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Gwen and P!nk

Cut From "Idol Gives Back"

4/26/2007 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While no contestants were eliminated on "American Idol" last night, two other singers were -- Gwen Stefani and P!nk!


Last night's "A.I." charity benefit concert, "Idol Gives Back," included performances by Kelly Clarkson, Josh Groban -- even a pre-taped-from-the-crypt Celine Dion/Elvis Presley duet -- which TMZ exclusively revealed on Monday. But Gwen and P!nk -- who had been previously announced as participants -- failed to get any screen time! Oh no they dit'nt!

Both Gwen and P!nk had pre-taped their performances, so their appearances just needed to be edited into the "live" telecast. Sources tell TMZ that the lovely ladies were "cut for time," and their segments should air on upcoming episodes of "Idol."

Well, thank God they found time for that idiotic "Stayin' Alive" montage and Il Divo!


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this isnt about them its about the children around the world
i thought the show was great and it served the very purpose of raising money
im sure that pink and gwen understand that if they dont oh well

2713 days ago


It is 60 million people...not 30...keep up. Also the show was great..I would have liked to see Gwen and Pink, but the point of the show was to raise money, so get over it. I loved Kelly's performance and I thought Carrie was very genuine. Some of you people need a life.

2713 days ago


Il Divo was one of the few acts on there who can actually carry a tune and sing. Josh Groban is another talented singer. Just because they don't scream & screech & jump around like idiots, some people don't like them.... usually people who have NO appreciation for legitimate musical talent.

2713 days ago


To Calamari who thinks Il Divo has no testosterone.... oh honey, you are SO wrong!! SO very wrong!! :-)

2713 days ago


I don't know what anybody else is saying, but whoever thinks Carrie Underwood wasn't good is absolutely nuts! She deserves praise for actually GOING to Africa and for her very touching and lovely performance of one of my favorite songs. In my opinion, her's was the best performance on the entire show. Go Carrie!

2713 days ago

stop hating people!!    

to all the idiots bagging on people learn how to spell and maybe you won't look like such uneducated asses!!!

2713 days ago

Chris Cutler    

"Josh Brogans performance was boring".

Oh please, get over yourself. It was with a group of african kids, whos lives the segment happened to be about. It was hardly boring, with the smiles, and looks on their faces, there beautiful singing.
Dont go on ragging about how gwen and pink werent on.
THEY WERENT. get over it, and start talking about the main issue here, the situation in africa.

2713 days ago


I love both these ladies but honestly Il Devo was beautiful. Maybe I am a softie, but it touched me more than "Holla Back Girl" or "Get This Party Started" ever could.

2713 days ago

Brian Quinn    

The highlight of the whole show was undoubtedly the Celine Dion/Elvis Presley duet of 'If I Can Dream'. The conviction and passion with which Elvis sang was incredible and put all the other performers to shame. He was truly a one of a kind singer/performer. The video is now top of the iTunes download chart and rightly so for such good causes.

Let's hope that we can have more Elvis performances in the near future.

2711 days ago


I am a 53 year old grandma and I love to listen to Pink I have all her cd's she has one hell of a voice and if ya listen to her music there is a message I hate to hear people trash people like they do they need to take a good look at in the mirror before they judge.and if ya can't save aything nice keep it to yourself.

2708 days ago


i cant beleive how horrible you all are and how sad you are p!nk should have been on the show they should have took ill divo off they were rubbish. i love pink she's the most amazing woman there is. at least she aint the typical singer she dont care what you lot think
so grow up and get a life

2706 days ago


You have got to be kidding me? "Il Divo" being able to sing? They are arguably THE most manufactured group in history, right do to the songs that they steal; I mean sing. People don't like them because they are what people, probably like you used to call "The Backstreet Boys and NSnyc," a boyband with no talent and who's told to look nice, do a little dance and get paid. But the ironic part is, "Backstreet Boys" and "NSync" could sing AND they didn't rip-off other artists songs, which is ALL "Il Divo" does. "usually people who have NO appreciation for legitimate musical talent." - So that would be you in this case. You should be aware also that they did a spanish version of the very song that Josh Groban sang on this same episode, and they killed the song; that's not a good thing.
"To Calamari who thinks Il Divo has no testosterone.... oh honey, you are SO wrong!! SO very wrong!! :-)" - Ah, no it's not. Just because they have noses bigger than most of their faces, that has nothing to do with another part of their anatomy. LOL!
" love both these ladies but honestly Il Devo was beautiful. Maybe I am a softie, but it touched me more than "Holla Back Girl" or "Get This Party Started" ever could." - You would be, because the song wasn't even their's, it was Barbara Streisand's and it was a suck job on their part.

2706 days ago
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