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Fan to Jessica: "Once You Go Black ..."

5/24/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Jessica Simpson into black guys? That's what one loudmouthed fan asked the dim damsel at the airport yesterday.

As Jess walked to her terminal, the pop starlet was hilariously cat-called by a snubbed male autograph hound who yelled, "How do you feel about interracial relationships? Can a n**** stand a chance?" as Simpson could do nothing but laugh.

The man's parting words to Jessica as she disappeared through security -- "Once you go black, you never go back!"


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He's Boring now    

You got Imus. We will get the Culture that breeds this hatered of Women

Its amazing how a whole generation of Blacks remained silent as their women were being assaulted, degraded, abused, mispoken of and for in this Culture. So you go after Don Imus and claim Victory. Your Rome is still burning.

2680 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

Black men are very intelligent. Hary T. Thompson invented the cellular phone in 1971. Alexander Miles invented the elevator in 1867. Garret Morgan invented the traffic light in 1923. Frederick M. Jones invented the air conditioner in 1949. the list goes on and on. When it comes to men, there are rotten apples in every race. My ex-boyfriend is Irish and Itailan. Just because he was white, does not mean that he is better than a black man. Everyday, someone will pull the race card. On a serious note, you may be white, black or green but we all bleed the same damn color.

2680 days ago


I wonder how much money Papa Joe has to pay people to play her fans? She must know by now that she doesn't have a career, her father is paying people to make it look like she has one.

2680 days ago

He's Boring now    


I dont know a single white woman who wants to look that way.. Oh ok, maybe some lip enhancement.

If white women are so easily manipulated, how come its the black women that end up with all the fatherless children? Isnt that being manipulated at the lowest level possible?

Credit cards, money, those are all replaceable and one can recover from. Not having a Father around is not.

I hope one day the Black American Race can change this part of their Culture. Read Cosby, Juan Williams and Michael Eric Dyson, all Black authors on the subject for the details. I'm just an observer of things and people around me and see it. They are from it and testify to it as a problem.

2680 days ago


Hey #33 "What"
You are making my points for me so in that way I already own you.....

2680 days ago

Wasabi Pea    

Um....I'll like to order one John Mayer....lightly toasted.

2680 days ago


Carribbean Islands, or whatever your name is, LOOK, back in the blog#s, YOU STARTED THIS ENTIRE THING, now you are playing the "POLITICAL ROLE: WHATEVER!!!",,,you piss me off........DONT EVER COME TO Costa Mesa, or the beaches around here,,,& THERE ARE SOME EXTREEMLY HOT BLACK WOMEN OUT THERE,,,,im an alcoholic dummy, I just come on here, as an escape so i dont drink' GOOD LUCK & ENJOY LIFE, .......I AM DONE ON THIS TOPIC

2680 days ago

ANNA M.    

people lighten up! Black men rock. Better than all these white men like Scott Peterson killing their pregnant wife!! THAT's right Craig...... Get a clue.

2680 days ago


Sorry but Martin Cooper of Motorola invented the cell phone and the technology goes back to the 1950s from Bell Labs and AT&T. And Garrett Morgan invented a "type" of traffic signal.
Traffic signals were already invented, he just designed a different one. So saying he invented the traffic signal is false. Alexander Miles invented an "improved" elevator. He didn't invent the elevator. He changed the design of an existing invention. Frederick M. Jones did not invent the refrigerator. He invented products related to refrigeration.
All of your information is totally FALSE and you should really do some research before posting totally bunk information. These men were inventors but the were not the original creators of these great creations. Almost all of the great inventions and technology of the world has come from white Europeans.

2680 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

#33, you stated that everyone should own a slave. Ignorance is a bliss. Do you know your history? Millions of white Europeans were enslaved between 1530 and 1780 in North Africa. Yes white people were slaves too. If you do not want to take the time to read about it in a book, look it up on the computer. No one should have been enslaved no matter if they were Jewish, African, or Irish. Grow up and stop acting childish!

2680 days ago

ANNA M.    

you American's are a joke. There are nice Black people, bad black people, Bad Ass Whites too. Stop hating You americans think you are sooooooooooo great. You just know how to Hate. You are all pathetic.

2680 days ago


Damn, this is an absolute shame. A day after the world celebrates the winning of the world's largest contest by a female that was conceived by a black man, and a white woman, and showed everybody how irrelevant the subject should be, the hate mongers are back out. I took it as a sign of the way that things are supposed to be. At that moment, nobody, black or white, hated her for her white side or for her black side, but instead celebrated a intelligent, talented individual who showed all of us what can happen when that is not an issue. Her parents look more proud than most of you probably are of your own children, and it didn't matter what color they were. For a minute at least, I feel as we got a chance to see what a perfect world would look like.

The shame is that this will never stop. I am sure some of you are mothers and fathers on here, and therefore you will spread your seeds of hate for your common man to your children, as was probably done to you. One day though, they will be shown hatred, for no apparent reason, and you will scream injustice. I pose the question though, do you really want them growing in a world like that? I would say no, but maybe some of you are just that point and have reached moral turpitude. Regardless of the case though, to be incapable of judging each man for th character he/she shows and to immediately hate them for the color of their skin, is not only ignorance, but is quite honestly just as disgusting as any other crime you could commit in my eyes.

2680 days ago

ANNA M.    

rock i bet your father left your mom for a black WOMAN. oh GET OVER IT ASS****

2680 days ago

ANNA M.    

Terrell you are AWESOME!!!!!

2680 days ago

Just ask Bobby D.

2680 days ago
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