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Judge to Goldmans: Is It Really OJ's Suit?

5/22/2007 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OJ Simpson, Fred GoldmanTMZ was in a Los Angeles County courtroom this morning when a judge told the Goldman family that their motion to collect money on the sale of OJ Simpson's suit was denied -- because there's no proof it is the real "not guilty" suit.

A legal war was triggered earlier this week when TMZ broke a story about a sports memorabilia guy trying to peddle a suit that he says OJ Simpson wore when he heard the unbelievable words, "not guilty." David Cook, lawyer for Fred Goldman (father of Ron, who Simpson slaughtered), filed legal papers Monday in Santa Monica asking a judge to grab that suit.

Today, Kim Goldman, Ron's sister, was told by a judge that there is no evidence to prove the authenticity of the suit. But TMZ has learned that Simpson cut himself shaving on the morning of the verdict, which left blood stains on the suit. A simple DNA test would prove its authenticity. Although we know how DNA tests involving Simpson turn out.


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The issue isn't whether OJ deserves to be hounded into his grave over what he did(?) (and anyone who wasn't at that house on that night can claim they "know" but they don't). The real issue is that Fred Goldman has become an omnipresent weasel who seems to think that his personal tragedy deserves to be on the front page of every newspaper and on the evening news every time he thinks up some new way to go after Simpson. Don't think for a moment that Fred Goldman doesn't want his mug on TV and in the paper and don't think it's just for his son. He could accomplish everything he does now by having his attorneys hound Simpson...and if he were so damned concerned with collecting every penny Simpson owes him, he'd back off and let him work again and make money. Is trying to squeeze blood out of turnip really all that satisfying? is this guy's son the only child of anyone's who was ever murdered? Are we really supposed to be so much more concerned with his tragedy than with the millions of others? I used to actually, literally cry for the guy. Now, I see his face on TV and just flip the channel. One more hysterical victim (And all this time I thought Ron was the victim!) who refuses every chance to make something out of his own life. He's just a pest...and before anyone else raises this tired, clueless question again, Yes, if it were MY son and I were that stricken that I just didn't want to go on without revenge, I'd shoot the SOB right in the head and go to jail - not turn myself into a whining, simpering, charicature. If I lacked the guts to do that, I'd get on with my life.

2690 days ago


first off, anyone who tells this family to get over it, try dealing with a death in your faimly and see how easy it is to just "get over it'..secondly..why shouldnt this family be draining oj of his money?..even if they are money hungry, oj derserves to pay up for the rest of his life for what he did

2689 days ago


OJ , needs to pay up. I dont beleive he actually did the murders but i do beleive he had something to do with it. It is so tacky of him to write a book mocking the murders ! He is a complete asshole, I wonder if he gets mad at his kids would he have them murdered as well? HUMMM He is scum and a degrace to all no matter what race or sex !! What a pig !!

2710 days ago


the Goldmans need therapy. i dont know if OJ did it or not however he was found not guilty. they have to accept that just as Emmitt Tills mother had to accept a not guilty verdict with NO PAYDAY. And we all know they did it because they admitted it. Have the police ever looked into the possibilty that may Ron was the intended target and Nicole was the innocent bystander. these murders did take place during Andrew whatshisfaces murder reign. ( the guy who killed Versace). Maybe he had a crush on Ron. I work with victims of crime. and the states compensate based on lost income. Had Ron and Nicole lived 10 lifetimes in their respective professions, they still would not be worth $10 million let alone 30.

2709 days ago


OJ should be on death row. Black, White, Red or Brown. . . I could care less! I hope the Goldman's continue forcing OJ to REMEMBER!!!! His case makes me think justice is a farce!

2708 days ago


Well if it isn't the 'real suit' he can't sell it as such, and there is no money to be made. And besides, what loser would wear a suit to court with blood on it? Oh I forgot, we are talking about OJ!!

2711 days ago

J. Owen    

These money hungry people need to move on with their life. Their son is dead, they've already collected over 15 million in cash for his death. Just move on. Establish a charity for the money you already have or do you wish you had another child that could be killed and you can collect off of that one too?

You're son was a waiter, and as sad as it was that he was killed (shouldn't have been "returning a patron's sunglasses" in the first place - unless they were sleeping together), face the fact that he would have NEVER made that type of money in his life.

I am sick of people cashing in on death and tragedy like they hit the lottery.


2711 days ago


If the suit were being sold, it should have had a certificate of authenticity, I know I would ask for one.
If such a certificate exists, why can't the Goldman family request the certificate be turned over to the courts?

2711 days ago


Simpson has got to be the luckiest guy around when it comes to these things. Go buy a lottery ticket, OJ.

2711 days ago


The Goldmans make me sick. No amount of money is going to bring Ron back from the dead. Yet, they just sit around making sure OJ forks over everything to them. Despite what you think of OJ, he was proven innocent. The Goldmans continue to play the victim. It's been 12yrs. Let your son rest in peace. Drudging this up everytime OJ sneezes is overkill. No pun intended.

2711 days ago

Not that Bad    

(father of the Ron, who Simpson ALLEGEDLY slaughtered),

2711 days ago


WTF. Another arena for racist comments.

2711 days ago

Just my opinion    

And yes, I do think OJ had something to do with the murder! I just don't believe he was so fit at his age, that he could have sprinted a mile in less than 30 seconds! I can do a mile in 7 minutes and I'm in good physical shape.

2711 days ago


Look Goldmans its so sad that your son was killed, but why are you trying to collect from his death? It want bring him back. You are starting to look worse thatn oJ. Regardless of who thinks he did it the fact is he wasn't proven guilty. Stop trying to live in your shadow of what little fame this brought your dead son. Move on with your life. Just living day to day to tract down Ojs finances, is no reason to live. Thats basically all that your doing. What kind of live do you have outside of that? I'm glad that judge sid no today. I'm like #2 iAM SO SICK OF PEOPLE TRYING TO COLLECT OFF THE DEATH OF OTHERS. Where has our society gone, that noone wants to work a real job any more, that as a society we are wanting to coleect off everyone elses tradgey? Get a job & make your own money.

2711 days ago


he is so sick !!!! vomiting !!!

2711 days ago
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