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Is Broadway the "American Idol" Graveyard?

5/8/2007 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Great White Way is riddled with the discarded musical corpses of former "American Idol" wannabeens of yore.
Anthony Federov, Fantasia Barrino, Diana Degarmo, Frenchie Davis, Constatine Maroulis, Tamyra Gray
As of May 29, Season One finalist Tamyra Gray will join the cast of "Rent" (she previously starred in "Bombay Dreams"), and simultaneously, rejoins the club of former "A.I." contestants who have been making ends meet on Broadway. It's not a J.Hud Oscar but it beats the late shift at Applebees!

Other contest losers trading Hollywood dollar bills for Playbills include: Season Two's impeached diva Frenchie Davis, who has been performing in "Rent" off and on for four years, Season Four's creepy crooner Constantine Maroulis, who hammed it up in "The Wedding Singer" last year, and Anthony Federov (memba him?), who just this month joined the revival of long-time hit, "The Fantasticks." While Diana Degarmo, who came in second on Season Three, took a break from her soccer-mom 'do and non-existent record sales to don a beehive in "Hairspray."

Even Fanatasia Barrino, who actually won "Idol" and at one time sold millions of records, has hit the NYC stage. To her defense, Miss B. has been getting rave reviews and selling out the house as Miss Celie in Oprah's production of "The Color Purple."

So while America may have become immune to the McPheever ("Over It," anyone?), you never know, she may just turn up on Broadway -- in "Kats."


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I saw Constantine in both The Wedding Singer and Jacques Brel and he was magnifucent. Broadway a graveyard? Are you nuts?

2592 days ago


Contrary to popular West Coast opinion, Broadway is a great showcase for talented voices.
I realize there's little in the way of culture on the left-coast, but dayum!

2663 days ago


Well, I don't know about Broadway.
But I really love Simon, and last night I had a dream about Simon and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said, of course, YES. Later I caught him in bed with Terri Seymour. Then I woke up.

2663 days ago


And Josh Strickland plays Tarzan!

2663 days ago

Reality check    

How does starring on Broadway make one a "loser"? News flash: Not everyone wants to live in LA (AKA Mexican Heaven)

2663 days ago

Reality check    

One more thing: American Idol IS....the American Idol Graveyard. No one with an I.Q. over 56 gives a rip about it

2663 days ago


could kelly clarkson be anymore washed up? tell me you all saw this article

2663 days ago


Nice way to spin it, TMZ. I actually saw Diana DeGarmo in Hairspray and she was fabulous. I believe she did Broadway for close to a year, far longer than any of the other Idol alumni. I was skeptical of an American Idol contestant in one of my favorite Broadway roles, but she impressed me and other Broadway fans alike. Also, she doesn't look like that picture there at all.

Broadway is a hard business. Either you cut it or you don't. 8 shows a week is no joke. For anyone who can play that schedule, major kudos to them. Not every American Idol contestant can do it.

Frenchie got mixed reviews for her role, as did Tamyra and Constantine. Diana and Fantasia both received rave reviews.

2663 days ago


#6 speak for yourself.

Oh, and BTW, I was at the taping of A.I. last Wednesday, with good seats and saw my love, Simon. He is hot. To me he is. Antonella sat in my row. Not much to look all. I was quite surprised. Very plain face. Little girl with big droopey a s s.

Simon is 'THE MAN'. LOL. But he is.

2663 days ago


I would rather have a TONY than a GRAMMY thank you very much. It's harder to make it on Broadway than in the music. People are constantly putting down Broadway as if it's a bad thing. To make it there means you have actual talent rather than having your voice computerized 3 ways from Sunday in order to make a hit.

2663 days ago

Reality check    

Hey Jenn, thanks for proving my point. You're a numbskull. Simon has abysmal taste in....well, everything. Just like you!

2663 days ago


Realty Check, you need a realty check. I could care less about American Idol. Your comments have nothing to do with what I said and your racist remarks have nothing to do with the article.

2663 days ago


Let's see what a choice.

Either be trapped in a recording contract that rips you off or perform on Broadway?

I'll take Broadway !

2663 days ago


Now you're putting down BROADWAY!! The great white way? Oh, Please, TMZ...Shows such as Mame, Gypsy, Cats, Chorus Line, Phantom and so many more have given us so much wonderful music, so many amazing stars?! How ridiculous you are.

2663 days ago


#6 - You don't have to bash LA to make a point. I live in LA and I agree with your point about Broadway. I love NYC and when ever I got to visit my best friend there, we always make sure to see at least one show.

Broadway shows are the best entertainment in the world if you ask me.

You don't have to be such an ass to try and make a point.

2663 days ago
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