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Gets Custody!

5/21/2007 5:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After the famous hamburger incident, David Hasselhoff has emerged victorious in court! He has won temporary custody of his two kids.

The court hearing today was closed -- secret. Hasselhoff went into court stripped of his right to visit with his children in the wake of the burger video. But we're told the judge was stunned by the evidence presented by the court-appointed expert who performed psychological evaluations on the family.

We're told the expert said Pamela Bach, Hasselhoff's ex, was abusive to her kids -- especially Hayley, the younger of the two. The expert also noted that Bach refused drug testing, among many other things.

Bach's lawyer was on the defensive today, unsuccessfully attacking the expert.

Sources say the judge gave David full custody for two weeks, until the next hearing is held. Until then, the kids will live with him.

UPDATE: A source tells TMZ that David Hasselhoff had his custody rights restored after agreeing to alcohol testing. This person did not mention the fact that the judge temporarily stripped Pamela of her custody rights.

TMZ spoke with David Hasselhoff's lawyer, Mel Goldsman, who refused to discuss TMZ's original story and Bach's statements about what happened in court

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2712 days ago


Being an alkie and told you have to test 3 times a week that's not winning that's saying we don't trust you. Prove to us he won nothing really if anything he lost alittle more diginty in this today.

2712 days ago



2712 days ago

Uncle Howie    

I have no inside info hunny... I just read on the story...,,20039677,00.html

Looks like People check their fax lol

As far as Pam goes - Show me the video of her taking drugs - I rest my case!

White people with money are crazy!

2712 days ago

F. Stopps    

You Tube has an interesting video-IS OBAMA THE BLACK JFK? Author Myers says he was told by an Obama worker that Obama will select Oprah as his VP running mate if he gets the nomination.. Also, his comments about the Kennedys are outrageous and mean-spirited. What does he have against the Kennedys?

2712 days ago

skeptical at best    

she must be really messed up if she LOSES temporary custody to a man who was drunk on camera filmed by his own daughter. that speaks volumes b/c i don't think there's any laywer/expert that good (his side) or laywer that bad (her side) for that to happen. this would be comical if it didn't involve their children.

2712 days ago


SistaSpirit, YOU say David won nothing...... I bet he would say different. Like, getting custody of his kids is winning for him.

lapland is for eskimos

2712 days ago

You People Sicken Me !    

#49 Linda = Could not have said it better myself ! And as far as her Lawyer goes well I can not get started on that !
And # 53 He will !

And to be honest that is one dumb Blonde that just can not stand the fact that she was Dumb enough to hire OPRI !
Please Pam go wash your hair in the kitchen sink with all the other veggies !

2712 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I, for one, am not surprised nor do I wonder what the judge discovered in the psych evaluation. I usually side with the mom when all things equal because kids usually prefer mom in the early years, but in this case it was apparent that this woman was sharpening her knives openly in public before the case was even heard, and I could see from here, and I live in Canada! Thought she was not quite 'well and unbiased' in the way she was presenting. It was evident. The Hoff, on the other hand, seems like he tries to stay positive and upbeat, but hides great sadness. I can certainly see why. Hope he makes great strides.
You can never see inside another's marriage, though, and he might just be better at publicity. You never know.

2712 days ago


I doubt Pamela is a good parent.. I have heard she uses cocaine. And, can't stand the attorney she hired after watching her with Birkhead. The kid's are the innocent that suffer.

2712 days ago


, It really must be tough for Rich and Famous Celebs to model citizens-- they have it so tough????/ They can do anythuing they want, buy anything they want-- They have no wants--- They run around on each other- screw eveybody they 'Star" with- They loose their self-control and MORAL base and wonder how things get this bad.--- Everyone in the entertainment and movie bussiness looses their moral clarity for Love of Money and Fame-- Its nothing new- Its Hollywood!!!!!!!

2712 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

#22 Makes Me Wonder, I agree withyou.

Obviously, Pamela Bach MUST HAVE some DYNAMITE on her that is worst than David Hasselhoff. The girls are like 15 yrs. and 17 yrs. so maybe they requested to go to their father's. Sad that these people DO NOT REALIZE they have two beautiful, healthy daughters which is something, health, that money cannot buy . David and Pamela have tons of millions but no common ssense to to relaize that you keep your dirty laundry begind closed doors.

2712 days ago


I agree with skeptical - I can't imagine how this decision made any sense, except that he's the 'lesser of two evils'.

The sad thing is that this is just another day and another divorce. It's more public and very dramatic to the rest of us, watching it unfold. But the same story's told day after day, everywhere on the planet. Sucks for all of us.

2712 days ago


If TMZ is correct, Pam refused a drug test, and was abusive to the kids, then they should be with David. Pam has lost her meal ticket and is in a panic. She needs to get a job. She is a scorned woman, and will try to make David miserable forever. I've seen it happen. She will be an old woman, going through dumpsters for food, unless she gets a grip on HER life, and move on. David doesn't want her, yet she is trying to hang on, at any cost, including damaging the children. What a mistake David made in marrying that winch. I believe he is seriously getting sober, and seems like a good father, except for the time he was intoxicated. Thank gosh the kids are older, and will not have to answer to either of them soon; however I think they will always be close to their father. IMO

2712 days ago


Hooray David! Get a job, Pam, and get a life. He doesn't want you....get it, and move on.

2712 days ago
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