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Clive's Speech

Ain't Music to Kelly's Ears

5/24/2007 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After Clive Davis' very public display of rejection toward pop superstar Kelly Clarkson (via a speech that canonized Saint Carrie Underwood) on last night's "American Idol" finale, sources tell TMZ that SONY/BMG execs were apologizing to members of Clarkson's camp for their label head's rude behavior.

The 75-year-old owlish music mogul was tasked with speaking to the huge TV audience about the health of the "A.I" franchise and appeared to go out of his way to avoid mentioning Kelly's new single "Never Again" (which reached the Top 10 for heaven's sake!) or her forthcoming CD, "My December." Yet he somehow managed to find time to plug both Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee's new singles! Clive did briefly allude to two-time Grammy winner Clarkson -- but only to praise the talents of outside songwriters working with "Idols." Ouch!

Sources backstage at the finale report that Sony/BMG execs attempted to apologize to Kelly's team -- but their backtracking on behalf of the man with the golden ears fell on deaf ears. A well-placed source told TMZ, "Clive's actions, both delaying the album, and now this, tell you everything you need to know about how he feels about Kelly." That's no way to treat a 15-million-album-selling lady!

As TMZ reported
, the contentious feud erupted between honcho Davis and Kelly after she refused to make the "significant changes" to her new album (for which she wrote or co-wrote every song) -- that Clive demanded.

Artistic integrity - 1, The Man - 0!

A rep for Clive Davis told TMZ, "There is no truth to this story whatsoever. The focus of Clive's speech was on the recent Idol successes."


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Micki D    

I like Kelley - In fact I like all the winners and I think they (except Carrie) were treated very bery badly by AI and Clive Davis .... They didn't make you rich enough - are you kidding? You and AI are pimps and using up these contestants - I especially feel bad for Kelly and Taylor .. eh gads he was plain rude to both ..

2695 days ago

Jessica Ke    

You know what is so retarded, Kelly Clarkson is now considered a media hungry bitch due to what Clive was saying.

I'm saying, would Kelly have to defend herself, maybe yes, a little bitchily, if Clive hadn't been putting her down every chance he got?
Yes, the argument did get way out of hand. Did Clive really think that Kelly would just sit there and agree to be a "bad songwriter" or "fattie"?

No, she got up and fought, and that's what's impressive.
Her new CD, yeah, 7 million of the Breakaway fans didn't like it, but they're probably listening to Avril right now, who's being sued for stealing someone else's song. haha. Also, Clive did say that Avril's CD was the best that he ever heard.

That speech thing was soooo disrespectful. I was pissed off after the whole Taylor and Katharine thing, it was like "Yeah, yeah. Taylor and Kat are good, but they're over since I gave Taylor the wrong songs and I didn't promote any of them."

Carrie was humble in all, but I don't think she Ms. I love y'all. At her audition, she was kind of bitchy, unlike Kelly, Kellie, Katharine, Elliott, Clay and all those people who's careers Clive is taking over.

As for Kelly's appearence, who would you rather hug, someone normal to American standards or a bag of bones that may fall over and die any minute?
Kelly looks like my friends, or relatives, and that's what appeals her to people.

And for those calling her a lesbian for only kissing 5 guys, what do you want her to do? Put out sex tapes once a month?

Kelly is my idol, and My December shows us that she can do things by herself, and that she's not a poppy washout who would be nothing without her record label.

2634 days ago


Clive Davis OUTDATED, and he was WRONG. He is NOT responsible for Jennifer Hudson's success or Chris Daughtry's ( spelling) who he drueled over during his speech, What has he done for Whitney in years? or anyone? He's an old fart who is over the hill. Did you listen to him or see him on AMERICAN IDOL as a JUDGE Season 2 where he looked like he wanted to jump Clay Aiken's bones when Clay performed an old ditty, and he ruined Clay's last album with the YES MAN songs that they made him put on it. Clay is much better than that. He'll probably ruin Jordin and the rest of them too.

