"I Love New York" to Include Ex-Idol?

5/7/2007 5:56 PM PDT

"I Love New York" to Include Ex-Idol?

How do you tame a wild woman? Get her a date with ... Sanjaya! Huh?

TMZ has learned that "Flava of Love" diva New York has attracted a wild-haired suitor for the new season of VH1's "I Love New York" ... and it appears to be exiled "Idol" Sanjaya Malakar! *roaring crowd noise*

Contestants who want to be on the new season are asked to set up a profile and send in a video explaining why they are the man for the job. While we're unable to confirm if the real Sanjaya sent in the video, someone posted a very odd video message on VH1's website ... involving sour candy? Check out the video!

"I Love New York 2 -- You Cast It!" premieres this Thursday at 10:00 PM on VH1. The show will include New York and several other "Flavor of Love" girls speaking their minds.