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Akon Apologizes -- I Didn't Know She Was Underage

5/9/2007 5:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AkonTMZ has just received a statement from R&B singer Akon in response to the media firestorm over his onstage simulated sex romp with a 15-year-old during a concert in Trinidad a few weeks ago:

"First, and most important to me, I want to sincerely apologize for the embarrassment and any pain I've caused to the young woman who joined me on-stage, her family and the Trinidad community for the events at my concert in Port of Spain on April 12th.

It was never my intention to embarrass or take advantage of my fans in any way, especially those under the age of 18. That is why we tried to make sure that the club did not admit anyone under 18 in the audience. Somehow, that standard was not met.

Again, I apologize to those concerned and to all my fans and I pledge to all that we will strive to make sure this type of incident does not happen again."


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It's not his fault!!! All he did was put on a show just like any other artist would, the fact the she was only 15 is something that the club and her parents should be responsible for. Her Parents for no keeping a better eye on there 15 yr old daughter and the club for not doing a better job at making sure she was old enough. This just looks like a quick way to make this man look bad an get his money.....

2657 days ago


before saying who i believe was at fault, i shall elaborate from s/one who went to the event.(yes i am "trini") firstly, akon invited girls to dance, by themselves,in order to win a trip to africa. then he claimed he was "africa" after choosing the most attractive dancer - Danah. when the crowd started booing him, he retracted and said he and danah will compete and if she is the better dancer she will win whatever she wants! *roll eyes* when ppl chanted her name, he decided (for some reason) that he should come under her, treat her like a rag doll, and then proclaimed "well i obviously won!" she was left on the stage in which the dj helped her up and she was visibly upset. I see after, she is obviously a wild child who now proclaims with all the attention that she enjoyed it. obviously she is young and stupid. but whether she was 18 (when one can drink and club in trinidad) or not, innocent or wild, the person broguht on stage was obviously fooled and mistreated,and so i see AKON AT FAULT. danah however just needs to grow up! I can't understand why in akon's apology he said he tried to ensure noone under 18 was admitted. I would LOVE to know what measures he placed for this to happen. Finally- waw this long- i would like to know why did it take him so long to apologize,ie. weeks following the event and after he lost a contract. I believe he did know he was at fault, because initially the clip that is being circulated so much was initially placed by fellow trinis on websites such as and was taken down by akon's label for non-specific reasons. HELLLOOO!!

2656 days ago


As a person of color, this event is embarrasing. Akon is the disgusting, filthy, despicable stereotype of Black men which in some cases, is true. Regardless of her age or whether she "looked" like she was enjoying it, Akon would not have tolerated that happening to his daughter, sister, mother, or any female family member. But it's OK for him to exhibit that behavior? I hope who or whatever spawned him is embarrassed and if he is a father (I hope not!), then expect more of that behavior from any sons he will have, most likely, from four or five different women, including his "wife".

2654 days ago


P.S. to my comments above. When did it become almost impossible for Black rappers to sing/rap without performing simulated sex acts or grabbing their crotch. Just what does that have to do with their music?!

2654 days ago


I think the girl is at fault for this. She obviously knew what she was getting into and she snuck into a club that was for 18+. I've seen pictures and video of what happend and there were even moments when she was on top of him. She showed no signs of resistance. I also saw an interview with her father and he said she was forced. If he would watch the video it is crystal clear she was willing.

2652 days ago


What did akon do wrong..ya she may have been 15 but the age limit was set to 18! it should be the security and the clubs responsibility to make sure no one under gets in...did you see her picture..if u were not told how old she was would u think she was 15?! if it was any normal guy it wouldnt be in the media. And for the ones over 18 akon was having fun like most guys in a bar would. the ones that doesnt think the way he treated the women well has to relize these women are legall and can make there own mind up about what they want to expose there body and themselves to. akon was not to blame!

2649 days ago


I think what akon did wasn't that bad. It was the girl's fault in the first place for even being in the audience when the club specifically people who are 18 and over! GET SOME SENSE PEOPLE!

I wouldnt of have complained ;) Love you akon!!<3 -Kaity

1251 days ago


i noe its late but akon is to inicont he even made a sonq u c some times its other peoples fsault like that stupid girl she wasent top embareced because she went up on the stage and kept dancing! what a slut ugh akon you be strong and dont ever remember this stupid ****!
dumb stut!:( 18 AND UP DUH! she was wrong and her dad shuldnt never let her out and have sex c'mon what a hooker!

1237 days ago


akon is a good men i will blame that girl because what the hell she doing in the club at the age of 14.
it is not akon's fault it is her fault.

828 days ago
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