose her friends and created her reality by her actions. That doesn't make her any more weird than anyone who judges her.

2751 days ago


This is gonna be some movie. I can't wait.

2751 days ago


i wonder what the spin in this movie will be she is bearly cold and it took forever to get her in the ground but the movie is on the way shot the movie will be history for the whole mess is finished in the BAMS

2751 days ago



2751 days ago

mary sweers    

Here is another one just for the $$$$ He rake her through the coals with that terrible taste he has.... Momma dearest is still trying to make more $$$ from the baby. and good old Larry finally getting his acting in place after all that's why he hung on to Anna... And Howard my heart goes out to you.... People have No sense, all that legal work you did you Anna and Never charged Anna for it , this was for some 10 years or so... No one would of gave her the time of day but Howard and never charged her...... ALL THOSE YEARS How many of any one of you would of did that???? Howard did ,for He LOVED ANNA God's Blessing, Mary Wisconsin

2751 days ago



2751 days ago


I smell a Academy Award nominations, people.

2751 days ago


Bobby Trendy please wear those hot fur boas.You will star in the movie-) oh! I am so excited that I could scream! What will you wear to the red carpet event? You will need some hot wardrobe for the set!! I want to go to the opening to see you in person. You have the best personality and such style. You will be my favorite character in the movie.
Well have a ball !!!! I hope to see you at the opening!!!!
Best Wishes,

2751 days ago

Loser O'Quinn    

Could care less about this guy Bobby Trendy, besides it should be a really small part (no pun intended). Who else would play a flaming she-man but the real thing?

I want to know what happened to Anna's massive huge 30+ carat wedding ring from J. Howard Marshall? It is on her finger in this picture but where is it now? It's got to be worth a LOT of money....

2751 days ago

The Original D..    

It was reported awhile back that Anna's big jewelry case was stolen.
Does anyone have an article about this? Was it stolen or pawned? Did they collect any insurance on it?

2751 days ago

The Original D..    

During the summer of 1994, members of J. Howard's staff learned that Vickie's "bodyguard," Pierre DeJean, had a record of multiple felony convictions. Just prior to her marriage to J. Howard, Vickie "lost" much of the jewelry that J. Howard had given to her, including her engagement ring. She filed a police report in Los Angeles, claiming the property had been stolen. Contradicting her claim, she also asserted that she had given the jewelry to DeJean. Further contradicting her claim, she asserted that she had left the jewelry in a bag in a cab. The jewelry has never been recovered. [FN15: The police did not believe Vickie's story, stating that "the report of lost jewelry is unfounded."

2751 days ago


Anna HATED bobby trendy. ugh - he is so fugly and gross and a queen beyond all queens. i cannot stand him!! barf.

2751 days ago


OMG, Who in the hell can stand to look at that Bobby guy, it makes me sick to look at him or listen to him!!! Willa Ford looks nothing like Anna, therefore it pisses me off to no end that i have watched all this drama, and now they pick this ugly woman whose looks arent anyhting like Anna's. Was there a contest on who looked the most like Anna, cause i could have entered and made it more real then this Willa gal.

2751 days ago

less confused in Ohio    

ANS surrounded herself with gay people from stylists, to assistants, designers, doctors, why such a stretch that HKS is gay too? I don't doubt that he cared for her, just in a very bizarre and dangerous way. His narcisism makes him equally as dangerous to the baby. Again, I don't doubt he feels love for her, but the innocence will fade and DLB will become another object for him to put his spin on. He should have little or no contact with her outside the supervision of lots of people to keep it under control.
This movie and others to follow will be interesting if not informative. I don't blame any of them for cashing in, who wouldn't? ANS left a mess behind and it's costing a lot of people a lot of money to clean it up. Just my opinion.

2751 days ago
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