Val Can't Take Dump So Residents Must Pay

4/23/2007 12:52 PM PDT

Val Can't Take Dump So Residents Must Pay

It's rough living around a location shoot for a Val Kilmer movie!

At 8:30 this morning, a movie starring Kilmer, "Columbus Day," was about to film in Echo Park near downtown L.A.

The residents were supposed to move their cars off the street. The wife of a TMZ staffer was at home, taking care of her one-year-old child when she heard banging at the front door. A woman named Kelli Lassen told the staffer's wife, "You need to move your f**king car because we need to park the toilets for the Val Kilmer movie." Nice.

We contacted Lassen, who at first denied saying it, then said she was reacting to a man in a nearby apartment who wouldn't move his car. She said she called that man a "f**king asshole" and then acknowledged she got hot with the staffer's wife.

Lassen apologized for her outburst, but added, "Val Kilmer can't even use the bathroom."