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"I Love New York" to Include Ex-Idol?

5/7/2007 5:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How do you tame a wild woman? Get her a date with ... Sanjaya! Huh?

TMZ has learned that "Flava of Love" diva New York has attracted a wild-haired suitor for the new season of VH1's "I Love New York" ... and it appears to be exiled "Idol" Sanjaya Malakar! *roaring crowd noise*

Contestants who want to be on the new season are asked to set up a profile and send in a video explaining why they are the man for the job. While we're unable to confirm if the real Sanjaya sent in the video, someone posted a very odd video message on VH1's website ... involving sour candy? Check out the video!

"I Love New York 2 -- You Cast It!" premieres this Thursday at 10:00 PM on VH1. The show will include New York and several other "Flavor of Love" girls speaking their minds.


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looks like he's been sneaking his mama'a ganjaya!

2696 days ago


This is so fake. Rickey has had this video up since March.... Its a total fake.

2696 days ago



9. where on earth did you hear I Love New York Premiers the second season?

Posted at 5:28PM on May 7th 2007 by randy

2696 days ago


Read the caption, please people, before ripping TMZ. The name of the show on Thursday is "I Love New York 2-You Cast It". It's not the regular season's show. It's just to get the word out about the casting. Anyway, I'm sure that Sanjy didn't really post that tape. Big "Duh" there. As much as I can't stand NY, I'll probably watch this season again, just like the last one and the two Flavor of Love seasons. LOL!

2696 days ago


He is under 18 and oh yea gay......WTF

2696 days ago


Do people really watch this crap? Ugly, no talent whores displaying their ignorance? It is frightening, the level of stupidity and crassness this country has sunken to. Try reading a book, kick start your brain. I know you have one, you are breathing aren't you?

2696 days ago


Mmm... I'd tap THAT!!!!!!!! lmfao ;-D~@

2696 days ago


Holy Crap!! A SECOND season of that trashy woman and her mother. What kind of guy is willing to look like a total tool on national TV and deal with Miss I-Think-I Am-So-Desirable?
And what is the deal with her eyes? I hope she doesn't think that makes her look hot.
Personally, I think she's kinda skanky.

2696 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.................................Yawn, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............................................

2696 days ago


Some of you people really need to get your facts straight. Sanjaya is STRAIGHT. Not gay. He said so himself many times.. Do any of you have anything better to do then to bash a 17 year old boy? Stop being so hateful. It's immature.

But, anyways: I hope he doesn't go on that show.. New York is trash. Sanjaya is too good for her. Plus, it would ruin his career..

2696 days ago


That show is pure trash and it makes people like Imus to say Ho's...

2696 days ago

Elizabeth H.    

Paris deserves to go to jail. Maybe she will grow up. It is her arrogance that has gotten her into this mess. No one is above the law. Kathy Hilton deserves some time in the slammer for her contempt of court behavior. Who do these people think they are? Their disrespect for others has lead to people having no respect for them. I'll never stay at a Hilton Hotel again. Jail will be the best thing that has ever happened to Paris. Kathy and Rick Hilton created a monster. Now they have to deal with it.

2696 days ago


Sanjaya is underage, he is also going on tour this summer with American Idol so I don't know where he would find the time. He is not gay, the same old Perez rejects are in here again I see. He is 17 and to keep saying he is gay is not only ignorant it is mean spirted. New York is a skank and a slimebag, any of the so called men that go on that show have no shame at all, why would anyone want to be her lover or anything else, she is disgusting and who knows what she may have, who would take a chance with her without a Doctors note? Flavor flav looks like Cary Grant next to her. Sanjaya is having his own problems with his flake of a Mother who is hell bent on either cashing in on him or ruining any career he may have. I wish he were 18 so he could get away from her. He has enough troubles without you homophobes worrying about his sexual preferences. You must really feel threatened by this kid.

2696 days ago


Another season ???? Are the executives at VH-1 on drugs or something? If they are so concerned about finding a mate for that skank, then one of them should get with her. Lets see, three seperate seasons and it still can't find a mate......hmmm that should tell them something.....NO ONE WANTS A USED UP, FAKE HAIRED, FAKE EYE LASHED, UNEDUCATED, FOUL MOUTHED, NON MANNERED HOE!! VH-1 is quickly becoming the low-life network. Tiffany Patterson aka NY is not good TV, she isn't even a good person. She makes my skin crawl and her mother Sister Patterson is a fruit loop!!

2696 days ago


Sanjaya doesn't "know" that he's gay yet. He has the stirring in his loins when he gets around Ryan Seacrest, but doesn't everyone?

2695 days ago
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