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Sex Tape Shelved -- MTV Star Is "Severely Disappointing"

4/19/2007 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Wahler, Lauren ConradTMZ has learned a porn company has put the brakes on an alleged sex tape featuring "The Hills" star Lauren Conrad and "Laguna Beach's" Jason Wahler -- because of the bad boy's "severely disappointing" behavior. And apparently, according to our source, the tape is severely disappointing as well.

A TMZ source said the alleged tape, news of which first broke on Perez Hilton, is "very vanilla" with "no hard core sex." The source adds that LC and Jason are basically "messing around." But SugarDVD tells TMZ they are retracting their previous offer of $500,000 for the tape, because of Wahler's recent arrest in Seattle. "We refuse to support any person who feels that it is in any way acceptable to rattle off racial slurs and slanderous language about African-American people, homosexual people and the police department." Porn with integrity, people!

Not only is Sugar pulling the offer, but they are reaching out to their network to discourage anyone from participating in a deal for this alleged tape.


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I will buy the tape for 500K

2704 days ago



2703 days ago

Dawn Day    


2744 days ago


Like it's a BAD thing that it's "Vanilla".
I am sure she is happy they are saying that!
Not everyone has sex like Porn Stars!
I am so happy for LC, that would have been devastating.
Heidi is a horrible friend and I hope LC learned her lesson about this and to stay away from her!

2744 days ago


if you read between the lines of this story ,the reasons they give are really bogus , a porn company having morals pleassssseeee GIVE ME A BREAK ,the real reason they ditch this was limp d**k,couldn't get it up in video in other words

2744 days ago


Serves everyone involved right that this would screw up. And who in the hell would care if this guy had bad boy attitude that screwed the release of this tape up? Since when does a bad attitude stop sex tapes from being released? Porn star John Holmes was accused of murder once and that didnt stop porn companies from employing him,

2744 days ago

WWE does it right.    

Who are these losers and who cares?

2744 days ago

Jose Arribas    

Yawn. Slow news day.

2744 days ago


They are not releasing a tape because there isn't one!!!!!!!!!! And I agree with Lindsey "not everyone has sex like porn stars!" And for those who don't like Lauren and say she is least she has a job! Unlike many other so-called "celebs" who live off their parents money.

2744 days ago


Yeah the only reason I could see they are not releasing is because it doesn't exist. Why else would they not show it?

2744 days ago


LC's not a nice person in real life...I know the family.'s true she is making her own money. Sure, her parents helped her get there...but she does have a job and she's a hard worker.

2744 days ago

Robin Givens, Toronto, Canada    

This chick is the most annoying chick alive, I would rather be strapped down with bamboo shoots in my eyes than even see one more picture of this broad. Who is she anyway?

2744 days ago


Who even cares? I'm so sick of listening to all of this "porn tape" drama with just about every female celebrity that's making it big. As if a sex tape is something you WANT to follow you around everywhere you go? Some of us have morals and integrity, not to mention we have enough brains to know that it could fall into the hands of ANYONE and be spread everywhere. You get what you deserve! And please.. they're not releasing it because of his bad behavior? Yeah, because no other porn stars are bad, huh? They'll release Paris Hilton despite her DUI and all of her racial slurs she spills out. Everyone is fake and this whole situation is dumb.

There are bigger things to be worrying about in the world than whose porn tape will be released or not.

2744 days ago

Laurie R    

i've never watched the hills and really don't have an opinion on the female here but i will say...everytime i look at a picture of her, i'm going to think of 'large, beef curtains'...a comment that was written previously about her concerning this porn tape.
poor thing.

2744 days ago


Pulling the offer from who though?????? I'm curious who gave them this tape to begin with. I suspect it was Jason himself, as he obviously out of the picture with LC and her show anymore. Stands to reason that their statement that they won't support someone who makes racial slurs is the smoking gun. They aren't going to SUPPORT....and now they are PULLING THE OFFER....adds up.

2744 days ago
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