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Worker on Val Kilmer Film

Apologizes for Talkin' Sh*t

4/23/2007 7:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelli Lassen's letterTMZ has learned Kelli Lassen, the enraged production peon who angrily told the wife of a TMZ staffer living on the block where a Val Kilmer film was shooting, "You need to move your f**king car because we need to park the toilets for the Val Kilmer movie!" -- has written an apology for her crappy attitude and potty mouth.

In a handwritten mea culpa left on the TMZ staffer's door, Lassen called the incident a "misunderstanding," and labels her profanity-laced tirade a "courtesy warning." Where'd she go to school? The Alec Baldwin Etiquette Academy?!

Ironically, it wasn't even our staffer's wife's car, but Lassen apologized for possibly waking up the resident and for being abrupt. She claims she was "merely trying to eliminate towing," adding, "I sincerely care about the local Echo Park residents." Um, define "care!"

Strangely enough, according to her MySpace profile, Lassen is a Buddhist, interested in "positivity," and believes the popular self-help book/DVD "The Secret" is working for her. TMZ is happy to have delivered a little instant karma.


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Brother Harold, S.J.    


2739 days ago


Both this article and the behavior it purports to condemn are really sad and typical examples of how self centered attitudes and uninformed opinions lead to abject stupidity. The girls behavior is obviously not professional... so what? Are we so thin skinned that when some jackanape p.a. says the "f word" we lose all perspective? Grow up staffer and wife. I live in Silverlake. We had 13 production on our street last year. It's a pain. Guess what? You live in L.A. If you don't like it move back to wherever you came from. Please.
So what do you think of Buddhists? Think they have to be perfect before you'll allow them their beliefs and identity? When was the last time you met a perfect Christian? Jew? Do they have to be prefect before you won't ridicule their beliefs? Lame. Lame. Lame. You don't know the first thing about what Buddhism says, does. Yet you insult all Buddhists with your double standards.
Ask yourself why anyone should hold themselves up to a higher standard because you want them to. Or is this more about you and wifey getting your selfish little way. Petty. Sad. Immature.

2739 days ago

Oh My Gosh I BET U R FAT !    

She needs to be beaten.

2739 days ago


This is the only reason a story about a new Val Kilmer movie would make news anywhere.

2739 days ago

who cares?    

so she prays to a FAT GUY?

2739 days ago


Even the production aasistants in Hollywood are becoming assholes....

2739 days ago


TMZ staffers and their family don't deserve any form of respect. LOL

2739 days ago


I agree with #11. This girl and LL need to get together and go bowling.

2739 days ago

U Can't B Serious    

This stupid chick has watched "The Player" one too many times. At least she's risen as far as she can possibly go with that GED of hers. (btw check out her myspace page that says "effective communications is essential to me".....uh, no kidding!)

2739 days ago


The horrible thing about this and Harvey Levin you suck big time is that this jr Location person could lost their job and because of you posting it all here, her ability to work in her chosen profession. The shame is the people you enjoy going after who do bad things and apologize continue on doing bad things and working. But this low on the totem pole of her union chick might not be able to pay her rent next month....that's it, I'm done you are right there with that suckass Perez....shame on you.

2739 days ago


That's supposed to be an apology??? I've got 'The Secret' for her, don't be a B*tch, Karma will indeed bite you in the a@@.

2739 days ago


Did anybody else notcie it appears "Dear Resident" appears to be spelled "Residant"? Maybe I am wrong, but if it is.. wow... real sincere...

2739 days ago


Hey Number 15: You are the sort of arrogant, self important twit that can only exist in the film industry. Why should we be inconvenienced by some crap movie? I live near the Frank Lloyd Wright house and have to deal with productions parking illegally and threatening neighbors. One production left us all rude notes saying they were filming a period movie and everyone MUST keep their curtains closed and not display and modern appliances. Of course my neighbors opened their curtains taped up posters, calenders and mylar baloons facing the street. This sort of nonsense is the reason I'm moving right after graduation.

And bro, for God's sake, pick up a third grade grammar book!

2739 days ago


Hmmm, sounds like another case of a nobody thinking they're somebody.

I agree, she should lose her job. There's no reason to behave like that and she's obviously not sorry...not to mention she only got caught by a fluke. I'm sure she has and will flip out whenever she feels justified.

2739 days ago


I have to thank her for this. That picture of Val Kilmer in the original story is the BEST PICTURE EVER!
He looks like a manatee!

She's expendable, even if she's par for the course in behavior, she's toast! Bad publicity and a really unflattering picture(snerk) of the films *cough* star (who is famous for his own pretty manners) do not bode well for a rank nobody!

2739 days ago
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