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Where's the Missing Pussycat?

5/3/2007 12:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Pussycat Dolls performed last night in Atlanta -- minus reality TV show winner Asia.
Pussycat Dolls
While sources told TMZ last week that the Diva-licious Asia isn't "the best match" for the scantily clad girl group, a rep for the show "The Search for the Next Doll" assures us that Asia will still purr with the Pussycats. Her absence from last night's performance was planned and there are no plans for her to join them until after this tour wraps in two days.

Asia is set join the rest of the gang to record the Dolls' second album and will tour with them then.

In other PCD news -- TMZ spotted Robin Antin, the creator of the group, dancing last night with the runners-up on the reality series, Chelsea and Melissa, at the opening of the Stoli Hotel in Hollywood. A second season of the show is also rumored to be coming soon, though Warner Bros. denies another season is in the pipeline.


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wheres the one that was picked on the show... was the show made up just to make money or to "actually "pick a doll

2680 days ago


did you guys not know..?
nicoles the only one that matters anyway..

2648 days ago


From what I hear, Britney Spears is available....

2700 days ago


oh my gawd!!!! This is just earth shaking news!!! What will we ever do!!!

2700 days ago


she probaly got the boot because she has a little kitten at home to take care of....after all she's only been neglecting her child for the last 6 months to do the reality show..

poor kitten

2700 days ago


I knew it. Asia sux and they made a bad decision in choosing her and not melissa R or Chelsea. I was so disappointed when I heard that she won. PCD does not need another member and there's no need for another season of the search for PCD.

2700 days ago


Send her ass home....bring back Chelsea. She can sing and dance ( remember melodi wasnt an all good dance either)!!!

2700 days ago


There should be a revolving door of pussycat dolls, half of them are expendable, you know, the ones whose mics are turned off during concerts. I saw them open for Xtina and was blown away, and not in a good way, one of the blondes didn't even know what city she was in and shouted out "How's it going Toronto!" too bad she was in Ottawa.... My recommendation, keep the three that can sing, ditch the other three dancers and replace them with people from the reality show. If the lead singer decides to leave (which I think she should, she can do a LOT better) they're pretty much screwed. Now to mentally recover from seeing 12 year olds dressed up like the street whores that were on stage...

2700 days ago


I have to agree with #5. I saw them In Cleveland and they were terrible. I like there music but they sucked live.

2700 days ago


Aisa is a member of the Pussycat Dolls! And Second the second season of the show is for, a whole new group..

2700 days ago

lexie lane    

Majority of the viewers rooted for MELISSA R. but still they chose ASIA. This is now the consequence of a wrong decision...THEY SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO THE VOICES OF THE PEOPLE if they can't make/or be proud of Ms. Nitollano to join the shows being the new member of PCD.They also should havelooked at the reputation/attitude of their contestants because alot of their fans are teenagers and they idolize them. A bad role model to the youth will add up to the worsening images of our society. Anyway,,, I think Melissa R. and Chelsea are happier now than Asia because they have greater opportunities to go
solo unlike Asia, she's just a member of a group and still Nicole S.
is the focus. Congrats to the runners-up!hehehe

2700 days ago


Andre (#7).. you should really re-read your comments before you post them. I don't think anybody can understand what the heck you just wrote.

2700 days ago


It would a stupid thing to just suddenly add Asia to the show when there's only 2 shows left. It would ruin the chemistry of the group. They would have to rehearse with her in the lineup. And Robin has said that she would continue to work with some of the finalists for future projects.

2700 days ago


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2700 days ago


Good, Asia should have never made it into the group. She seemed like a real pain in the butt. They should bring back Chelsea. She's beautiful, she can sing, and her dancing was improving weekly. She also really, really worked for the position. Asia always had an attitude and seemed to think from the beginning that it was a slam dunk that she'd be chosen.

2700 days ago
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