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Ike: Jail's Not for the Elderly, You Dig?

5/18/2007 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ike TurnerAfter spending a night in jail this week due to a court mistake, 75-year-old Ike Turner is speaking out exclusively to TMZ on his treatment at Twin Towers Jail in downtown L.A.

According to a lengthy statement just released by Ike's manager, Phillip Arnold, "Ike was in a private holding cell, about 4x4 ft., with a bench only, and without a bunk or blankets. He passed out from exhaustion several times, and fell off the bench onto the cement floor, sustaining a minor injury to his leg. He was also denied regular access to the restroom facilities while in custody, a matter of extreme discomfort to a person of his age."

All in all, the self-proclaimed "Father of Rock 'n Roll" says it best: "I am pretty strong for 75, but not everyone my age could have survived that ill treatment. I have to send a message to them, for the sake of the little guy no one will listen to. The next elderly inmate might not survive. You dig?"


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At least he took it like a man. Paris is 1/5 his age and has been whining for a month -- and that's before she's even spent a night in the clink!

2678 days ago

Inspector Gadget    

Maybe this is a small taste of karma for knock'n Tina around like a rag doll ..........

2678 days ago


Aww, not everyone his age could have done so well.... not all wifebeaters get to be your age before karma has em get hit by a bus. That piece of trash deserves to be locked up up in the worst kind of prison. He may not be guilty here, but he is guilty of being a wife beating slime. Too bad he didnt gett o stay longer and find out whats its like to be someones bitch like he thought his wife was... eww, I hate this guy.

2678 days ago

common sence    

you are the pathetic wife beating little guy that noone will listen to,ICKY IKE

2678 days ago


Blah, blah, blah... he's only bitching because he smells a lawsuit.

2678 days ago


Did Ike deserve what he got? Yes! Is it karma? well maybe I dunnow if I believe in that. Does he have a valid point though? Absolutely! At 75 yrs old many people would not have faired very well in those conditions, and if it did cause a medical issue guess who pays the bill WE DO! Our Taxes would have bought that wife beater a new house and car and set him up real nice for the rest of his life. Is that what I deserve for being a hard working honest citizen, to be forced to support a wife beating pile of poop with a standard of living I will never get to have? I dont bloody think so!
My point being jail should suck but a bunk and a toilet are minimum requirements for a senior citizen no matter what a pile of donkey dung they are. I dont want to pay for their lawsuit.

2678 days ago


All junkie wife-beaters should be so lucky.

2678 days ago


"careful what you wish for" is another complete jackass who obviously didnt read the back story or else they would have known he was not supposed to be in jail in the first place. Its funny I dont see many wealthy old white people getting arrested on 20 yr old warrants that were no longer valid. If Larry King were to be in the same situation you can guarantee he would be filing the biggest law suit the police department has ever seen.

"careful what you wish for" get a clue or a job!!

2678 days ago


And who do you think cares??????? Well let me tell you who! No one!!!!!

2678 days ago


its unbelievable what people will believe just because it was in a movie on TV.... The fact that even Tina said the movie was unfair to Ike doesn't seem to matter to some of the people posting here. Bash Ike if it makes you feel better..... I know the man, he one of the kindest people on the planet.

2678 days ago


And somewhere in the distance can't we all hear Tina just laughing her ass off right now.

2678 days ago


2. Maybe this is a small taste of karma for knock'n Tina around like a rag doll ..........

Posted at 5:05PM on May 18th 2007 by Inspector Gadget

Ole Ike put his nut in her bush...That's why she can dance so good,Ike kept her legs back across her shoulders..

2678 days ago

just asking    

Read the news. Ike spent years in jail for domestic violence. Just because you are arrested should you be treated like an animal. Maybe that why so many people coming out of jail get harder about society. Give me a break.

2678 days ago


To #10 who say he knows Ike. This info on Ike abusing Tina didnt just come from that movie on Tina , SHe said in her autobiography that Ike beat the hell out of her, ect, So even if you know Ike, sounds like you need to read that book and see for yourself what Tina said. This isnt a matter of people just believing a movie SHE said it.

2678 days ago

He's Boring now    

The "Father of Rock and Roll"? Huh, who crowned his ass with that moniker? What actually did he "father" about Rock and Roll?

The Blues had a baby and it was named Rock and Roll and I dont think he was the one who conceived it.

Aside from not being its daddy, he's nothing but a has been roadhouse playing juker with a tip jar atop a piano at a hotel bar.

2678 days ago
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