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Paris' Life to Get Real Simple

5/7/2007 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton's life in prison will be rougher than her emery board when she begins her sentence on June 5. How rough, you ask?
Paris Hilton composited with socks and panties
-- Hilton will only be allowed one five-minute shower a day ... with plain soap. The horror!

-- Two pairs of socks and panties (if she needs them).

-- Part of her day will be spent washing her underwear in the shower, since the detention center contains no laundry facilities, and her housekeeper will not be in the maid's quarters.

-- Her breakfast will be a boiled egg and not much else. Very British.

-- Lunch is typically a baloney sandwich ... not quite Polo Lounge fare.

-- Paris's visitors will be received through a glass partition ... which she might want to continue doing even after serving her time!

-- Her contact with the outside world will be via pay phone, instead of a BlackBerry and the paparazzi.

-- She is not allowed makeup, highlights or hair extensions, which may inspire the heiress to fight for changes to the cruel, cruel penal code.


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maybe we'll get a break from Paris news for 45 days? could we be that lucky?

2690 days ago


i hope somehow she does not get out of this .I hope this will teach her a life lesson.
She seems to think she is above the law .And to show up late for her court date 18min was really bad.

2690 days ago


she could use a baloney sandwich - or 2!

2690 days ago


Ha! Ha!! This is great! I hope she actually does her time! Welcome to the real world you hoity toity whore! I wish your mom could do the time with you! She needs a reality check as well! Just because these people have money they think they deserve so much more than the rest of us. Bottom line is-If you break the law you should do the time! Her mother apparently didn't teach her about paying consequences for actions!

I hope she has a ton of fun!
Good Luck Paris!
The judge deserves a noble peace price!!

2690 days ago


She has hidden behind her name her entire life. It is time to be held to account. The rules should apply to her as well.

I hope she does have to serve some time, so that she realizes how serious this is.

2690 days ago


Hopefully this will be a humbling experience for Paris - to realize she is no better than anyone else. Bella

2690 days ago


Paris needs to start acting like an adult & take responsibilty for her careless, reckless driving & now whining actions.

Just go do the 45 days & GROW-UP Paris.

2690 days ago


Who thinks she won't spend 1 week in jail?

2690 days ago


Horrors!!! She will be FORCED to wear panties???? No wonder she doesn't want to go to jail!

2690 days ago


Oh please get over it all ready! Paris you don't have anymore stock in the public eye and just think if your doing this at 26 I could really careless what happens to you in another 10 years. You feel that your above the law but how "hot" would it be if you got hit by a drunk driver? And would your parents feel that if the person who hit you didn't do what they were ordered to do would they think that person was above the law too???? I don't think so, your parents would be crying to have the law changed and making sure they didn't have anything left!
NO ONE feels sorry for you! If you think prison is bad just wait til public opinion rules your life. And you will hang your head in shame every where you go for years and people will mock you to your face and let you know that your a scumbag! This whole thing will stay with you for years and the only people who will love you will be the people you pay and your mommy! How funny it's going to be when you start getting turned away from places, NOW THATS HOT!!!!!

2690 days ago


KILL SOMEONE DRUNK DRIVING AND THEN WHAT UGLY MOM KATHY WOULD SAY, OH, IT'S NOT MY DAUGHTER'S FAULT. Paris is rich but she's a bitch. Her mother is a poor excuse for a mom. Paris didn't get this way without a ruthless and ignorant family to guide her poorly. They are not above the law but they all act like it. I'm going to the Marriott from now on. I don't see Hanoy Jane Fonda moives or read her books or even pretend I don't know she's had lots of plastic surgery since I know her, and Paris will be best remembered for her lying and disregard for others lives .. oh, and by the way, for the time she ran out of gas and she gave the guy 20 to get some and he gave her the change .. she tipped him nothing .. and he was a stranger who was doing her a huge favor... it was captured on video. Maybe we should complment the judge who may along the way saved others lives for Paris is a party drunk and her mother is a huge boobed, big boobed loud mouth who thinks she can get by with it and has. Let's show them the way downhill.

2690 days ago


I can hear the Violins now.......................

2690 days ago


Paris! Get a SUV limo and a driver. Duhhhhhh!

2690 days ago


Please post about someone that is newsworthy!!!!

2690 days ago

tick tock

2690 days ago
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