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Can You Stomach the New Britney?

4/24/2007 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's dance lessons are paying off -- and she's got the abs to prove it.

A belly-baring Brit was spotted leaving Millennium Dance Complex last night, showing off her tightly toned bod in a Pepto pink crop top, oh-so-short miniskirt and what looks like a Paula Abdul wig.

If she just grows back that hair, it's only a matter of time until she's writhing on stage with snakes again.

Britney Spears: Launch Gallery


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You can take white trash out of the trailer, but you cant take the trailer out of white trash. People are obsessed with pop-media. Get a life. And whats with people defending her. She's a hick who, most likly thinks shes better then you. Kiss her boots... and look at thoes lines above her lips.

2711 days ago


y does everyone hate on her? shes hot. if anyone else did the same things she does no one would care. everyone just makes a big deal out of everything, get a life.

2711 days ago

Ryan Prebys    

I dont understand why everyone says that she leaves her kids at home for someone else to take care, these pics are taken of her comming from a work out at a dance studio, sorry that she wants to go work out, dance, and get into better shape than most of the american fat asses in this ever woman that has a child shouldnt go to the gym? shes a single parent now, and im sure she can afford better child care than the majority of americans.... she hasn't been photographed lately out partying, drinking, or at night clubs has she lately????? no she hasnt! And by the way do u see her day to day life, no, how do u know that she didnt leave the house for an hour or so, them come back home to be with her children? shes a person, she made her mistakes, shes YOUNG PEOPLE, shes still learning, all of you that bring her down just to make your selves feel better should go out and make your own dreams come true instead of always point the finger of shame at Britney.


2711 days ago

get over it    

She may still have her lifestyle and parenting problems, but good for her for at least getting her body into shape. "a" and "Buy a clue" have the right idea. Some of you need to acknowledge that it took hard work and dedication for her to get that body, which shows that all may not be forgiven, but at least she's down the right track. Don't be a cynic just because your too lazy to do the same.

Then again, a lot of you are right that this is overrated. She's just a singer who hasn't made a song in a long time, only gotten really bad PR. No one should get that worked up over her, but no one should discredit fitness as a solution to many problems.

2711 days ago


Why must she be souch a bad mom. its not a good rolemodel for todays young moms.

2711 days ago

scott b    

money money money it dont make the world go around but it sure helps

2711 days ago

steph a new pair of boots eeeeeewwwwwww

2709 days ago


Britany spears needs to smartin up and stop acting like a slut. Look at your girlfriends or wives, would u like them going around like a slut and leave there kids at home. She is only a girl who needs pastic surgery and liposuction, so she never worked for her abs. She has kids that will grow up with problems and need help because they have a mom like that. There are so many more out there in hollywood like her, why do woman want to draw attetnion to them as a slut, no man wants a good decent woman like that. No man settle for that. Brit dont care about you, all she wants is your momey to throw at her and buy her cds. Dont be dumb people. Grow the hell up and get over people like that. she sucks

2708 days ago


I think she should stick to raising her kids instead of running around the country giving 15 minute tours that is not worth it. Her kids have had enough with instability as a mother. They need her, not the fans. I'm very disappointed in her.

2706 days ago


I am so sick and tired of reading about this total loser with no talent. Stop giving her so much press and let her fade into the woodwork . Let her pay more attention to her kids and stop trying to be a star when she is not. She is a horrible role model to young girls and I personally don't see what the big attraction is to this women. She can't sing, she picks losers for husbands and she is a terrible mother. Stop the press already!

2706 days ago


whats with the headlines
Now , would you do her ? what kind of disgusting thinking are we talking about here
and the sad part that 46% of people(men) said YES.
Shows you the slotty behavior is not reserved for Britney alone.
Its alive and well in the AMERICAN MALE.
Just leave her alone (Males and PRESS) let her get well and be a good Mother for a change.

2706 days ago


I'm bored with her already............

and Paris
and Lindsay
and the next one
and the next one

2706 days ago


The sooner all of you keep quiet. the sooner this will all die down.

2706 days ago


I couldn't dig Britney before so what's changed. I still can't. Wouldn't want any kin of mine in her position, money or no money. She's cheapened herself so much it's disgusting. Her and Paris Hilton are two peas in a pod. Money still doesn't buy happiness, only material things, and they don't bring happiness either. So.....where does that leave anyone??????????? Worse off than they were before.

2706 days ago

brittney loser    

Brittany is a LOSER!! She can't sing"!!! I just don't know what people EVER saw in her....???????????????????

2706 days ago
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