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Blows Into Paris

5/11/2007 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Momma-licious Salma Hayek took a windy stroll with her billionaire baby daddy, Francois Henri Pinault, after having lunch near the Louvre in Paris on Thursday. The Mona Lisa's got nothing on sexy Salma!

With her delivery date nearing, Salma's baby bump will soon be as big as her lovely lady lumps!

Salma's pending birth isn't the only baby in her future. The "Ugly Betty" executive producer recently signed a major deal with MGM to create Latino-themed films with mass-market appeal. And if there's one thing Ms. Hayek has, it's mass-market appeal!


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L in SF    

Talented, beautiful woman, respected in the industry.
Simple wish... The press, please be respectful and leave her alone, have her healthy baby in peace.

2699 days ago


wow!!! salma has some big jugs!!

2698 days ago


Salma looks totally cute. I don't think she is huge. I work in a maternity ward, and I have seen some huge pregnant bellies. When I was pregnant with my son, all I had was belly and boobs (huge, naturally occuring boobs), but with my daughter, I had belly and a big butt (to my thinking anyway). Every pregnancy is different, and women gain baby weight in different places. With both of my kids, the weight dropped off in a month or so, and I'm not a celeb with a personal trainer. Maybe it's hard to lose baby weight when you have that lazy ass "I just had a baby and I can't do anything for myself" mentality. I doubt that Salma is in any way lazy. I don't think that her man is that bad. Who cares about age anyway? Maybe she isn't shallow like the rest of the world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

2698 days ago


Personally I think it is selfish to have a child at her age. But I guess that is why they have Nanny's in Hollywood seeing how they will be pushing her in a wheel chair by the time her kid reaches High School. BTW just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to actually eat for 2. Maybe she'll learn for next time when she's 60 trying to have one.

2697 days ago


makes me sick . This man is what ... 80 years old? So u mean to tell me that 20 and 30 year olds never had a chance with this woman? It has to be the fact that He has "money" in his pocket because why else would a hot woman date an old geezer ? His charm ? lol. His good looks? LOL . His "inner" qualities ? Give me a break .

2692 days ago


Number 48: No, this man is not 80 years old. Brainless twits keep googling this man and mistaking his father's (François Pinault's) bio for his (François-Henri Pinault.) François-Henri is 44 years old, 4 years older than Salma. Speaking of her age, no, I doubt many 20 or 30 year olds *would* be mature enough for a 40 year old woman of the world. (Perhaps Ashton Kutcher is the only exception.) Obviously, this man has plenty of charm and I'll bet he treats Salma like a princess! At least he has his own interests and won't be attached to her coat tails for a life's purpose, and since he is not an actor or huge celebrity presence in the superficial realm, that's 50% less paparazzi this couple will have to contend with.

I hope they are happy together. :)

2691 days ago
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