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Kirstie Alley

I'll Have a Juror Sandwich

4/25/2007 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was at Los Angeles County Courthouse when we spotted Jenny Craig spokesdieter Kirstie Alley, doing her civic duty ... jury duty, that is.

Alley waited impatiently on a hallway bench, sandwiched between several other potential Celeb Mugshots gallery: click to launch photosjurors for a contract dispute case, when she was heard saying, "What time is this thing over?" A fellow would-be juror replied, "4:40, and it's 4:30 right now." Kirstie proceeded to drop her head in her hands and let out a huge sigh.

We're not sure if she was sick of jury duty ... or just getting hungry.


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AD Jones    

Jury Duty sucks. I'd be "sighing" too.

2715 days ago


THIS is an exclusive?! This isn't even news people. It's NICE to see a celebrity doing their civic duty.

Why make fun of her and mock her by making comments like "not sure if sick was sick of jury duty...or just getting hungry."??? Why even assume she WANTED to eat? She's worked HARD in the public eye to lose weight. Of course you didn't say anything about the new, slimmer just posted HORRIBLE PHOTOS and mock.

If I didn't know better I'd say a snotty kid wrote this. But no, you actually got paid to write this drivel.

2715 days ago


I love Kirsty! At least she was THERE. How many stars try to get out of Jury Duty? TMZ! Where's the News? There's gotta be something skanky going on in the 30 mile radius. Get to it people!!!

2715 days ago

the one    

Must be a slow day at TMZ huh?

2715 days ago

who cares?    

wow!! lah dee dah!

2715 days ago


I think it is fabulous she even showed up!

Why the bash?

2715 days ago


Slow news day? Or just misplaced priorities? Sheesh.

2715 days ago


Please let me know when you get some REAL news. I'm at work. I usually TMZ it all day. But as an American, I need some real gossip to make it to lunchtime. Don't make me actually do some work. That would be tragic...

2715 days ago


jeez, can t a person be bored???

2715 days ago


Give me a break. You people at TMZ are just looking for an excuse to dis Kirstie. So WHAT if she was tired after listening to people talk all day. Guilty of fatigue, your honor! Sentenced to be made fun of on TMZ!

2715 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

Kirsty, I don't blame you. Waiting around for jury duty is like waiting out the flu.

2715 days ago


Nobody likes waiting around for Jury Duty & I think Kristy looks great.

2715 days ago


Wow can you guy's at TMZ maybe get a life. Maybe She is just tired of all of you guy's and the other trash paper guy's chasing after her. Day after day to get the worst picture of the most beautiful person in Hollywood. There for you need to spend so much time following her for that one picture. But I guess you do not care about the danger that you put her and her kids in as you sleazy seekers spend hour after hour to get that one picture that can take a month or two to get; since she is so darn good looking. NOW you want to know why she is sighing give me a break she is there doing her duty not like you that will make up an excuse to get out of what she is doing. how about doing a storey about what a wonderful and strong women that she is. She showed the world, what most people would think is there most venerable part of there life there weight problem. Kirstie alley came to the plate to show the world that it is a challenge that we all will face one day and that it is ok; and she showed us how to deal with it in a positive way. Lets give credit where credit is due. Kirstie has show use all that no mater how much junk that people want to throw at you; that it is ok you can get thru it if you stay true to your self and stay positive and keep to your plan. You got to love that she is amazing as is she. Kirstie you are a bomb shell keep up the good work and the examples that you set for us all. As for the tabs how about some good stuff and start doing the right thing for once we will bye your papers more then. just a thought. Thanks for the time to let me speak my mind.

2715 days ago


She needs a real gig. Another story to snooze by zzzzzzzzzzzzz

2715 days ago


tmz should appoligize to kristie alley its media like this that causes insecurity and eating disorders .gaining weight and then trying to lose it is not easy for anyone.if tmz needs to take pot shots they should look at their ceo who covered the ans news on nancy grace hes looking very wrinkly in the face his eyes are saggy and the shirts he was wearing my grandfather wouldnt wear ,he would feel like a fashion flop.cruel journalism is trashy journalism

2714 days ago
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