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Ike: I Froze My Ass Off with a Banana & a Cookie

5/16/2007 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After spending the night locked in a freezing cold jail cell with nothing to eat but a banana and a cookie, 75-year-old Ike Turner is sounding off about his bogus arrest over a recalled 1989 warrant.

In an exclusive interview with TMZ, Turner claims that he wasn't entirely sure if there was a warrant out for his arrest when cops stopped him last night, and admitted that he complied with officers because, "They could have been right!"

Ike left in his jail issue, but plans to return soon to retrieve his $5000 suit.


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Of course they gave him a bananna, who wouldn't?

2686 days ago

He's Boring now    

Ok Ike, so the Cops computer isnt up to date and yours is? Hardly man, considering your past run ins with the law and drugs. Why you going so fast in the first place, where you gotta be? Aint nobody waiting for your has been ass anymore.

2686 days ago


Lets get back to the T&A

2686 days ago


Ike complied with the cops because they 'could have been right" about his warrant? Its pretty sad and bad when you dont know if you are in trouble or not, you have such as crappy record. Or when the odds are that you could be. This guy must have gotten his butt in the legal ringer more times than can be imagined. Too bad it wanst over beating and pimping Tina. Ass.

2686 days ago


HOW APROPO.......................... A BANANA

2686 days ago



2686 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

same story from every convict,I am not sure there if the is a warrant out on me,why wouldn't someone know they have a warrant out for there arrest,judge needs to give this star a reality check,just like Paris

2686 days ago


All you racists punks with the banana jokes are pathetic cowards hiding behind your keyboards while you wear your moms underwear. None of you cowards would make banana jokes to a Mike Tyson or any other young black man but you have no problems saying it "online" and to a 75 yr old man. Pathetic. If you have something to say, come to Los Angeles and say it but stop being a keyboard superhero and say it in someones face.

2686 days ago


Ike......take a hike!!!!!

2686 days ago


To #12. Oh sure ,people posting on this board are racist pigs , when most of them are standing up for Tina Turner, who Ike beat. Or are you forgetting she is black ?just becasue people are putting Ike Turner, the woman beater down? In fact #2 who keeps putting Ike down sounds like he is maybe black, But he has sense, which you dont . Stop turning something into a damned stupid racial issue when it isnt. You desperatlely need to back to school and get an eduacation.

2686 days ago


The best revenge is living well. You showed him huh Tina?
You're a star and he's a nobody. Well done.

2686 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

You don't have to be a seasoned law-breaker to have a warrent sneak up on you. Don't be so cocky with your judgment calls!

2686 days ago


It does not matter what the guy did, come on he's 75! You don't treat senior citizens like that! At least they could have given him some warm food and a blanket. Geeze.

2686 days ago


Ok this one's way too easy :)

2686 days ago


He complied because he's a black man, they're cops, and there's a whole string of additional charges that could have been piled on top of him if he demanded his rights.

Ike's paid for beating Tina. Nobody should have to go through what Ike did over a bogus 20 year old warrant that was dismissed in the first place. I hope Ike sues. Doesn't sound like he will, though.

2686 days ago
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