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Smoking Is Hazardous to Your Rating

5/11/2007 3:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The MPAA, which dishes out the ratings for movies, said that they've had enough of smoking, which now joins sex and violence as a celluloid ratings bumper.
Butt out!
Dan Glickman, Chief Finger Wagger for the ratings board told the NY Post, "Now, all smoking will be a consideration in the ratings process," and that "pervasive" or "glamorize" smoking might snag an R-rating for flicks. Put that out!

Whatcha smoking gallery: Click to launch photosAnti-smoking activists have long sought an automatic R for pix that feature puffing, but regulators stopped short of the instant R, and will consider films individually, as they always do.


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So smoking is out, but glamorized gratuitous sex and meaningless foul language is in...

2684 days ago


Anyone truly following the MPAA knows they are in no way fundamentalist christian or what ever morality police you desire to demonize. This has nothig to do with morality in the traditional sense and more to do with the new morality of Political Correctness. The MPAA has given us the F-word in PG-13, Nudity in PG-13, and some of the raunchiest, moraly degrading crap at an earlier and earlier age level, yet Smoking is all destructive and we should ban even the viewing of smoking from anyone younger than 18. Rubbish.

2684 days ago

What a joke    

Some very good comments from everybody.But let's face it...we are dealing with people who have nothing better to do with their time!! They try to impose THEIR will on everyboby!! From correcting our children to not saying "The Pledge of Allegiance" in school.The real shame of it is the fact that a few rule the majority.This does not even happen in China!!

2684 days ago


Some facts: More than 46 million American adults smoke, and smoking contributes to more than 430,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. Worldwide, four million people a year die from smoking -- thats 11,000 people every day.
Now, does any of this warrant an R rating ?
This is not a ban it is just a rating, everyone can still make the movies they like.
Though it seems I stand alone I applaud this step. As for everyone else characterizing this as "stupid," I think you are not looking at the whole picture or just making noise because you are angry about life and this seems like a safe way to vent.
First, there is so much smoking in movies that does not enhance plot or character development but is there simply because the filmmakers get big bucks from the tobacco companies.
Second, movies that are focused on kids as the prime audience should try to be more inventive to show rebellion and coolness than simply puffing down.
Third, all these comments remind me of the debate over whether to ban smoking in restaurants and bars. Using scare tactics like this says what will they ban next. Guess what, businesses don't go out of business and everyone benefits from it.
And finally, when you see kids smoking cigarettes at 11 and 12, which a lot of us did, you could blame the parents. But this is so embedded in our culture that we need to take a stand and say as a society that smoking is not acceptable. We can’t just talk the talk, though. We need to actually make effective change about the perception and movies is a great place to start.

2684 days ago


This has to be the dumbest thing ever. Most smokers are kind, caring and considerate individuals and I am sure none of them picked up the habit in order to achieve stardom. The states keep raising the sin taxes because they want the money, not to slow down people picking up the habit. It's not the tobacco companies making all the money, it's the states. A carton of wholesale cigarettes sell for approximately $27.00 a carton or $2.70 a pack - this cost is the same for every wholesaler across the US. A carton of cigarettes in NY is about $75.00, in NC a carton is about 26.00, WA State is about $60.00 - The differences between the wholesale cost and what you pay at retail costs go to the states in taxes. ~ I say enough is enough - Maybe the states should start looking at the alcohol manufactures. I have never heard of anyone killing anyone while being under the influence of a cigarette but a cigarette will get an R Rating. Someone who drinks a number of martinis can get behind the wheel of a car and wipe out a family or two in seconds but this gets a G Rating? - - What's wrong with this picture?

2684 days ago

E B    

Nearly all of the people in the photos in the "Whatcha Smokin'" section seem to prefer hand-rolled, instead of commercial, "smokes". Hmmm. The exceptions have pipes in hand. Even Robert Blake looks like he has two or more hand-rolled smokes going at the same time. Or else that's a pretty nice fatty, Mr Gubitosi!

2684 days ago

Just a thought    

Just a thought here. The MPAA simply determines a rating system for movies, and what material is inappropriate for minors, under the age of 17. Minors can still go into an R rated film if they are accompanied by someone 17 or older.

There is no censorship involved here, not even in the slightest sense. All that this does is restrict who can view a movie without adult supervision.

Frankly, I'm all for it, for one reason only. Children under the age of 17 often cannot make informed decisions, and we certainly don't expect them to. We don't allow minors to be treated as adults and we certainly shouldn't let them view questionable material - at least no without viewing it first, and deciding if they can handle it.

The MPAA rating is NOT censorship. It's there to protect children from viewing material without adult consent.

2684 days ago

Lord Andrew J. Andrews II    

I love smoking. I love to smoke my cigarettes in doorways, outside of buildings, in restaraunts, in parks, sometimes I even like to light up while I'm still way inside the building. Now, if an biography were filmed of my otherwise generic life, it would be relegated to an R rating, regardless of the rest of the content? that's harsh, man.

2684 days ago

Dennis R Sacco    

But Drugs,Rape,Drinking Booze,Murder and SO ON ARE ALL OK RIGHT ?

You People are Nuts.............

2684 days ago


Sure smoking is bad and we don't want to glorify the bad habits to our children...BUT why is it that sex and gay themes automatically get a film an R rating-but violence gets a PG or PG13 rating? Shouldn't the MPAA be more worried about guns, slashing, bombs ad guts than smoking or sex???
Look to what the Euorpeans are doing-they have very low gun violence.
To them sex is fine and violence is rare in their films and TV.

2683 days ago

Lord Andrew J. Andrews II    

Come off it, 22. The current environment towards smokers in America is harsh indeed. In the Washington DC area, you can't light up in a bar, restaraunt, or nightclub - you know, the kinds of places where people might want to enjoy a cigarette while they have a good time. Hell, the bloody banned smoking in the Senate building recently, didn't they? I'm writing a novel currently in which two rebellious teenagers (14-15 near the beginning) share an affection for Camel cigarettes. If, God willing, that story ever becomes a major motion picture, I certainly wouldn't want it branded with a n R rating. The R rating is pretty damaging, as it drastically reduces the money a film can make. So if it's not censorship, it's certainly financial bullying. That said, I think it'd be really cool if you all checked out my website, drewspeak, at

2677 days ago
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