As the CLIVE RULES if you don't like KELLY CLARKSON the ARTIST SINGER and WONDERFUL PERSON, then get lost and don't read or post on her boards and articles.
Her new CD is great!
If you think she is FAT, LOOK AROUND AMERICA and THE WORLD, how gorgeous are you? What do you weigh? How much TALENT do you have? People like you should dry up and blow away.
No Wonder Clive never had anyone like the Beatles, Stones, or most of the best most current singers and groups out there!

2662 days ago

Frank Rizzo    

Kelly needs to listen to others, from the people who know better.
She's a nobody if not for that show.
She also should listen to fitness and diet people because she seems to be heading towards a career as a sumo wrestler. Fat.

2688 days ago


LOL that comment about kelly and clives feud to try to jumpstart is plain stupid. Kelly doesnt need controversy to sell albums, even before i heard about all this i was geared up to buy the album and the album is great. As great as breakaway was im glad she didnt take that same route because after awhile the same style tunes just gets boring. this album i think is very very good. sober, maybe, and haunted are great great songs. Also i think american idol is a joke, always has been always will be and only kelly breaks that mold because she truly is a talented artist with so much on stage presence her voice sucks u in.

2646 days ago


I get where Kelly is coming from as an artist who wants to develop her own style. But if her new single is indicative of her new CD, I also get Clive's point. What I've heard so far is a long way from her brilliant CD Breakaway. Sometimes it's good to take your elders' advice.

2706 days ago

Flavor Flav    

I think Clive was turned off by the chunkiness in Kelly's legs and, I like them thick so cmon' over there Kelly!

2706 days ago

~Some person~    

Hopefully he'll fall over and die soon.

2706 days ago



2706 days ago

Artists Rule    

Regardless of whether or not Kelly's upcoming CD will have the pop hits that Breakaway did, she is standing her ground as an artist, which one can only respect.

Clive apparently doesn't deal with artists well - he'd much rather have someone say 'yes' to him, as Carrie 'Goldenchild' Underwood does. Most people can agree that while Carrie is talented, she's not really an 'artist.'

Then again, this whole Kelly v. Clive thing could be a big promotional device for My December. Whether or not they really are feuding, it sure creates a lot of buzz about the album.

2706 days ago


Treats Kelly like disposable trash but bends over backward for crackish Whittney. The man is getting way old.

2706 days ago


I love how Kelly's fans trash other artists without a second's thought. I also love how her album sales get exaggerated higher and higher with every telling. She HAS NOT sold 15 million CDs. Not even both CDs totaled together and worldwide.

2706 days ago

He's Boring now    

All those radical rockers of the 60's who despised anything to do with the "establishment", including record producers kissed the ground this mans feet walked upon and followed his every order. They were either the biggest sell outs of all time or brilliant for their understanding this man knows something about selling records.

Miss Kelli should probably take a que here too, but than again, I applaud her for taking a stand those big talking acid taking "radicals" never dared to do.

His stance now reflects his age and place in life, which is stale and vindiciative and short sighted to the stock holders. I dont know too many Executives who go out of their way to bash or not mention their Companies products.

Move on Clive, you've had your 4 decades of fame, the same formula doesnt always work, not knowing that is the surest sign of you're over the hill and uncaring of the fans and stockholders you are in place to serve.

2706 days ago


Kellys sales speak for them selves... He is old hes not used to this great rocking style!! Kelly Clarksons alnbum Rocks and so does she!!! I was so happy to see her perform!!! KELLY YOu ROCK GIRL KEEP IT UP!!!

2706 days ago


This guy is swimming in his own irrelevancy.
Everyone talks about his 'clout', like he's some sacred icon.
His clout is based on money and insider influence established decades ago.
Seriously, this is 2007. Is there any 20 year-old who knows, or cares to know, who this guy is? I'm 30 and I thought he was dead...goes to show you!

No wonder record companies are struggling nowadays. They're headed by botox-injected dinosaurs like Clive Davis....then they turn around and blame their misfortunes on MP3's and the internet!


2706 days ago
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