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Public Affair

5/23/2007 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Rodriguez and "Grindhouse" muse Rose McGowan have finally gone public with their relationship.

The two arrived hand-in-hand to the premiere of Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof" in Cannes last night, putting to rest speculation they hooked up during the filming of Rodriguez's "Planet Terror."

The two had previously denied any on-set boot-knockin', as rumors went rabid that Rodriguez cheated on his then-wife -- and "Planet Terror" co-producer, Elizabeth Avellan -- with the former "Charmed" witch. At the time, reps for the film said the couple had split "long before" production began.

Homewrecker or not, McGowan's got a new man -- and probably a good shot of snagging the lead role in Robert's just-announced "Barbarella" remake.


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This is news?

2709 days ago


she is so cute and he is such a mexican

2709 days ago


........EVERY ONE LIKES QUINTON,,,,but it's getting a little old,,,,,,,,,,I SAY,,,,,,YAWN,YAWN

2709 days ago

The Man    


2709 days ago

Rob G    

Oh boy another Hot white girl going for the Mexican. Good Job Mr. Rodriguez

2709 days ago


I can't believe he left his wife of a bajillion years for someone who will probably leave him in a few months.

2709 days ago

Inspector Gadget    

Rose is a such a piece of ass .......

2709 days ago


you people are so racists i can not believe half the stuff i am reading ,we are all the same on the inside ,we breed this hate and what is it telling our children is its ok to hate,and its NOT !!!!!!!!

2709 days ago

Harvey Weinstin    

Not only did he leave his wife/producing partner of many years for this tramp, he also has a bunch of kids.

They were having an affair during the movie and when found out, they had to shut down the production for a month.

A wise man once said "Never trust a man who never takes off his hat".

2709 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

Yes, America!! You too can earn way more than you deserve, pump out trendy movies with no relevance, give your loyal, beautiful wife the boot, and go public with your hook up with an opportunistic, flighty, weirdo with a big rack who will leave you in 7 months!! Just move to Hollywood and bring your misguided ambition with you!!
Whooptee damn doooooo!

2709 days ago

Laurie R    

i think he's incredibly handsome, incredibly talented and probably very rich. i hope his wife takes him for all she can get. i'm bitterly disappointed in rose mcgowen....i had really liked her but to sleep w/a man who's married w/something like five children??? what a hooker!! i truly hope she knows about karma because sooner or later, she's going to get what's coming to her. i won't watch another movie or tv show she's sad she turned out like that.

2709 days ago


Kray - it's best to just ignore comments like that.
Obviously, someone that makes idiotic remarks about race, etc., is so beneath decent human beings, they're undeserving of any of our attention.
That said, I think RR is a hot peice of ass. Rose, err...not so much. But she's a pretty okay actress.
More power to 'em.

2709 days ago


Rose McGowan will sleep with anyone in Hollywood to further her career, she even slept with Marylin Manson, so you can see she sets the bar pretty low.

2709 days ago


Rose tries too hard, looks and acts like a 45 year old $20 dollar an hour hooker. Man, she is looking BAD. She'll be gone in 20 minutes, and Robert knows it. No one wants a skank like Rose hanging around too long, they're strictly for using and moving on.

2709 days ago


Right On sigh! My sentiments exactly...

2709 days ago
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