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Extra Toe-prah Winfrey?

5/16/2007 3:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Either Oprah Winfrey is rockin' a sixth toe or that's one mighty corn!
Oprah Winfrey feet
Miss Winfrey attended the Howard U. graduation ceremony in Washington D.C., picking up an honorary Doctorate of Humanities. O, the humanity!

Frumpy Oprah: Click to launchIt seems that Oprah has it all; a mega hit show, billions of dollars ... and an extra toe.


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Wow! Who Knew? LOL

2717 days ago


That is not an extra toe. That is not a hugh corn. It's called a HAMMER TOE and she should have it corrected surgically. It can only be corrected with surgery!
Darn thing probably hurts alot..and makes it nearly impossible to find shoes that you can stand to wear. That's usually heriditary. It gets worse and more pronounced with age.

2716 days ago


I have heard of a "Camel Toe" but I have never heard of a "Hammer Toe". Looks like an extra toe to me no matter what you call it. Having that extra toe I bet she could climb a tree with ease. She should think about entering in the Paul Bunnion lumber jack pole climbing contest or the Marcel Leddbetter sweet gum tree climbing contest. She would be a shoe in to win.

2716 days ago


It's not an extra toe. I agree that it's a hammer toe. It's clear to see she has foot problems.

2716 days ago


It's not an extra toe. What she has is called a tailor's bunion. It looks like she has pretty bad "regular" bunions on the joint under her big toe as well. There is a semi-famous picture of Marilyn Monroe showing that she had the same "affliction."
I feel for Oprah....those things can be really painful, and the surgery is not an easy thing to go through!

2716 days ago

Ms Ellen    

Oh my gosh, there is no way I'd be as wealthy as she, yet not have the huge bunnions along with the hammer/camel toe surgically removed. No woman I know has feet that look as badly as Oprah's. I am a bit shocked by that.

I've heard Oprah mention more than once on her show, that her feet hurt. I now have an idea of why. IMO the bunnions alone look very painful. No wonder she takes off her shoes from time to time.

2716 days ago


I agree with the previous poster.........STUPID MEDIA. They will say anything to get your attention, even if it is false. They are hammer toes, of course. It is not an extra toe but she does have extra dollars. Amazing!

2716 days ago


Hey y'all. They are not referring to that large bulging area on her big toe...count the other toes. Yep, there's a lot of 'em.

2716 days ago


It isn't a 6th toe...come on people, we would have heard about it before now...duh!!...its a hammer toe, needs to be surgical can be very painful and you can tell she has foot problems, thats probably why she has flip flops on so it doesn't hurt....and who really cares anyway if she did have a 6th toe, doesn't make her a different person, than who she is today.

2716 days ago

Chuck Henderson    

I don't know about you folks that say Ophra doesn't have an extra toe, Did you count the toes on her left foot ??? There were 6 digits, seems like an extra toe somewhere. I don't believe it is the Big Toe that some of you are suggesting ,BUT, I believe if you count from her Big Toe to the right you will see a smaller toe and that looks, to me anyway, like the extra toe.

2716 days ago


That is not a "Hammer Toe" or any other kind of toe. Lots of people have a problem with their feet in the area where the toes are attached to the foot. Where have all of you been hiding. This is actually very common. Do you keep blinders on all the time. As you can tell she has a form of arthritis and black peoples feet is usually thicker and wider in that area also.

2716 days ago


Oprah has done so much for so many people, that it shouldn't matter even if she had a club foot. This country is so superficial. Always looking for a reason to dislike or put down someone...especially someone who does as much positive things as Oprah. I'm sure there are millions of women with flawless feet, who have done absolutely nothing for another human being...EVER. Grow up!

2716 days ago


I would certainly hope that people can count! LOL...if you look at HER left foot, you can see an extra toe, Look at HER right foot and you see a " round bump," not an extra toe, but a hammer toe. True, you'd think that a person with as much money as Oprah does she would do something about it. UNLESS, she like having this oddity.

2716 days ago


That is not an extra toe stupid's a protrusion from the fat pad on the underside of her foot near her pinky toe. I should know...i'm a nurse for a podiatrist {foot doctor}. It would be mildly corrected if she ever had bunion surgery, but not's just the way god made her.

2716 days ago



2716 days ago
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