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Rosie to Sheryl Crow: "Have You Seen My Ass?"

4/23/2007 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The answer, presumably, is no -- but Rosie made her point, pooh-poohing Sheryl Crow for suggesting that we all use just one square of toilet paper per trip to the loo.
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Crow made her comments on her blog last week, and Rosie took a moment on this morning's "The View" to express her incredulity at the supposedly enviro-friendly suggestion. "Have you seen my ass?!" bellowed Rosie, and Barbara Walters was good enough to warn viewers not to use their sleeves, another of Crow's helpful suggestions.

That's just about enough scatology and wipe-tech for one morning on that zany kaffeeklatsch.


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I can't stand Rosie, but this comment is totally appropriate. I don't know what is going on with sheryl crowe but I don't care for her much anymore. She has changed into some kind of female nazi about everything. She needs to take a chill pill and go away. I won't buy her music anymore, I have lost respect for her totally.

2741 days ago


I guess Sheryl Crow and others of her "importance" want all of us "peons" who
buy the tickets to their concerts (No, I never have seen her in concert and never wanted to) to WALK to the concert or ride a bicycle through a huge city in order to see them.
I''ll bet if people would quit going to their concerts, just think of all the PAPER that those
little bitty tickets are printed on and how that will mess up the environment.
I could trade one of their tickets for one extra piece of paper to wipe my A__ with
and we would then see how important paper is to entertainers. Better yet, the
PAPER that the MONEY is printed on to BUY those tickets, could certainly be
put to better use. Maybe Money is what Sheryl Crow wipes hers with!

2741 days ago


That looks like the size of both ends for Rosie!! LOL

2741 days ago

My Two Cents    

What a disgusting thought!

2741 days ago


Rosie you are a s.o.a.b. Sheryl Crow has more class in her little finger than you do in that huge ugly body of yours. Didn't Donald send you a dominatrix outfit you once wore? ha ha ha ha ha. You are sickening!

2741 days ago


Everybody has seen Rosie's ass. She makes one of herself every time she opens her mouth.

2741 days ago


Thankfully, Ms. Crow has not seen Rosie's collossal ass. I can't help to think of Ms. O'Donnell's life-partner Kelly, who has undoubtedly seen Rosie's mammoth ass. I certainly hope Kelly's getting hazard pay for going through those gates of hell.

2741 days ago


I think Babba Wawwa and Rosie, the pond scum, have the hots for each other.

2741 days ago


They nne to make wider-sheets for us big-girls. We not only have to use more to get the job done, but we have to manually spread our butt-cheeks first, then dig up in-there a few times. Taking a crap for a fat girl is quite exhausting!

I am glad they now make 14-plus maxi-pads for us. Use to have qutie the mess.

2741 days ago


I love it when they put funny sayings to goofy photos,,,that's a fun road trip idea!

2741 days ago

Z. Sanchez    

Although I do not agree with Sheryl's statements about reducing toilet paper...I do think she MEANT to say, Use recycled paper instead. We use recycled paper for napkins and toilet paper. As for Rosie...not a good picture in my head...

2741 days ago

Now Hiring    

oh come on that was funny, see she still is funny .

2741 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Can't stand either one. Saw CROW in concert ; that one needs to get Over HERSELF !

Crow so miserable now she wants us all to suffer, one sheet of toilet paper .. I CAN'T


2741 days ago


Oh come on. It was funny. If you weren't watching the show -----

2741 days ago


One square? She needs one whole square block to wipe that city-sized toucas! And I'm getting sick at the mere suggestion that she uses her ass for anything except sitting on all damn day!!

2741 days ago
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