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Daughtry's Selfish "Idol" Prediction

5/23/2007 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis may have made it to the final two on "American Idol" but Chris Daughtry doesn't think either will win. Huh?!

TMZ spotted the last season's resident guy-linered rocker outside Hyde last night with his band, aptly named Daughtry, where he told cameras, "I think we could win this year." Sadly, we don't remember hearing Seacrest read off the 866 number to vote for him after his performance in the finale.

Fans were rabid for celebs leaving the premiere of "Mr. Brooks," and while the film's star, Kevin Costner, stopped to sign autographs and take pictures with them, Dane Cook and Bruce Willis breezed past the entire group. Yippie-ki-yay mother lover!

Also out last night were a charmingly threatening Damon Wayans, Brian McKnight, Babyface, a studly Michael Vartan, Lance Bass and the always bearded Billy Gibbons.

All this and more in today's false idol edition of Star Catcher.


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Mustang Sal    

Chris Daughtry has an amazing voice and his CD is really great. How is he a poser? He worked to support a family but also had been in a band before Idol. Some of you people are very negative.

2660 days ago


... oh!! I see. Because Chris Daughtry was trying to make a joke, he's a poser! I get it now. Anyone who posted negatively about Mr. Daughtry, maybe you should do some research. He's pretty much the farthest from a poser you could imagine, my friends... but maybe that's a matter of opinion.

Don't really care. You all must be part of the friggin soul patrol, eh? That's what I thought...

Sincerely yours.

2655 days ago


Chris you definitely got the last laugh. Taylor who?

2676 days ago


talk about ego inflated

2676 days ago

Ricky Rockhardo    

Daughtry is such a poser. I can't believe people actually buy into this whole "rocker" persona. This guy was punching numbers in a vending machine at QuikLube with a fat wife and two kids and you think he's some intense rock star, haha.

2676 days ago


He's a punk

2676 days ago


If you've watched Chris Daughtry for the past year, you will realize that he does NOT have an inflated ego at all. For me, that is part of what makes Chris attractive. He just seems like a good guy! I think he said his band was the winner as a JOKE people! He just didn't want to choose between Blake and Jordin. At the end, he says he likes them both. I can't say I was loving the guy-liner but there is no doubt that he is talented.

2676 days ago


He's had his 15 minutes of fame along with Taylor.
Bye Bye.

2676 days ago


Chris Daughtrey...however you spell his a self-absorbed, bragging fool...I can't stand his look or his music....get over yourself CD

2676 days ago


he was just making a joke...I think it was kinda funny!

2676 days ago


Ya'll will NEVER cease to amaze me. WHO CARES!?!?!?! It's freakin' entertainment!! How about you worry about the air you breathe or the water you drink, or the fact that 3,000+ men and woman have lost their lives in a war that NO ONE wants except that over indulgent, self centered, egotistical little Hitler in the White House?!?! What the F**K is wrong with you?

2676 days ago


until I read this article I thought he was ok. This has totally put me off Daughtry NOW!!

2676 days ago


Hey, he only speaks the truth. That is funny, because my husband and I both said the same thing. That if Chris Daughtry was in the finals this year, he would win for sure!!!

2676 days ago


Posers don't sell 2.4 million albums. Daughtry is the real deal people and he's far from having an inflated ego. His real fans know he's a great guy. And still a devoted husband & dad. He was joking when he said that comment, have a sense of humor will you? Talented people can come from Idol, look at Kelly Clarkson & Carrie Underwood for example. But whatever there will always be haters no matter what so have fun making yourself feel better by putting down others.

2676 days ago


Chris rocks dude, try hangin with him he's so generous, kind and is providing his wife a life she could never have dreamed.

2676 days ago
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