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Elisabeth Blasts Rosie: I'm No Donald Trump!

5/23/2007 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bitchfight between Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck officially went nuclear -- and we mean nuclear -- on this morning's "The View," and it's a miracle, frankly, that fists didn't fly.

As usual, Rosie and Elisabeth started in on one another on the topic of Iraq, but it quickly got personal when Rosie, clearly still miffed that Elisabeth hadn't defended her over the whole soldiers-as-terrorists fracas, demanded to know whether Hasselbeck really thought Rosie felt that U.S. soldiers were terrorists, "as my friend, since September." When Elisabeth didn't give her a yes-or-no answer, the verbal fisticuffs began in earnest. In fact, producers saw fit to go split-screen, just to amp up the volume.

Name-calling ensued, with Rosie calling Elisabeth "cowardly," and Elisabeth spitting back at Ro that she's not "poor little Elisabeth," even smacking down guest co-host Sherri Shepherd's suggestion that she chill for the sake of her unborn child, saying, "The baby's FINE."

Joy Behar -- not at all wisecracking and with not inconsiderable exasperation -- asked, "Who's directing this show?! We need a commercial break! What is this, PBS?"


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That was the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen! so many people died in that war be they american or iraq or even british and all those two egomaniacs can think about is themselves.

2643 days ago


Elizabeth must go, not Rosie. I know this might be hard to digest, but Rosie pulled this dull show out of storage back on the shelves. I am no fan of Elizabeth. A dumb blond who never said one decent thing as far as I am concerned. I don't blame Rosie for blowing up with this jerk day after day..I would have slapped her face day 2 and left the show if this is what Rosie had to put up with. I have no respect for Barbara she is nothing but a liar and for once, unfortunately, I have to agree with Donald, she lies...
Rosie you go girl. wherever you go so will I. Colette

2643 days ago

Lexie's Mom    

Rosie,You go girl!!! Yes at times she is loud and can be bordering on obnoxious, however, she is well educated about this war and also has compassion for the soldiers and their families who are going through the day to day anguish of having a loved one in such a terrible situation. EH onthe other hand is an obviously obnoxious BORE. She never has any new infomative thoughts or info and just keeps repeating the same ol'e same ol'e everyday. She is also very RUDE, in that she always talks over everyone else,no matter what the topic is. She is also very whiney and has no control over her emotions.I can understand that the show needs a young, perhaps conservative person on the panel, but,PLEASE have someone who is polite and at least open-minded who will allow others to also speak their minds without being jumped all over by the rude ,impolite, closed minded , immature individual who has no control of her emotions. I agree that this show will be going down the tubes if they don't do something about EH especially!

2643 days ago


Siding with Rosie or Elizabeth based on their politics is not the point. Rosie's suggestion that someone else should defend her words is simply ludicrous, and the hallmark of an irrational, illogical mind.

My views accord more with Rosie's than with Elizabeth's but I feel embarrassed for Rosie every time she opens her mouth. She is graceless, ill-mannered, domineering and simply gauche.

I thought Elizabeth did very well making the salient point: "Defend your own insinuations, defend your own words". Hear hear.

Unfortunately, you can't reason with the unreasonable.

2643 days ago


Why does everything in this society have to be about taking sides? We are all in this together! Arguing, shouting, and name calling won't get us anywhere. This is why I don't like to watch political talk shows. They almost always culminate in the participants yelling over each other in order to get the last word in. Are peaceful, calm discussions leading to compromise going out of style? There is something wrong with this country if an argument between two talk show hosts is more newsworthy than the actual issues at hand.

2583 days ago


Elizabeth is trash and she needs to get off that show. The show's ratings are going to go down now that Rosie is not on the show. elizabeth is so annoying, its awful

2642 days ago

Gatorade Please    

Communication classes would be advisable for Ms. Hasselbeck at this time. It's not the Elisabeth Hasselbeck show!

"We do not deal in facts when we are comtemplating ourselves"
--Mark Twain

2642 days ago


Note to Boy Howdy (Post #7):

Actually, it is Rosie that is the hate monger. She has insulted Christians, Chinese people, Donald Trump, and Paula Abdul among others. Not to mention the fact that she shows support for terrorists that want to kill Americans by saying "Don't fear the terrorists--they are mothers and fathers." Yeah, well so were the Nazis. So you see, it is Rosie who is uneducated and hates everyone who does not kowtow to her misguided and highly ill-informed viewpoints. And to top it all off, she had the gall to insinuate that our American troops are terrorists, then tried to cover her groteque gigantic backside so as not to look like another Jane Fonda.

I applaud Elizabeth for standing up to that bullying hate-monger. She should have done it a long time ago. Rosie constantly demeans her and puts her down, because she cannot handle Elizabeth's obvious intellect and strong retorts--so she has to resort to demeaning her and insulting her by saying that she is young and doesn't know any better. Rosie can't handle the fact that someone who is younger (not to mention more attractive) than her can hold her own against her.

Go Rosie, go----and never come back!

2642 days ago

married with children    

She didn't hold her own. She just yelled about everything. "And what she said was You just won't fight with me because I'm not like Donald Trump, he's abnoxious." Hello, Elizabeth. "You are more obnoxious than Donald Trump. And you, Elizabeth, are dumb!

2641 days ago


I am glad that rosie is leaving. even if she did bring the show back from the brink:shes an egomaniac. She got that way when she had her own show and publicly humiliated Tom Selleck because his opinion didnt match hers. and now the smae thing has happened. 'She was all for taking everyones guns away, but yet her kids were being gurded by armed guards. She calls american troops names and wants people to back her and when they dont what does she do?? have a disscusion about their differences no she goes to name calling and demeaning statements.
So like week people to do Glad shes gone hope the networks never give her another show,

2641 days ago


I dont agree with Elizabeths views but I appreciate the respect she has for people. But I kind of dont like how she lets people run her over, like she'll be talking and then someone will interupt her, its annoying and rude. Thats why you dont hear two cents from her. Good for her for standing up. Did anyone notice that since rosie is leaving shes more obnoxious then usual.

2641 days ago


I love Rosie, I think it is about time that someone open their mouth and be honest about issues pertaining to the president, the war, and any other issue. Elizabeth has no right even being on that show, she is just agreeing to agree. I think they should have more people like Rosie on talk shows that aren't afraid to voice their own opinions no matter what the issue.

2640 days ago


I LOVE ROSIE, she is /was the only one I watched the show for. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a nother dumb bleached blond. Why she is even on the show is amazing to me. I will no longer be watching the show until she is gone and a more interesting, educated host is found. She is a waste of air time with her stupidy. Barbara, what are/were you thinking to have this idiot on the show at all?

2639 days ago


I was away and missed the actual argument and now it's been pulled off You Tube. Where can we still see it? Anywhere on the net or is it pulled everywhere??

2639 days ago


I am so glad that Rosie is off the show and her leaving 3 weeks early is an added bonus. She is a big mouthed, one sided, liberal that disgraced what was once a classy talk show. Perhaps now that she is finally gone, the reputation for The View can be restored. Elizabeth is a class act with brains and beauty.

2639 days ago
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