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General Lee eBay Bidder a Phony!

5/9/2007 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the $10 million man who bid on John Schneider's "General Lee" automobile has reneged on his bid to buy the famous ride.
General Lee
A source connected to the sale tells TMZ that the first deposit deadline for Mr. William Fisher, the winning bidder, was missed for making any type of formal payment arrangements with Schneider. He had originally been given seven days from the auction's close to work out the deal.

Schneider has since filed a "failure to pay" complaint with eBay and is currently meeting with attorneys to discuss "some sort of legal action."

A rep for Schneider tells TMZ, "John is looking into his options. We cannot calculate the point where legitimate bidders would have topped out if it were not for fraudulent bidding, but it seems to have been in the range of $5 million."

As for your shot at the General Lee, there's hope. The good thing to come out of this, says our source, is that auction houses across the country have contacted John for a chance to put the car up on blocks.

Coo coo coo!


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shocked & awed

2722 days ago


This "General Lee" never appeared in even one episode, it's a replica, worth about $25,000, with the autographs I'll add $10,000. To expect any more than $50,000---shame on you John

2722 days ago

hello, it    

I saw this and did a little checking on the winning bidder because i wanted to know who could afford 9 million for that car and found that the guy has a knife collector biz plus he sold knives on ebay and has a feedback score of like over 100,000 which i thought "damn!" there must be something in knives!
I just checked it out myself. He only has 119 feedbacks. (not over 100,000)

2722 days ago


If John thought he was going to get $10,000,000.00 for that piece of crap car..then he has done too many drugs and needs a reality check...Bet for 5 minutes he was on cloud nine, until a rainstorm came and told him this was all BS

2722 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

i thought that was high,who in there right mind would pay 10 million dollars for car

2722 days ago


I love the Dukes of hazzard and the General Lee is AWESOME. Having 10 million slip thru your fingers has got to be a hard hit to the ego....but everyone reading the articles knew it was gonna turn out to be phony! He said hisself that he thought it would sell for approx. 2 or 3 million....why threaten a lawsuit? Just offer a second chance bid to the other people who placed bids.

2722 days ago


I know 1 negative feedback, but this whole transaction has become a "story" ad has lots of press and I mean in the sense of the ebay crowd, maybe it would be very bad for his selling business being the guy who duped the dukes of hazzard guy..

2722 days ago


Looks like Uncle Jesse,done went and molested john..For him to believe 10 mil.

2722 days ago


For him to be looking into legal action is ridiculous. This little scenario just earned him more media coverage than he could have hoped for. Has anyone thought of that angle? Have a mock auction the first time and get the media to cover the 'outrage' over the bogus bid and then turn around and have another auction that EVERYONE is aware of this time. hmmmm.... crazy like a fox

2722 days ago


oh thanks e/////////.... you're right it is 119 (what the hell was I looking at friday???) but still as you see, people are purposely placing fake bids just to leave him angry feedback

2722 days ago

dwight howe    

get real, replica or not that car is "worth" whatever you can get for it. more power to you ,john

2722 days ago

PEREZ HIVton    


2722 days ago



It's MY understanding that bids on Ebay motors and on Ebay real estate are non binding - but depend on what comes of a face to face meeting, and inspection of the "item" in question where the final deal is sealed...

You also have to wonder if the bidder's account was hacked... Hey... It happened to us!

I wonder if this was ever anything but a publicity stunt in the first place...

And placing fake bids does not allow anyone to leave feedback. Feedback is limited to the seller and the buyer, period...

Does anyone have the url to this auction?



2722 days ago

Miss Mary    

First of all, anyone who knows ebay know the $10mil bid was bogus, the seller will get his final value fees refunded, and he has no legal course of action against the bogus bidder. But it sounds good! So, John, get over it, re-list it and make it an auction where the buyer must be pre-approved BEFORE they can bid and save yourself some aggravation. Most of us eBay power sellers did get a good laugh at your expense though, John. Put a reserve on it and let the bidding begin! Remember...serious bidders DO like to bid. That's the fun of it. Better luck on your 2nd go round.

2722 days ago


John is delusional if he thinks it will bring close to 2 or 3 million..

2722 days ago
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