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Kirstie Alley

I'll Have a Juror Sandwich

4/25/2007 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was at Los Angeles County Courthouse when we spotted Jenny Craig spokesdieter Kirstie Alley, doing her civic duty ... jury duty, that is.

Alley waited impatiently on a hallway bench, sandwiched between several other potential Celeb Mugshots gallery: click to launch photosjurors for a contract dispute case, when she was heard saying, "What time is this thing over?" A fellow would-be juror replied, "4:40, and it's 4:30 right now." Kirstie proceeded to drop her head in her hands and let out a huge sigh.

We're not sure if she was sick of jury duty ... or just getting hungry.


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Just FYI Kirsty had a series called "Fat Actress" right before she launched her weight loss campaign. Hats off to her for that too!

2740 days ago


Guess what? The other jurors look bored, too. What about an exclusive interview dissing them? Here's a scoop for you...we ALL look bored at jury duty, at least those of us who actually show up. Sure makes me glad NOT to be a celebrity!

2740 days ago


How can ou tell if that is really her? The pic's are WAY to blurry. If it is her tho, then I am proud of her for NOT trying to get out of it like so many other people, famous and non-famous alike. Because I was the victom of a brutal robbery at gun-point, I am exempt for life from having to serve on a jury, but I have herd that the process it is a total pain.
You would think tho that famous people would be exempt because their appearance in the courtroom could be disruptive to others, and could cause a re-trial due to people not fully paying attention and possibly voting with the celeb just to have bragging rights.
Anyway, Thank you all who do your "civic duty" in this country, and not try to get out of it.

2740 days ago

JD Gregg    

I thought TMZ was aspiring to provide journalism, you know ... real news. Have your "reporter" look up the word journalism. BTW ... So you actually paid for this??? Geez, while you're at it, have the editor look it up too.


2740 days ago


I hate jury duty. I have served on three juries. At the time I served the rule was that you weren't required to serve more than three times. Well la di da, they now have changed the rules so they can draft you for jury duty as often as they want. The only way out is to have a physical infirmity verified by your doctor that is acceptable to the court. If I am forced to serve again I pity the bloke who is innocent when the majority of the jury is voting him guilty for I will side with the majority so I can get to go home in the quickest possible time whether or nor I feel he is guilty or not. (Many jurists do this all the time because they too hate jury duty.) There are enough jurors available who think serving is enjoyable without drafting those who don't. Frankly, there should be professional jurors who would be paid a decent wage to perform these duties. These people would soon become proficient in weeding the truth from the lies and come up with proper verdicts. The system stinks.

2740 days ago


I agree with the crowd - Kudos to Kirstie for doing her duty . If TMZ is paying attention to the comments why not change the title to congratulate her instead of slamming her .
If anyof you have ever sta waitng for jury duty you know how boring it is .

2740 days ago


"Fat Actress" or not, I can't say I blame her. Jury duty is one of the worlds most BORING tasks, and is enough to make anybody sigh in desperation. I don't think hunger would enter into the equation...especially not for Jenny Craig food. It's no wonder people loose weight eating that stuff. I'd be more eager to make a run to McDonalds for some fries, tho=:)

2740 days ago


Pertaining to #2...

Perhaps a "kid" did write this drivel. Or I should say...most likely a "kid" wrote it. No wonder the movie, music, and TV industries have gone downhill since the 1990s. Companies haven't hired very many "seasoned employees" since then...behind the scenes or onscreen. A REAL SHAME!!!!! Don't understand why people get so hyped about today's celebs anyway. Only a handful of REAL stars left.

2740 days ago


you people at TMZ need to get a life, come on. you know when people point fingers at others you really need to see how many fingers are pointing right back at you.

2740 days ago


She is still fat. They can put her in commercials when she is 100 lbs

2740 days ago


If you think this is the least bit important to your life, you really to get a "Life".
Go to and type Hush 2316 into the search bar. THEN! You see what is IMPORTANT.

2740 days ago

Keith M. Alber    

Kirstie is a winner because #1 she conquered a weight problem and #2 because she answered the call to jury duty. If there's a story here - that's it.

2740 days ago


It's good to hear something nice being said for a change. Jury Duty selection drags on and is tiring. I'm sure Kristy Alley had other important things to get on with as well. I agree with gel, this isn't news, or even noteworthy. Simple a sign of respect in doing her civic duty as a good citizen, and in turn gets my respect.
She didn't deserve the deragatory remarks about her weight. She's serving the public as a spokesperson for an organization that helps people towards a healthier life style. Lets move on to something worth reporting, or reading for that matter. My hats off to K. A.

2740 days ago



Kirsty's a babe ... get off her back.

Your headlines lied and mislead your readers.

2740 days ago

Mercy Me're just plain nasty-mean. What was the point of making her sound like a prima donna? I'm sure whoever was responsible for this stupid, little article has let out a large sigh in public on more than one occasion. Geeze...stooping so low you should be playing limbo.

2740 days ago
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