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Anna Nicole Movie Wraps -- Willa's a No-Show

5/15/2007 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official! The Anna Nicole movie has wrapped, and now the world awaits the arrival of this sure-to-be heartwrenching masterpiece ... everyone but Willa!
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The cast and crew had their wrap party on Sunday in Los Angeles. All were present except for the movie's star, Willa Ford. We contacted Ford's reps to find out what kept the busty blonde from attending, but her peeps were not available for comment by deadline.

TMZ has been informed that the movie's other star (in his own mind), the fabulosity that is Miss Bobby Trendy, has been asked to help represent the film at the Cannes Film Festival. Will Willa miss that party as well?


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2681 days ago


...... Ewwww ~~~ Miss Bobby Trendy, "Media Whore" ..... NOT Fabulous. She *pretended* to be an Interior Designer on ANS show .... but I NEVER liked anything she did. It was always OVER the top, and very garish. I don't think I ever saw her even completely finish one of the projects Anna laid out for her. All "Miss Piss" wanted to do was take forever so that she could amp up her T.V. time. Why would you guys even think of making an ANS movie with her .... it certainly ruins the chance of it being anything other than just another "B" movie. Oh, and I've always wanted to say this, "I HATE the lip-gloss", you carpet-muching whore!

2681 days ago


What's with all the caps? You think with the Cap lock on we can hear you better? lmao. I don't read posts that are only in caps, But it does take a bit to spin past um!........ I'm to dizzy to post now.

2681 days ago

leslie knox    

37. #5 must be Leslie Knox. Whtas the matter no one in your room??? What a shame! It sucks to be you don't it????

Posted at 3:43PM on May 15th 2007 by Guess who???
nope always use my whole name sorry to dissapoint you room is full thanks for asking and nope it does not suck to be me my life is full but again thanks for thinking just because someone else has the same name i do it must be me. you havent seen me in here for weeks but thanks again ok see ya and thank you again for asking about me,
leslie knox dr. kapoor

2681 days ago


I just saw on Nancy Grace that Stern filed a will stating that Anna's assets were worth a mere $10,000.00. OK Stern, here you go again! I would have thought you enjoyed being out of the spotlight for being a criminal. I don't guess so!

2681 days ago


ANS story> Someone just wanted to get it out first, Got a few bucks and hired some cheap labor. it's done on every big news story. There will be 4 different versions and a Lifetime movie of the week to choose from soon. It's a little soon to get all worked up isn't it?

2681 days ago


59. I can not believe they would make a movie of ANS so soon after her death. People are just TOO greedy, and HKS is still at it. Nobody has proven anything about HKS, but time will tell of all the things he DID do. He's just another OJ in my opinion.BT is pathetic so is willa. They should have waited to do a movie about ANS at least after her body was COLD!!!! Thank GOD Larry has his baby now. I wish him and baby dannielynn all the happiness in the world.

Posted at 10:31PM on May 15th 2007 by ccshere
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I agree, But thanks to her so called friends her body was cold when the EMTS got there. So I guess they go back to the time when Anna was drugged and feel like enough time went by............Time for a movie!!! MORE MONEY!

2681 days ago


Willa Ford should have never played the part of Anna, she can't even act. If you wanted someone, the girl on Reba would have been perfect, blonde and about the same size as Anna.

2681 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Anna was White trash and so are ALL these people-DISGUSTING!!!!!!!

2681 days ago


Who is playing Anna's ugly meth mouth cousin Shelley?

2681 days ago


so this bobby trendy someone cant get past his meal ticket glory days being over, so hes surrounding himself with anna and co clones. this man?? woman?? could use some therapy.

2680 days ago


Willa Ford is dating Mike Modano (hockey player with Dallas Stars). It was reported that he was at the OB-GYN's office waiting on someone (Willa Ford???) Is she pregnant and that's why she hasn't been able to make the rounds with the new movie?

2680 days ago


Let us see what is really going on here. Nothing but leeches. Even the whole diary thing is fishy. Most likely it is her mom transacting the sale through (2) hench men, so she can make money off her dead daughter. Think about it . These diaries just show up. Supposely cause some guy saw her mom throw them out one day. Would Virgie throw them out without reading them? Come on, one who can not read a diary of someone especially your own flesh and blood. Would she risk all the seedy stuff about herself in the garbage untouched? Now more diaries. The movie is just another way to leech off of this nightmare.

2680 days ago

who really cares    

What a crock of pitiful crap Bobby Trendy is!

2679 days ago
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