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Rosie Bids Adieu to "The View"

4/24/2007 11:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is a strong buzz in Hollywood that Rosie O'Donnell will announce Wednesday (April 25) that she is leaving "The View" -- and she'll make the announcement on the show.

If it happens, it's likely Rosie will stick it out through the end of the season.

TMZ has spoken with multiple industry people who say the word is spreading and the info emanated from inside the show itself.

Rosie's rep could not be reached for comment.


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M. D.    

Thank God she is leaving! After today's show-down with Elisabeth (who I DO NOT agree with either) this show has become a mess to be loved by the Jerry Springer crowd. There are battles and only ONE VIEW ALLOWED-Rosie's. She should defend HERSELF against the comments and accusations that she makes and not be angry that someone would CHOOSE to distance themself from her. That seems to be a growing group! Her old show was great and fun. A new show for her? Please--NO!!!! ABC should cancel this disaster now!

2679 days ago


I am shocked at these comments people have posted regarding Rosie. To call her a fat whore and to say that "EVERYONE" is tired of her mouth, not to mention claiming that some of you (who are not qualified as doctors to spute out ugly alligations) say she now can go get mental help. So many of the comments posted full of hate towards Rosie makes you no better than you claim she is as a person. Rosie may have her faults but she is who she is and does not pretend to be anything else. It doesn't make her unamerican....

2677 days ago

mad as hell    

elizabeth should apologize to rosie, big time. rosie has done a lot of good for the view and elizabeth just ruined it. you are not the same caring girl of survivor fame that everyone fell for, you are a political bitch. no one cares how much you like pres. bush if you ran for office they would impeach you for being a bitch . rosie, elizabeth is a child,. she knows nothing , if anyone should leave the view it should be elizabeth. the last day rosie is on the view is the last day i will tivo the view. i love you rosie , elizabeth go home and take your raging hormones with you. i certainly hope you dont treat your husband like you treated rosie, whom you called friend, or you wont be married very long

2676 days ago


Totally bombastic behavior on part of Rosie made her insufferable to watch. I BLAME BARBARA WALTERS for her tremendous zeal to up ratings on putting Rosie in the host seat. Do you think it's enjoyable to watch a verbal slug fest each day? I spent my career in television, as well as hosting a talk show, and find the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR of behavior that so-called professional Barbara Walters encouraged to be despicable.
Also, my favorite commentator is Joy Behar. But, what was she thinking when she launched into a lambast over George Bush when she began her rant? I think Elizabeth has her work cut out for her to protect the Republicans...and I am no supporter of the Iraq War, but...COME ON. LET'S BE FAIR. Why constantly berate a person's political views just because you can. Where's the dignity in that.
Rosie, goodbye, and grow up, and learn to take criticism. Don't expect others to fight your fights. Also, you have become a crazy advocate of your position, and make your goings on about gay issues almost as enjoyable to hear as when Kathie Lee Gifford was on the Regis and Kathy show. We don't want to hear about Gifford's kids anymore than we want to hear about your personal life!!
I think Rosie is bright... i like who she can be, or at least the person she might be if she could take the chip off her shoulder long enough to be a decent human being.

2675 days ago


yea how can the view even exist. Its all a joke to get the ratings these days ya see with trump an all that biz its kinda funny to me though the things folks do these days to get noticed.

2675 days ago

John Spears    

You are doomed to the fires of hell, & the way you are rasing your childern they are also going to hell! You need to come to Christ!

2674 days ago

Beth p    

I think that Rosie lost her mind a long time ago.

2673 days ago


Rosie made the View come alive...She has had a hard life and has come along way..I wish that I coud be as strong as her voiceing opinons on everything...I think that the people are jealous of her not the other way...I will miss her and can't wait to see what she is going to do next...As for the trump, he needs to get a smile on lije....
Amazing Grace

2673 days ago

G W Bush    

Yippie we got another liberal to quit ! Now my right wing wacko friends can start appearing on 'The View' just like Fox News. Do not forget to vote for my friend Karl Rove this coming election !

2673 days ago

Fran Ruh    

I think that Rosie wil be great loss to the View. I think she is honest, outspoken, very knowledge and a wonderful host. Also there were "no giveaways" until she joined the show. I really never watched the View until I found it she was hosting. She is a very good natured individual who has her heart in the right place. Most of the time, I do not even understand what Elizabeth says. She appears to be very anal, and if she is like that with he children, I pity them. Also I think she is unaware that people our age (I'm older) have alot of experience and history among us. Maybe she can run for Vice President on the Republician ticket. I am also going to write to "Mr. Dump TRuck about his insane comments/

2671 days ago


I really don't blame Rosie for leaving, for as the View might be for Joy and Elizabeth it was not really a show for Rosie for the others are not able to compete with her...She uses her witts and shows others that she is here to stay...She is great in helping out others and don't really care what is being said, she goes on to something else....That is why she is so loved by millions...Other few thousand that disagree with her are jealous or mealy mouthed and are afraid to speak out...As for the news person's I think that if they gotr out of the war we would be able to handle the war better and be able to bring home the troops to their loved ones and not be so many that have to die to save another country...I think that Rosies should run for president able then this would be a better world to live in...As for Elizabeth she needs to keep her mouth shut and go do something else other then be on a talk show...Never did care for her at all....Joy is great she also brings add fun to the show....
Amazing Grace

2670 days ago


She remind me of a spolied little girl who after a miriad of temper tantrums....just ups and leaves. I will miss her rants at Hasselbeck. Nor'eastern Rosie is coming to an end. I get exhausted watching her go from 0-60 in two seconds on a daily basis.

2705 days ago

C.M. Mann M.D.    

Left-Wing faux-intelectuals, use comedy as a facade to spew their hatred. What extremist such as rosy-o hate the most is The United States of America,Religion,Morals and standards, and responsability. rosy-o is a disgusting and offensive malcontent that dishonors the title Human-being. rosy-o is a liar,a hypocrite,and a traitor, along whith a growing number of so-called entertainers. Pornography has become mainstream thanks to people like rosy-o. C.M. Mann M.D.

2705 days ago


No more View for me. She is the only reason I watch.

2708 days ago
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