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Candy to Paris -- Spoiled Brat, Grow Up!

5/13/2007 9:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Candy Spelling (Tori's mom) sent TMZ an open letter to Paris Hilton. Yes, it really is Candy!

Dear Paris,

As someone who has known you for most of your life, I pay special attention to your press coverage. (Apparently, I'm not alone, based on the responses every word about you creates on and elsewhere.)

Paris, I'm very worried about you. The last week has not only been an obvious roller-coaster for you emotionally, but your strategy went from blaming employees and stating silly excuses like, "I don't read," to your new lawyer's tactic to have you sound mature and take some responsibility. In between, the paparazzi continue to follow you shopping and taking self-defense classes (to protect yourself in jail?), and some over-zealous friends staged embarrassing protests (three people?), and wasted taxpayer funds with a petition to pardon you.

People who are rich and famous are not treated like "regular" people, even though you claim to now be just like everyone else. In most situations, your privileged life works to your benefit. You have opportunities, access and resources like few others; and frankly, you can get away with more bad behavior and excuses than most people could even imagine. However, as the real possibility of jail approaches -- whether it's 21 days or 45 or whatever the latest report is -- it's time to get real. It's time to find "a Paris" somewhere between "heiress" and a character on "The Simple Life." I know she's there, and I know she can be a good citizen and maturely face consequences other people would have to face under the same circumstances.

I am sorry you have been sentenced to jail. I can't think of too much that would be worse. But since you let this happen, use the next couple of weeks preparing not only by publicly learning to fight (not a good message to fellow inmates), but by looking around, realizing that you are not as truly entitled as your money implies. You are a young woman who can add more to her community than establishing new definitions for infamy.

Paris at her best: click to launch galleryBest,

Candy Spelling


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2722 days ago


If this is real, who it made it public?

2722 days ago


suprisingly grounded and humble for someone living in a house the size of a hotel.
well done.

2722 days ago


No the hell is Candy Spelling? Got to jail Paris. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go.
Do not collect $200. Just serve your time like an ordinary person would, because that is exactly what you are. A legend in your mind.

2722 days ago


Good letter. However, I don't believe it is really from Candy Spelling. This is the second letter TMZ has published from "Candy Spelling" addressing a celebrity's disgraceful ehavior. I think the first was to Lindsay Lohan or Brittney Spears.

2722 days ago


WHO damnit.

I meant to say *who.


2722 days ago


Is this for real??

2722 days ago


so much for the hotel industry

2722 days ago


Can someone please change that first sentence to read "attention to your press". Just once this week it would be a thrill to see a proper "release".

Oh, well, at least 3 of the 4 Hilton kids fly under the radar, are maybe leading productive lives.

2722 days ago


Well said!

2722 days ago

montana mike    

what? the rich and famous are not treated like normal people-i'm afraid these few weeks of self-defense training will go right out the window the minute you walk into lynwood. no one will give a damn if you are the so called princess. you're not going to find any rich white people to be friends with in there. it's time for a reality check paris, because if you think the judge was hard on you, if anyone remembers your racial slurs, and your talk about the common people----SLEEP TIGHT

2722 days ago


was there a denial from candy on the previous letter? I think this one is from her because it has that arrogant, self-rightous, my poop smells wonderful air about it
that makes me think she really wrote it. A real pat on the back to herself on the job she did raising those two model citizens of hers.

2722 days ago


Great letter--this says it all. Now please show us the letter that she must have sent Tori when she dumped Charlie & ran off with Dean.

2722 days ago


"Infamy" is pushing it. "Buffoon" might fit.

2722 days ago

London not England    

I know she is NOT trying to give advice when she and her own daughter cannot even come down off their respective pedestals to even speak to each other ???
She is a RICH BITCH who would probably be sniffing cocaine with Paris if she were a 100 years younger....
If this letter IS actually from Candy, bravo for saying something sane; self righteous as it is.
But it does not change the fact that all of these rich bitches need to take a page from some of the wealthy women that have put aside their arrogance and actually helped people less fortunate as them....Like Oprah....
I shudder to think the "GOOD" some of that jet-setting $$$ could have done in ANY section of society....the same Bentley that this WHORE got busted in could have built a school in Africa, or even in the United States! The BLING BLING that she throws in her safety deposit box could have feed an entire third world country.....
REMEMBER PARIS, at the end of your life, when your looks are gone, and your children have left you, and your mother and father are long buried, you WILL have to stand before God and give an account of your life, and what you did on this're NOT to young to realize this fact...and you, and CANDY SPELLING, and Hugh Hefner, and Nicholle, and Tori, and EVERY OTHER HEDONISTIC wealthy individual who has the ability to "change lives with your privileged wealth, and not exalt yourselves, will have to stand before God and give an account of what you've done, and HOW you could have helped your fellow man!
Take a page out of Anderson Cooper's book. HE is a brave young man, who is no less RICH than ANY OF YOU, and he is making a difference, and NOT embarrassing his family or reputation in the process, and PEOPLE LIKE HIM! Take might change your attitude.

2722 days ago
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