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Simon Says "I Wasn't Listening. I'm Horrified!"

4/18/2007 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon CowellTMZ spoke with Simon Cowell this morning about last night's incident on "A.I.," in which Cowell sarcastically rolled his eyes after contestant Chris Richardson offered condolences to the families of the victims at Virginia Tech.

Cowell told TMZ, "I couldn't hear what Chris had said. I was talking to Paula. My reaction (rolling my eyes) was to what he had said previously, that singing nasally is a form of singing."

It's true, when the judges are off camera they frequently jab at each other as the singers do their thing.

Simon told TMZ he was shocked when he saw what went down: "When I watched the show back, I was horrified."


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Leave Simon alone!!! I believe him! It's bad enough he has to show up for this crapfest!

2743 days ago


You could totally tell that Simon was reacting to the stupid response from Chris about his singing, Not his comment on the Virginia tragedy. btw, I think Chris is one of the worst singers left. He totally sings through his nose and it sounds HORRIBLE.

2743 days ago


Simon is fine. This situation is bad enough by itself. Simon can be a jerk but he's not a monster. I believe him.

2743 days ago


i never took simons coments as bad

2743 days ago

Vote out Sanjaya!    

I think Simon is telling the truth. I don't think anyone would honestly roll their eyes @ someone giving their condolences to the Virginia Tech families.

2743 days ago


Simon is the only judge who tells it like it is. Leave him alone.

2743 days ago


Simon was definitely reacting to Chris's comment about "nasally" being a form of singing. In which, I think Chris did a great job impersonating Rascall Flatt's lead singer's voice. And then Chris switched from defending his singing style to saying something about the victims. Simon didn't have a chance to react to that comment, the camera man was catching his reaction to the nasally comment. So I never thought Simon was rolling his eyes at the victims, but thought it was poor timing on the camera man/producers part... and even that was unintentional becasue they didn't know what would happen.

2743 days ago

Never inked up!    

When you actually watch the video its clear to me he was not involved in conversation with anyone. He is just trying to make excuses. Then he has the nerve to try and make a recovery by giving his own if you will, shot-out to the families. Shame on you Simon! I'm just waiting for the day his 15 minutes of fame are over and he disappears from the lime light. Fingers crossed folks.

2743 days ago


It could be interpreted several ways...Simon may have thought Chris was using the tragedy in an opportunistic moment. I think maybe they didn't want the shooting to mar the entertainment on Idol and maybe wanted to avoid anything tragic or terrible being mentioned on the show....who knows?

2743 days ago


heh I actually wondered what was up with that...Chris looked so embarrased and scared

2743 days ago


This is being discussed over and over on the AI message boards. I can't believe how people are so ready to crucify Simon over this when it's obvious that he eye rolling was a direct response to Chris trying to defend his awful performance. How can people think that Simon, or anyone else, would be so disrespectful to the victims and their families?

2743 days ago


I totally agree, Simon did not like Chris' "nasally" response. His eye rolling had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the VT incident or to Chris' offering condolences.

I still feel Sanjaya should have gone weeks ago & should be the 1 to go tonight, but I don't feel that's gonna happen. In the wake of all the hype around Sanjaya, other singers are being knocked out unfairly. I believe this will happen once again tonight with Chris leaving the show. His continued "nasally" performances & his likeness to JT, is wearing thin for many, including myself. I would much rather see someone come out & do their own thing rather than copy an already famous singer.

Personally, if things were based on talent alone, I don't see a guy taking the win. But, with the mockery of the way things are going, it just might happen, as we all know. Should this be a blow to the others? YES it should when they are far more talented than Sanjaya could even thing of being at this stage of things. Not saying he doesn't have potential as the next Michael Jackson but just saying his so-called talents aren't strong enough to take the win.

Ok, got off on left field there a bit, sorry.

2743 days ago


Simons behaviour last night was nothing more than ignorant, rude and despicable. How dare he ROLL HIS EYES at the heartfelt comment by Chris Richardson about the tragedy at Virginia Tech. He needs to apologize to the student body and faculty of Virginia Tech, the American people and Chris for the response to his comment. I for one WILL NEVER watch Idol again if he remains on this show and displays no remorse for his behavior. His callous cavalier attitude to our nation’s broken hearts was rude and deplorable.
His comment at the end of the show was hardly enough - it came across as nothing more than CYA after what I'm sure was a prompt by one of the producers - and to claim he wasn't listening affirms what an idiot he really is. More interested in the big bucks he's making than what the contestants have to say OR sing!! Go home Simon, to a country that probably is VERY embarrased by you at the moment.

2743 days ago


Simon needs to be a little more conscious of his remarks and his "eye movements". Maybe Simon would feel differently if someone close to him was injured, or, worst yet, killed at V.T.

2743 days ago


I strongly suggest an apology is in order tonight from Simon's trap. Unless you were blind, you couldn't mistake his eye rolling last night.

2743 days ago
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