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Can't Take Dump So Residents Must Pay

4/23/2007 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's rough living around a location shoot for a Val Kilmer movie!

At 8:30 this morning, a movie starring Kilmer, "Columbus Day," was about to film in Echo Park near downtown L.A.

The residents were supposed to move their cars off the street. The wife of a TMZ staffer was at home, taking care of her one-year-old child when she heard banging at the front door. A woman named Kelli Lassen told the staffer's wife, "You need to move your f**king car because we need to park the toilets for the Val Kilmer movie." Nice.

We contacted Lassen, who at first denied saying it, then said she was reacting to a man in a nearby apartment who wouldn't move his car. She said she called that man a "f**king asshole" and then acknowledged she got hot with the staffer's wife.

Lassen apologized for her outburst, but added, "Val Kilmer can't even use the bathroom."


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Don't Give Up Val!!! E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E!!! Check Your Thyroid!!! Don't Over Eat!!!

2704 days ago

Tara Tennent    

Is that Val Kilmer?! At first glance I thought it was John Travolta..

2704 days ago

what ashame    

2 things to address about this story
1st Val you use to be hot and now your not and you need to lay off the doughnuts or do some sit ups or something. can you say " diet " for pitty sake eat a carrot or a piece of celery or something healthy. you got junk in your trunk and your front.
2nd if that biacth would have told me to move my f**king car I would have beat the crap
out of her for talking to me like that.
especially cause you gonna come knockin on my door at my house and get up in my
face talking smack.
biacth you would get smack down for that.
I would file a law suit against her claiming mental anguish if I was the person she spoke to like that. She would not be able to get away with that one.

2704 days ago


Val's Washed out and now washed ashore!!!
Mr. Kilmer...hide like Brando.

2704 days ago


Oh God forbid a celebrity doesn't look like he is 20 anymore. OMG...he is enjoying life and aging....omg..he actually eats and isn't vain and starving himself for your approval.
He is still beautiful only need listen to his music to see deeper but I guess thats beyond most of you. You people make me feel ill as you spit rudeness to complete strangers while you sit eating cheetos reading about others lives because yours lacks excitement.

2704 days ago


What does weight have to do with integrity,wit.sense of humour and a brilliant mind.
He's still awesome to me,and by the way,if he films here,he can knock on the door and use my bathroom anytime he wants....the rest of the cast and crew as well.

2703 days ago


Not a beached whale, more like a giant seal! I can't believe this is what has become of Iceman! Age is a cruel, cruel equalizer.

2703 days ago

Who among you is so perfect to throw the stone at another    

It's so sad that many people commenting here are joining in with the writer of this article like clicky "mean girls" from a high school. It has often been noted that people
who put others down are actually very insecure themselves. Most of you making fun at the cost of someone else, will be experiencing weight gain as you age over 40. In my opinion Val Kilmer is beautiful, inside and out, no matter how old he gets or if he gains weight for a movie role or not. It is you people who love to ridicule another, any chance you get, who are truly ugly and deserving of having a finger pointed at you. As been noted the film industry, at times, gets permits to park their vehicles. And I'm sure Ms. Lassen was frustrated with people not complying with the requested temporary change. Sure she should have been more cordial and tactful and not used Val Kilmer's name in her rant. Who among you here are so perfect to have never said a word or tone that you regret. It's unfortunate that Val Kilmer's name was even pulled into this little moment of someone else's bad choice of handling their duties. I can only ask that the writer of this article be adult enough to apologize to Val Kilmer who is actually a very kind, spiritual humanitarian, as well as a very talented actor/writer/poet/singer and not deserving of this childish immature ridiculing.

2702 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Val looks like a fat Walrus..............maybe he should be Jenny Craigs next male spokesperson.

2700 days ago
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