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Rosie: No More Rasslin' with Preggy Elisabeth

5/2/2007 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There'll be no more bullying Elisabeth Hasselbeck by Rosie O'Donnell -- and the cease-fire is all for the benefit of the Hasselbaby.

So proclaimed Rosie herself in her blog late last night. After yesterday's show, in which she and Hasselbeck traded heated words on their favorite verbal battleground -- the war in Iraq -- Rosie decided to back down, especially with Elisabeth three months pregnant. Or, as she put it, in her free-verse style:

on the view
u have seen my last hasselbeck spat
2 day was it
no more - its done

there is a new life
there - inside
and in the end -
what else matters

Today, unavoidably, the discussion turned to President Bush and Iraq, and Rosie's restraint was evident -- she just changed the topic. We'll see how long the pseudo-haiku-inspiring truce holds.


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lol...this morning's (5/23/07) episode was ridiculous! There are ways to have a debate or even argue withouut getting catty! Either way, I agree with big, fat, lesbian Rosie on most of what she has to say. The only time I ever disagreed with her was the comment abut kelly ripa being homophobic. Soooooo, the rest of you Rosie haters out there, just turn the show back on when she is gone. The ratings will be so far into the ground, you'll wish she never left.

2713 days ago


It's been so refreshing to have Rosie on the View. After all, she says it like it is. I will not watch it after she leaves.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is so annoying. She's like a robitron; a Bushie robitron. In the name of Republican, Christian, conservative, "aren't I cute" swayings, she babbles on and on about non-reality.

I'm in my 50's and I have never seen such blatant lying and ignorance around the loss of human rights.....Downright scary it is.

Rosie wherever you go, I follow. You are a truth monger!!!

2713 days ago


Hanging from your feet isn't working Rosy! Think you need to be on something stronger perscribed by a mental doctor and perhaps you should be having your discussions over tables in a mental ward with other patients! Really losing it girl, you need to look back at what you look like! Unbelieveable, yep, not even for money is it nice to behave like you!

2712 days ago

D Burgess    

I myself, am tired of the outbursts coming from Rosie. I have nothing against her, but if this continues, I think her negative attitude will take away from your show. I have always enjoyed watching your show, appreciated the fact you all express your own points of view. A little friendly debate amongst yourselves is one thing, but Rosie is constantly on the attack with someone. Also, why does she think it is okay to try and make Elizabeth look stupid?!? Is she trying to run her off the show? If that is her goal and she remains on the show, I'm not sure I will watch your program anymore. Elizabeth has been a positive addition to your show! I hope she will hang in there. D.B. from Nevada

2712 days ago


Rosie does not care about anyone but herself. She will go on any TV show as long as it benefits her, and as long as she can create a conflict on national TV she will keep doing it. All she cares about is the money and she does not care who she hurts in the process. She would ralther take the side of another country than her own. If she hates this country so much then by alls means leave.

2712 days ago


How about letting Elisabeth and those who support this unjust war go to Iraq and fight it? Let's let her put her body where her big mouth is. Or let hubby Tim go in her place? I bet she wouldn't be so quick to defend the war if she had something or someone to lose. She's sold her soul to Bush and can't stand the thought that his time is almost over.

This Paris Hilton of The View doesn't deserve to be on the show. She's done virtually nothing. And now she butts in when anyone - excerpt Barbara, that is - wants to say something. Did no one notice how she just took over Joy's discussion? Even Joy said, "I let you speak yesterday, now you let me talk." Elisabeth's answer to everything is to shout over, interrupt, talk over everyone else. She's the bully and using her pregnancy to get her way.

She sickens me. All she does is repeat what the rightwing has drilled into their people. Facts? What facts has she stated? Did she say anything about the things Joy outlined like Katrina? Or torture? Of course not. She just prattles on and on, driving everyone nuts.

Did you notice how the audience clapped for Joy's list? Did you notice how they went deathly quiet when Motormouth kept flapping her lips? She disgusted the panel, the audience, and the viewers.

Barbara! Please save us from this person. Bring on someone who knows what they're doing instead of having a hissy fit when she doesn't want to discuss things rationally? Elisabeth is certainly no Lisa Ling.

If anyone knows of a petition or a website calling for the firing of Elisabeth, please post it here. I can't wait to sign.


2712 days ago

Allred Tree    

Fire Joy Behar too!

Rosie, go to England with Madonna!

2712 days ago

With Style and Grace    

I used to like you on your own program, but you have certainly changed into a HUGE BULLY, a person with no class, or talent, but rather a big mouth and you use it to your disadvantage because now you've turned the public off. Why do you insist upon shoving your views down Elizabeth's throat? Where is the respect, as isn't this show about sharing different points of view, respectfully?? EH isn't the problem, YOU ARE!!!!! Quit, so that you can get out of the public eye, and strieve to be a better person on your own turf, so that your children and Kelly, have someone they can be proud of, rather than ashamed of who you are right now. Believe me...your kids know what is going on, especially hearing things from their friends, so do what's right and shut up, while you still have some dignity left.

2711 days ago

Just an Opinion    

I'm tired of Rosie's mouth and all the other liberals of hollywood. If it was up to them we would all be under the leadership of a muslim country and giving up our freedoms in this great country. They all live in a fantasy world and don't deal with day to day issues like regular everyday joes of america. I know this country is great because we can express our opinions so thats why I express mine and don't watch the view or any other liberal shows. Wake up People.

2711 days ago


I think debates like these spark conversation that is real. In a world where we are so concerned over irrelavency, it is so refreshing to see someone full-heartedly support one position. Why can't more people see that we need passion to be inspired? I don't always agree with everything that Rosie says but she is not afraid to stick to what she believes in, even when it is not considered cool. I think that is inspiring......

2711 days ago


What Rosie said on the show is EXACTLY what majority of the American people are saying...why are we in Iraq? We have no business being was proven that there were no WMD's there ( which is one of the major reasons that Bush gave us for going into the war) I totally agree with what Rosie said, that she supports the troops, not the husband is in the Army, I fully support, love, and pray for him when he leaves in July for a needless war. I hope that one day, all of the supporters of the war will finally wake up and realize that we have no reason to be in Iraq and all of those American soldiers who died in Iraq, died for our idiotic president who wanted to make a name for himself in the history books...unfortunately for him, he will go down in history as one of Americas worst mistakes.

2711 days ago


It will be like breathing fresh air when Rosie is gone from the airwaves. I feel very sorry for her children....what an angry woman!

2710 days ago


Elizabeth is NOTHING more than a WAG....she will NEVER be anything more than a WAG people! Why do you give any merit to what the twit says?
Rosie is the ONLY honest hero out there and I can't wait for The View to fail!!!!!!!

2710 days ago


EH is fighting harder now that she knows Rosie doesn't make the rules. I even commented to someone how much tougher she seemed yesterday.
Rosie just didn't like that someone finally yelled over her and kept making her point. She is just a big bully. Bullies can't take it when others are right.
I can't wait until she is gone, I only wish they would get rid of the whole show too. It is an embarrassment.

2734 days ago

Jenna Bush    


2734 days ago
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