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Baby Mama


5/13/2007 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Knocked up?! Who's there?! Baby mama drama!

Baby Mama Drama: click to launch
TMZ has impregnated a whole new gallery of Baby Mamas just in time for Mother's Day! Click on in for a look at all the moms -- and find out who da baby daddy!

Happy Mother's Day, bitches! And you too, moms!

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Bitches? Why no civility? I have found that lately, TMZ presents some of its information in a very disrespectful and tabloidish fashion. Can something be done to rasie the bar in your reporting? Bitches? By presenting information in this manner, I am sure that you will loose the respect of those that have been supporting your website. Please, raise the bar.

2685 days ago

Racist Comment    

I will never again vist this site. I will also tell my freinds to never again visit this site. All TMZ seems to do is to promote racism, sexcism, bigotry, and entice there viewers and bloggers to do the same. Most sites have standards and TMZ seems to have none. I also reported to CNN about you calling "Mothers" BITCHES, of all days on Mother's Day. Is that what you think of your mothers, sister's wifes???????????? All in the name of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2685 days ago

Karen Walker    

The "bitches" remark was directed at any blacks out there reading this site. Thats their word for "mom" not ours. TMZ followed it up with a "you too moms" for the rest of us! Besides most black children these days are being raised by Grandma, since mom is doing time or sucking on a crack pipe!

2685 days ago


--It is not hate, my friends, it,s called Truth, and you people cannot handle Truth !!
Have a nice day .

2685 days ago


Are you a a$$hole in real life or do you just play one on line?

2685 days ago


Don,t put Hispanic in you mix. They are good, honest, hard working people, with a strong
family bond. They are everything that you are not ..

2685 days ago


There are a lot of women who forever reasons decide to have babies out of wedlock. This is not limited to one race or one economical group. Some people plan to get married , but the guy may turns out to be an a$$hole like Sebastian, and the woman thinks she'll be better off without him in her life. As long as the children are provided for and not abused I say live and let live. What works for some may not work for others. I'm married with two children, but I have friends who are single moms and single dads.

2685 days ago


" Sebastian, according to the US Census Bureau, 33% of all American babies are now being born to unwed mothers. Since African-Americans constitute only about 12% of the US population, your statement, "The black African American, is the only Race, that finds it acceptable, to bring Bastard children into this existence without a strong Family Unit, ie A Father and Mother" is an obvious falsehood. In addition, your statement is a grammatical nightmare.

By the way, in case you are wondering, I am a 65-year old Caucasion female, so have no particular axe to grind on this issue. I just don't like seeing lies posted as fact.



2685 days ago


Some of you people are absolute idiots!!!!!!! That african american comment was moronic!!!!!!! And it seems like Shar Jackson and Kevin Federline have more of a family unit than Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. race has absolutely nothing to do with anything!!!!! And Happy mother's day to Shar... I think she rocks!!!!!! I loved Good

2685 days ago

montana mike    

wow, this is a post for mother's day, and all of a sudden it turned racist, and here comes the word bitches again. let's just say happy mother's day to all the mothers out there. can't we all just get along

2685 days ago


Courtney's brat looks JUST LIKE Kurt...RIP

It will be interesting to watch her future unfold..............

2685 days ago


African-Americans may not be the only ones to have children out of wedlock but it makes it a lot easier to receive a welfare check if you are one. That is where the disparity is.

2685 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

I agree w/ #7 and #11,there's birth control,and yes a planned "family" is a mother and father most of the time.just cause you're a famous supermodel or actress,doesn't guarantee that they're gonna stick around after a one-night or few months fling.knocked-up and tossed !that's very mean.(unless they're looking 4 a fat child support check!).

2684 days ago

Laure H    

Who is the moron who says "HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY BITCHES"? Is that what you say to your own mother? That is TOTALLY Rude and nasty. I thought Harvey Levin had more sense then to put something like this on tmz.COM. bUT OBVIOUSLY hE DOES'NT CARE what gets put on here. That is disrespectful to every mother around the world.You owe us mother's an apology.What's next? On Father's day what are you going to say? "HAPPY FATHER"S DAY BASTARDS"? Oh of course not , you would'nt be that mean or insensitive to one of your own kind would you. Totally disgusting.

2684 days ago


--Why do we as a legitimate society, allow our Goverment, to pay irresponsible people,
to commit criminal acts ? Paying sick, irresponsible females, to have illegitimate children
is a crime against God, and a crime against Society. If prostituation is a crime, the act
of creating a innocent child for compensation ,must be considered a capital crime.
We have seen what happens to welfare children, it is sick, disgusting, and cannot continue.
Call or write your Representative in Congress. This heinous child abuse must be stopped!

2684 days ago
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