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Paula -- No Sympathy for Sanjaya

4/19/2007 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that he's been booted from "American ldol," Paula Abdul couldn't care less about Sanjaya Malakar.

TMZ caught the loopy "Idol" judge outside Mr. Chow last night, where she went to chow down after the results show, in which the Sanjaya the Ponyhawked Wonder got the ax. When asked her feelings on his exile, Abdul wasn't exactly sympathetic, brushing off the question with a "Oh he'll be fine," and proceeded to sign photos for waiting autograph hounds.

With Sanjaya's media attention and lightweight vocals gone, Paula added, "The competition's gonna start getting heavy."


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I never watched American Idol but I was SOOOOO sick of hearing about this no talent freak. Thank god he's gone.

2743 days ago


Love her comments. She's blowing him off as if...he was an ex!

Not that the "judges" have any relevance to this stage of the competition (unless they're texting in their votes).

At this point, they could have the robots from MST3k sitting up their and make more sense than RandyDog, Paula Adloopy, and Game Show Boy.

2743 days ago


What else can she say, Thats Showbiz....

2743 days ago



2743 days ago


I think you mean Paula "could NOT care less," not "could care less." It's a simple mistake, TMZ staff writer, but one that an educated journalist should make. Whoops, I mean should NOT make.

2743 days ago

mIchael Lawrence    

The long national nightmare is over.

2743 days ago

an idol watcher    

THANK GOD HE'S GONE! He was a brave soul for enduring all the criticism but, honestly, he didn't have the talent that some of the others had (those that were voted off).
Let the competition begin! Go Jordin and Melinda!

2743 days ago

Still OJ    

#5 - "could not care less" would be a double negative. The writer got it right, you got it wrong.

2743 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

I learned several things from watching last night's 'American Idol':

1) Martina McBride is really a very, very good singer and I need to pay more attention to her music.
2) That second chances really do happen and if Kiki really wants to stay in this competition she needs to show up and belt something big time next week so we aren't hearing 'Hasta La Kiki!'.
3) No matter how sincere he tries to be, Ryan Seacrest is becoming more annoying that a poorly inserted tampon.
4) And, finally, God really does listen to my prayers .. and that girlyboy is gone. Buh Bya Sanjaya!

2743 days ago


TMZ needs to hire staff that are at least educated enough to know English grammar.
"Paula could care less about Sanjaya" means that she cares a great deal. The proper way to phrase that would have been "Paula couldn't (could NOT) care less about Sanjaya".

2743 days ago

oh man....    

Grammargirl, if you took a few seconds to do a teeny tiny bit of research, you would know that "could not care less" IS indeed the correct way to say it.

Could care less
When you say this, you are actually saying that you do care somewhat about whatever you’re discussing. The correct phrase, “I could not care less,” means that you are at the end of your caring rope.

Copied and pasted from:

2743 days ago


Admit it. Sanjaya was the most interesting "entertainer" on idol this season. Who are you going to kick around now? There were websites and hunger strikes, not to mention someone living on top of a building until he was voted off. I'll try to stay awake but...

2743 days ago


#9: YOU ARE WRONG -- #5 is RIGHT!

"I couldn't care less " means that you could not care any less than you already do!

If you say, "I could care less," that means that you DO care because you COULD care less than you already do.

That said, "I could care less," may have well BEEN exactly what Paula said (because the preponderant number of people say it WRONG) and the writer may simply have quoted her verbatim. I don't know. "I could care less" drives me SO crazy that I probably would have corrected it, but I don't know TMZ's policies.

"I don't have none" is a double negative.

Anyway, Ms. Grammargirl, I think you need to consult your grammar books, if you have any!

2743 days ago

Still OJ    

#13 - who would ever say "I don't have none?" What kind of grammar would that be, know it all? How about I don't have any.

2743 days ago


Grammargirl go back to school and take and English class. You are incorrect. The correct way to say it is "couldn't care less".

2743 days ago
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