Zarf Transforms "The View"

4/24/2007 4:13 PM PDT
Rosie O'Donnell wasn't the only lesbian rocking the stage at a recent "View" taping.
TMZ has learned that after the taping of an episode of the chat show, audience members were kept in the studio for a performance by "All My Children's" resident male-to-female transgendered British lesbian rockstar, Zarf/Zoe/Freddy. The "View" set doubled for a fictional episode of Erica Kane's own Pine Valley talker, "New Beginnings."

In the episode which aired Tuesday, Erica (Susan Lucci) introduced Zarf -- now referred to as Zoe -- who sang "The Me Inside" to a packed house of shocked Long Island yentas and vacationing midwestern housewives. Sources at the taping tell TMZ that many in the audience seemed bewildered by Zarf and the performance.

Like they've never seen a man dressed like Doris Roberts on New Year's Eve!