Bobby Trendy: I'm the Next Rosie!

5/10/2007 12:03 PM PDT
Rosie O'Donnell is ditching "The View" after this season -- and none other than celebufriend/designer Bobby Trendy is gunning for her spot.

TMZ spotted the train wreck taffeta-wrapped tastemaker outside Sugar last night, where he expressed his desire to join the daily gab-fest, telling our cameras, "I have many views and I love confrontation ... just give me a week on 'The View,' get the Trendy view." Wouldn't you just love to see Trendy sassing out Babwa or giving Joy a horrendous, pink-lace, tulle and rhinestone makeover? Maybe not.

Trendy then showed off his purported skills by commenting on current events, giving his glossy-lipped insight into Paris Hilton's upcoming jail stint.