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Tracy Morgan

Ordered to SCRAM, Escapes Jail Time

4/28/2007 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tracy MorganTMZ has learned that "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan has copped a plea that will keep him out of jail, but he'll have to wear a high-tech ankle bracelet to make sure he stays off the booze.

Friday afternoon, in a Los Angeles Superior County Court, a judge ordered Morgan, who was not present, to wear a SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) device -- an ankle bracelet worn to test for alcohol vapors that come out of the skin. The tests will go on every 30 minutes for 90 days. If Morgan tests positive for alcohol use he will have to start his 90 days over, and if he fails a second time he'll be forced to spend 30 days in a county jail.

Morgan will also have to complete five days of community service.

NYPD officers busted Morgan after he was spotted driving erratically in November. The bust violated the probation of a previous DUI conviction in Los Angeles.

Morgan is due back in court May 25, when he will be fitted for his new accessory.


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Please find another story to post. I am already sick of seeing his nasty face when I load your page. GACK! Something, anything!

2644 days ago


I'd like to get one of those monitoring devices for my husband but I'd tell him it's a heart monitor, blood pressure monitor, he'll believe anything!

2644 days ago


I 'm totally shocked at all of the ignorant racist comment!!! I can't believe ignorant people have actually made this story.. and driving drunk, a racial issue. Wake up people. I'm truly sorry that people are so full of hate.
A second drunk driving offense, I believe jail time is needed, for anone.

2644 days ago


I see this is still on TMZ. Why, slow news day? Ohio has one of the hardest DUI/OVI punishments in the country. On the spot u get taken to a county jail for 4 hours (after the paper work is done is when the four hours start)not only do u lose your license on the spot, u get 3 days in a rehab program but if u blow twice the legal limit u get another 3 days in jail. That would be enough to sober anyone up, right? Nope, we have a guy in Ohio with 16 DUI's. and because he has not killed anyone (will never be able to get a drivers license again) he is not behind bars. But those who allow him to drive their car r in trouble as he is too. but no jail time. FYI. I am black had this been me, I know the jlawl would have put me under the jail and threw away the key. Don't tell me race does not play a factor or money means nothing. I am not making anything White,Black or other wise . I always thought "wrong was wrong"

2644 days ago


Hey, #'s 7 & 10...You're both stupid a-holes!

2644 days ago

C. Overgaard    

Why dont you have serious laws against drunk driving. DUI (BAC 0,05) in Denmark means that they take your income for a month and that is your fine. Celeberties with a huge income recieves a fine that they can understand. A person convicted for DUI also has to retake the drivers license and have to attent classes regarding the dangers of DUI.

Over certain limit people have to wait a year or two before they can retake their license and prisontime can also come into consideration. But the most important part is that it is the income of the offender that decides the punishment.

2644 days ago


Uh, Laura #3...? Your self-righteous halo got some smug on it. Need a wipe?

2644 days ago


looks like another slap on the wrist.

2644 days ago


Hey #60, I love the law in Denmark, especially concerning the income. You are so right, that would get everyone right where it hurts. Unfortunately, you know that would never fly in this country. IT MAKES TOO MUCH SENSE.

2644 days ago


apalled, not sure what counry u live in but, in Ohio u have to go through a 6 month $60 per month program. Also $60 per day for 3 days in a drug awareness (in house )program. Plus if the level is double the state mimium another 3 days in jail at $60/day. Not to mention court cost and time missed at work. And added insurance costs it will hurt the wallet/purse. So my wonder is why would one take the chance. I say walk to get your next drink. Americans r so over weight anyway.

2644 days ago


to #60-do you really think taking salary from an alcoholic (a drunk) is going to make them
not drink & drive? evidently, you have had no experience knowing a true drunkard.
refer to mine #47. 3 strikes-YOU ARE OUT! (or in).

2644 days ago


Tracy Morgan is one of the luckiest and most overrated comic to out of SNL.

2643 days ago


#3 Laurie - Actually I am loving and happy and amiable. I even watch 30 Rock each week.

But I have seen first-hand the results of drunk driving so I stand completely by what I said. Hope Tracy wraps his car around a telephone pole and no one innocent is around for miles!

2643 days ago


linda, i totally agree. #3laurie is one of the people that just says goody-goody stuff on the net to try and get people to think she is enlightened or somethin. tracy morgan is a scumbag.

2643 days ago

C. Overgaard    

To #62: A income based fine can be very good. See this link to a fine for speeding in Finland:

$103.600! BTW: What does Paris Hilton make per month?

In fact we in Denmark are battling the war against DUI on two front. An income based fine-system is one of our factors but the most important one is that all such of alcohol can be bought by youth via an ID-card two years before they can get a license, so the parents and especially the child itself can find out exactly how alcohol works on them. No one want to finance the (In Denmark) very expensive license, if the child shows sign of not being able to control his or her alcohol intake. So free access to alcohol from age 16 is in fact a very good way to test an entire generation of future drivers in order to find out who can react as an responsible adult and who can not.

We even do have car simulators where new drivers can test how the influence of alcohol can make them perform in traffic.

2006 was a year with a number of casulties as low that we had to go back to some 40 years to find figures like last year.

You are welcome to use our tools. DUI is a serious problem, which need to be delt with.

2643 days ago
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