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Gets Custody!

5/21/2007 5:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After the famous hamburger incident, David Hasselhoff has emerged victorious in court! He has won temporary custody of his two kids.

The court hearing today was closed -- secret. Hasselhoff went into court stripped of his right to visit with his children in the wake of the burger video. But we're told the judge was stunned by the evidence presented by the court-appointed expert who performed psychological evaluations on the family.

We're told the expert said Pamela Bach, Hasselhoff's ex, was abusive to her kids -- especially Hayley, the younger of the two. The expert also noted that Bach refused drug testing, among many other things.

Bach's lawyer was on the defensive today, unsuccessfully attacking the expert.

Sources say the judge gave David full custody for two weeks, until the next hearing is held. Until then, the kids will live with him.

UPDATE: A source tells TMZ that David Hasselhoff had his custody rights restored after agreeing to alcohol testing. This person did not mention the fact that the judge temporarily stripped Pamela of her custody rights.

TMZ spoke with David Hasselhoff's lawyer, Mel Goldsman, who refused to discuss TMZ's original story and Bach's statements about what happened in court

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well, the next time hoff is laying on the floor eating his dinner the kids can go to see there mother i dont give a dam what the court says. while they are there they can film her to show her and everyone else what she needs to improve on. and thats the way it is..........

2655 days ago


Thank You #92!!
Even though most of the posts are from last week I just read them for the first time tonight. Finally someone said what I have been saying since I first heard about this supposed "custody battle" "Who fights for custody of a 17 year old?!!" This girl is considered an adult in most states and even where the age of consent is still 18, in a custody case she would still be treated as an adult. You just don't fight over who will take care of someone who is old enough to take care of themselves. Even the 14 year old would probably be allowed to decide with whom she wants to live. These girls are almost women, certainly not babies the whole thing just doesn't make any sense. Maybe David and Pamela just want to hurt each other and they figure this is the only way they can. I think the girls might be better off just living on their own, or maybe with another family member until they are a little older. Otherwise, I think they would be better off with David, as long as he stays sober he is a pretty good guy. Whereas Pamela for some reason I just get the feeling that the bad things that are said about her are true. I mean if you have nothing to hide why would you refuse to take a drug test?

2649 days ago


I freakin knew that woman was crazy & he deserved a break!

2657 days ago

All American Girl    

Poor Kids! They always have to suffer. I think both parents are twits.

2657 days ago


WAY 2 GO DAVEY..................I'M DRUNK RIGHT NOW................COME ON OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2657 days ago


How the hell can a judge give custody to a lousy drunk ?

2657 days ago


Justice prevails! I saw his ex on Larry King a couple of weeks ago - that woman is whacked out on something!

2657 days ago


i wonder what kind of abuse the kids went through? she's crazy.

2657 days ago


But it won't last long, There will be a long and stupid custody battle.

2657 days ago


Thats right all along it was "oh he's so abusive i'm gonna hire a madia whore lawyer blah blah blah poor me" not that i'm saying it's ok to get slobering drunk and woller around in a hamburger in front of your kids is ok ...but my god that woman seems to be craxier than a loon!

2657 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

Yeah. I think they should celebrate by going to..... where else? WENDY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2657 days ago

Ha Ha    

Don't hassel the Hoff!!!

2657 days ago


good for you dave

2657 days ago


j/k man, i just cleaned & you seem like a sloppy drunk,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but i have no particular beef w- alcoholics,,,,,,,,,people who do METH are the problem,,,,,,,,scary chit......

2657 days ago


You know dad is active drunk mom is crazy aren't there grandparents or even another relative that these are safe with.?

2657 days ago
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