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Bindi -- Croc Hunter in Training

5/28/2007 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A smiley Bindi Irwin, 8, has taken over the the family business.

The precocious daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin and wife Terri announced the upcoming "Bindi: Jungle Girl" series that will continue her father's work, saying, "The best part, I get to be with all my animal friends!"

Appearing in a tree house at the Australia Zoo, Terri said, "I think he would have said `Crikey mate, I couldn't wait for Bindi to take over.'" Answering criticism that it's too soon after Steve's death for Bindi to be back in the spotlight, mom said, "Bindi has been filming with us since she first hatched, it was a natural progression for her to be doing her own shows."

Steve Irwin died while diving nine months ago, when a stingray barb pierced his heart off the coast of Australia. The show launches stateside June 8.


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jProud American Author    

I loved Steve Irwin and have deep respect for his family. I pray this is the right thing to do for Bindi. I have mixed emotions that she needs to be a child and not a star right now. I pray this is the right thing for Terri to do for Bindi. I still miss Steve. He was such a caring person.

2714 days ago

Croc Fan    

Terri, Keep Bindi grounded and make your Daddy proud!

2714 days ago

Tess T Cull    

Bindi is such a charming girl. I wish her the best.

2714 days ago


"God Bless Bindi & keep her out of HOLLYWOOD!"

2714 days ago


Good luck to Bindi. She is a natural in front of the camera and can really teach other children about loving nature and the outdoors. Todays generation really needs this. She will be well managed by the mother.

2714 days ago


Oh cool!
Of course, she can never quite be Steve Irwin but I still look forward to this show.
At least, I have to watch it once to see how it will be.
Most kids don't really belong on TV at her age trying to do serious television (they should be out being just kids) but she's grown up on this so this might be really good for her. :)

2714 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Sorry you fans . This child does not need to carry on any family business. She needs to be off of themedia radar . I do not care how much of childhood she has their camp will say, what little time she actually puts in the "family business,," as Terri's camp can say. Let her out of the media/entertainment/show business. She can learn behind the scenes. Terri can be out there. The world does not need this kid teaching about endangered wildlife. Really. Thinkabout it.

2714 days ago


I give you exactly 6 mos before you start calling her horrible names and criticizing her fashion choices. Why not a countdown till she gets busted for coke? You could feature it on the front page =)

2714 days ago


Now Steve's money grubbing sadistic wife plans to feed the kid to a croc. What a gal!

2714 days ago


Sorry, I find the whole thing creepy. Just think, they have this huge company that depended on Steve Irwin and they now need a replacement to support it all. One month after his death, Bindi is on the media circut... I dunno.

2714 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Bindi will be just fine. She is the happiest kid I have ever seen. She has alot of love and support all around her and she obviously shares the same passion and enthusiasm as her father. I say good for her. I used to think I hope she does not grow up to soon, but after watching her with her mom on various interviews, I now think she is growing up in a kids paradise. She lives at a zoo and gets to play with animals, dance and sing. That would of been a fantasy come true for me when I was a kid.

2714 days ago


some of u never have anything good to say.. good luck bindi

2714 days ago

my opinion    

Hatched??? "...since she was "hatched"??

This show should be called, "Bindi the Talking Puppet", starring Bindi the Puppet. In all of history, there is NO puppet that has been as coached as well as Bindi Irwin. This girl is so FAKE it makes me sick. Her voice is FAKE. Her speeches are FAKE. Her mannerisms are FAKE. (Seriously, her acting coach should be FIRED).

But then again, Terri Irwin the Master Ventriliquist must be so proud of her creation that she HATCHED.

My only wonder is how do they hide Bindi's string so well that is attached to her back? Oh! I know, that must be the job of Terri the Ventriliquist's Assistant that is always lurking behind them. He must be the one pulling on the string to make her talk, move her head side to side, and praise the animals left and right just as Terri has taught him to do!

Honestly, I can NOT watch this girl without cringing at her scripted monologues and her FAKE Polyanna wannabe gestures. This WHOLE ENTIRE setup makes me nauseated.


2714 days ago

Eye Candy    

You go Bindi!!

She is such a natural talking about the animals. A real chip off the ole block. Steve would be very proud of her accomplishments.

Bindi is so cute and VERY smart.

Anyone that says different is just jealous.

2714 days ago


Give her 15 more years then let her make a video with Lex Steele. Thats the only video I care about.

2714 days ago
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