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Scarlett Goes Down

4/23/2007 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Just a short time after saying goodnight on SNL, guest host Scarlett Johansson ate some authentic New York pavement outside the after-party while trying to avoid paparazzi.

Let this be a lesson for all camera-shy celebrities: You can dash to the car and hide under a coat. Just try not to do both at the same time.


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I'm sorry... I found that utterly amusing.

2703 days ago


dumb bitch

2703 days ago


As far as I'm concerned the crew of SNL went down! She was the only good performer in these awful comedy skits. So as far as her going down...she probably had several STIFF DRINKS after the show...who could possibly blame her!

2703 days ago

can't believe this    


2703 days ago

choppy 1    


2703 days ago

Lydia Layne    

The inset picture of her face is scary ugly. I'd cover my face too.

2703 days ago


Sorry but when you choose the "famous" life you should know that you are going to have pictures taken of you everywhere you go... I'm glad the prima donna fell on her ass.. serves her right for having her stupid hood over her face, racing to the car trying to avoid the cameras.. what a loser. Would have been alot easier and less painful for her to let the paparazzi snap a few pictures.

2703 days ago


talk about stupid

2703 days ago


Is she just finished SNL why is it still light outside?

2703 days ago


serves her right! she is always so bitchy. she is in the movies, movie goers pay her salary. she has to expect her life to not be so private. if she hates it that much, she needs to retire and move to some little hick town. bye bye scarlett! go on now....go, go, go.......we promise we won't miss you......GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2703 days ago


What was she thinking? Of course anyone is going to fall if they throw something over their entire face unless they have eye holes cut in. I would love for the paparrazi to grant these stars their wishes for privacy, stop taking their photos, and for us to stop buying the tabloids (I'm guility), then they (celebs) would be begging for the attention they worked so hard to get in the first place!

2703 days ago

Katie McDonald    

TMZ, aren't you so proud of yourselves? This past week, the "news" on your website has consisted of shots of butts, crotches, sweaty armpits, and other idiotic drivel. Now you think it's cool that your pappernazis were hounding a poor girl just trying to have an evening without being bothered, and you caused her to fall and hurt herself. Now, apparently that is the "news". You suck.

2703 days ago


HA HA! She wants you to look at her, only if she's being paid? Like she's a rare and fragile precious item that only has so much public viewing allowance, and she doesn't want to squander it and go BOOM!? Hee hee! I hoped the injury smarted very much and reminds you to look before you leap.. or even consider stairs might be ahead. I bet her keepers caught hell from her after they threw her not so wonderful, worthless injured butt in that SUV! har har.

2702 days ago

John Marinelli    

I don't relish anyone getting hurt, BUT getting up close and personal with some cement may jar a distant memory of her actually being a mere mortal. Get over yourself Red.

2702 days ago

michael whitwe    

I keep posting, howcan you suooirt scum in seeib=ng a human hurt, and bitch because she didn'y give them want they hunger for.

Ther have been several responsible (60 Minutes/ Dateline/20-20, perhaps even E! or MTV that have shown the perspective of responsible photo journalists...yes they do stake-outs, yes they travel in teams to "catch their quarry, maybe they sit on a tree, or in a boat with a long lens camera, They want,expect, and tyopically capture a steady flow of slable images, but they aren't out-of-work carnivores or criminals who will literally pin a car in a corner with a team of 3 or 4 cars to shoot away.

They also don't bask in the glory of a 12 year old child who will be traumatized for life in a bitter divorce. Has anyone at TMZ< Telepictures, Warner Bros. had a similar brom I'd bet mylife on it.

But they aren't as handsome and high profile as Kim Basinger. Harvey you're a lawyer, you know who violatted the sealed tape, but HIDE BY JOURNALISTIC "ETHICS" LIKE iMUS, in a slow celebrity news weel it was still the lead story on ET,Access Hollywood,Extra, and many mainstream "news outlets. Must make you proud everytime to see that "TMZ EXCLUSIVE on screen credirt. Does Alec get pissed, sure, but where will you be in 10 or 30 years when Ireland is still weeping in Theraphy.

I'm sensitive to the situation because I have a 26 year old daughter whp is stil scarred, and there wasn't one media story, just "friends" and giossip and a mother . As in my case at least Kim is not alledging child abuse. Enen that pig Rosie said yesterday she's said worse to her children at one time or another. Baldwin had 1 day a week off he weekly flew back and forth dozens of times to see his daughter amongst many other kindnesses, not that anyone will hear it, or repeat it, but as a human being( ostensibly) you mkust know many Irelands, give HER a break


2702 days ago
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