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Gets Custody!

5/21/2007 5:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After the famous hamburger incident, David Hasselhoff has emerged victorious in court! He has won temporary custody of his two kids.

The court hearing today was closed -- secret. Hasselhoff went into court stripped of his right to visit with his children in the wake of the burger video. But we're told the judge was stunned by the evidence presented by the court-appointed expert who performed psychological evaluations on the family.

We're told the expert said Pamela Bach, Hasselhoff's ex, was abusive to her kids -- especially Hayley, the younger of the two. The expert also noted that Bach refused drug testing, among many other things.

Bach's lawyer was on the defensive today, unsuccessfully attacking the expert.

Sources say the judge gave David full custody for two weeks, until the next hearing is held. Until then, the kids will live with him.

UPDATE: A source tells TMZ that David Hasselhoff had his custody rights restored after agreeing to alcohol testing. This person did not mention the fact that the judge temporarily stripped Pamela of her custody rights.

TMZ spoke with David Hasselhoff's lawyer, Mel Goldsman, who refused to discuss TMZ's original story and Bach's statements about what happened in court

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he probably drank because he was married to her. just a guess. anyway, he seems to be working on it, which is good. he deserves some credit.

2676 days ago


Sorry, double post. Didn't think the first one went through..........

2676 days ago


Their both unfit!!!

2676 days ago


Dave, you have a victory for fathers everywhere. Just don't friggin relapse.

2676 days ago


opri was have hurled...........

2676 days ago


I don't know either of them and I definitely can't draw a reliable conclusion on what is in the media. Like every other human being, they both must have issues. However, having issues doesn't preclude anyone from being an effective parent. Surely being a practicing alcoholic and/or drug addicts puts you in the running for being an ineffective parent but it still doesn't totally preclude you from being effective at raising healthy children. That being said, the wife appears to have been behind the leaked video. That was dirty and hopefully, this will cause her to think twice before being a you know what in the future. I hope that the wife has enough money to pay her Attorney bill-that woman's charges are unfathomable!

2676 days ago


This is awful. Hof is a chronic alcoholic. I doubt Pam is anywhere near as bad as he is, but he has the money and POWER in the town. SICK!

2675 days ago


David TOLD his kids to tape him if he ever fell off the wagon. Man, that takes guts! He wanted to do better. His ex=wife Pamela, on the other hand, sounds like a woman scourned. She definitely seemed out of it on Larry King Live a few weeks ago.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Sounds like she is using those poor girls to get back at her ex.

2675 days ago


Im thrilled it turned out this way....
We as humans..are not perfect, The man is fighting a drinking problem...he was only eating a burger...drunk yes... but not violent..not disruptive...very nice as a matter of fact...
so...Im gald it did not cause him to lose custody..
Good Going...

One thing to remember...I drunk man says...what a sober man feels..
So... if thats the worse he has in him...
Forgive and Let Go...

2675 days ago


Sounds like they got joint custody, right? They'll all be OK.

2675 days ago


I am glad someone finally put Opri in her place!!!

2675 days ago


How bad a mother do you have to be to lose your kids to a drunk? Yikes. She refused to take a drug test too. I hope David realizes what a gift he has been given and stays sober for his kids.

2675 days ago


Great for Dave!! There are always 2 sides to every divorce--now we are seeing some of the other side. At least Dave was the one to ask to be video taped if he "fell off the wagon" and he is said to be back on that wagon. Evidently the girls would rather be with Dave. I hope his wife get clean (if indeed she has this problem) so that the girls can benefit from having both parents.

2675 days ago


This article really upset and angered me. How pitiful is it that a court has to choose the lesser of two evils in deciding the welfare and well-being of innocent children. Neither parent sounds like they are capable of raising these children and being decent, nurturing parents. So what do they do... they hand these poor girls over to the one they think will be less damaging to them. sad. If neither parent is fit to raise these girls then neither one should. There has to be some family members that can take them until one or both of the parents show through supervision and verified proof that they have straightened their pathetics acts up and are capable of being decent parents to those girls. But its just another example of how money talks in this country and celebrities can pretty much darn well get away with anything they please. In the meantime who is looking out fior the welfare and well being of those innocent girls. It doesnt matter if the "Hoff's" issues are intentional or beyond his control or whatever, right now he is unfit to raise them properly and so is the mother. If either one of them cared anything about those girls they would have someone decent care for them, even if only temporarily while they got the help they needed to straighten themselves out.. Then when they are ready and back on track be the parents they should be to their daughters. Instead they will let those girls suffer just to spite one another. My heart goes out to the only true victims in this whole thing... the daughters,

2675 days ago


Divorce brings out the worse in people, been there, done that. But the children are number one. What about the children?

2675 days ago
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