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'Idol' TiVo Fans

Got Screwed

5/25/2007 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you used your DVR to record the finale of "American Idol," you might have missed a little something -- THE ENDING!!!

Jordin Sparks
The show ran nine minutes longer than planned, but DVRs cut off at 10:00 PM. Jordin Sparks was crowned the winner at 10:03 PM. Whoops!

"We're sorry that DVR users may have missed the conclusion of the 'American Idol' broadcast," a spokesperson said. "FOX and the producers apologize to those viewers who were inconvenienced." Inconvenienced??

No apology was issued by Fox for the quality of the show.


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All you have to do is add 10 minutes onto your record time...duh.

2686 days ago


.........VERY MATURE FOR A 17, year old,,,,,,,,,,,,others should take note!!!

2686 days ago


That's why you set your Season Pass options to pad the show so you can select however many minutes you want to go over to avoid these issues.

2686 days ago


Yep it happened to me, lol. I didn't really care all that much anyway.

2686 days ago


Like the ending was a suprise to anyone?

2686 days ago


This show was ridiculously long! I only wanted to see the last two minutes. I was glad I didn't record it though, I'd have been pretty mad, even though it was totally obvious who was going to win anyway.

2686 days ago


LOL This happened to us! Maybe FOX should use this as an example to start tailoring their programming to DVR users. It's something that more and more viewers are starting to use...

2686 days ago

who cares?    

this show is proof that america will fall to Islam--the only good news is that rosie will have to wear a burka

2686 days ago


a bunch of LOSERS!! you know who won! people really need to get lives if they are whining about the last 9 mins of AI.

2686 days ago


#7 - most networks hate DVR's because you can fast forward thru the commercials that are their bread and butter so they purposely make shows go over to try to make you watch it live. I've had tivo for a few years and have heard talk that the networks want to force tivo into making the commercials impossible to fast forward thru. TV shows never used to run over their scheduled time, and now ALL of them do. Just take my advice and for any shows you watch, change the recording options to record a few minutes over what the schedule says. It will save a little aggravation.

2686 days ago


They could have cut several segments from the finale like the bizarre "awards" that basically flopped, and also the Bette Midler performance. Who did she have to pay and how much to get on that show?? Yikes. Last year's finale was better.

2686 days ago


Tivo ALWAYS requires the user to tape the program AFTER the one you want to watch if there is a chance it might run over. Who owns a tivo and hasn't noticed it? They should be embarassed to admit it.

2686 days ago

I as well have my TiVo timed to go over the alloted time. i've noticed that Fox is notorious for going over the scheduled time on many of it's shows.

2686 days ago

how sad    

AI needs to cut out those dummy awards, i.e. the stupid big bird lady.
I think they stretched the show to try to go into even more of the Lost finale
time slot. It was obvious that Jordin was the better singer. But I still didn't
know who was going to win. Clay was the better singer and Reuben won.

2686 days ago

Skeeter 17    

I still feel that there was no one good to be called the American idol between Jordin and Blake. Jordin has a great voice but she comes pitchy and to the point of "shouting" when she hits some high notes. Melinda Doolittle SHOULD HAVE BEEn the AI this year!
Voting seems to be more of a popularity contest based on age and the producers thinking ahead as to will buy the records---thus they wanted a young Jordin to win. She is a good singer...but not as great as Melinda who can sing ALL kinds of songs.

Blake is a good entertainer and has the talent to really make songs his own by adding his "sounds" --but certainly does not have the voice, and only good for certain kind of songs.

I probably won't watch next year's Idol! A lot of my friends said so too!

2686 days ago
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