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Britney: Sunnin' and Sushi'n

5/29/2007 1:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is leaving behind her bohemian cowgirl look -- for this southwestern Pebbles atrocity -- the latest in trainwreck sushi bar chic.

The tanning poptart was spotted on her way into a sushi bar in Beverly Hills this weekend, after leaving the tanning salon in this curiously lovely sun ensemble. While this is an improvement, for her, this getup still makes us wonder if she can actually see through those sunglasses, which appear to be made from recycled clothes dryer glass. Ecological!

There's nothing like a snakeskin scarf to emphasize your peacock weave!

She's a-tryin' y'all! Very trying.


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just me    

Does she not own one single piece of clothing that is not stained or dirty? I'm sure she can afford a trip to the dry cleaner or has a washing machine and dryer in her mansion,right? Clean your nasty self up for heavens sake!!!

2648 days ago


I've said it before and I will say it again...TMZ you have the ability to stop the madness...BS dressing badly is NOT news!

2648 days ago


Why oh why does she ALWAYS have stains all over her clothing? Spit up from her kids ... NOT !!

2648 days ago


She looks like one of those Jersey Girls off the turnpike, ya know the gum snappers.

2648 days ago


wet swim suit stain...... enough already.

2647 days ago


Why spend time blabbing about her when "YUCK!" sums it up so well?

2647 days ago


She looks FANTASTIC!!! Good on her!!!

2647 days ago


For someone who's tanning ALL the time she doesn't appear to be any darker?!?

2647 days ago


Brit lost her little brain when she unzipped her jeans, I know she looked and looked, but giving her credit, something that small is very difficult to find.

2647 days ago


Awesome locks, Brit. Wouldn't the world be better off if we ignored her and she ceased to live in the spotlight? If you haven't seen this it's hilarious, Brit's Guide to Publicity:
the 8 stages of Britney:
and other Celeb meltdowns:

2647 days ago


Once again proof positive that there is NO REHAB for taste, class, or dignity. Not to mention if you could rehab those YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!

Train wreck........ freaking pathetic

2647 days ago


OK after reading the first few comments and people attacking her I havent read further than second page of comments so im not sure if any1 else has yet pointed out the obvious...... shes wearing a bikini, and when you put clothes over a wet bikini SHOCK HORROR it leaves wet patches, you can see the other wet patch if you look closely, shes been sunbathing slipped a beach dress on to go eat, give her a break!

2647 days ago


You people are so sick minded. She is trying. Not just to please a few family members and friends, but the whole damned world. Do any of you think you could please the whole world? Or even every member of your family and every friend? No. At least she is trying, and that's more than most of you who have to be so cruel can about yourselves. I used to dislike her until I started reading all the cruel things said here - no matter what she does, she is criticized , insulted and put down so terribly. She has no support from her money-greedy mother, she's been used by so many people who are just wanting a cut of her money that she doesn't know who to trust or who cares about her and not the money, if any such person exists. She was used and taken advantage of by an experienced gigolo (to put it nicely), she lost her looks through two pregnancies in a row, had 2 babies too close together in age when she wasn't really ready, and where was Mommy Lynne? Helping her? Nooooooooo, she was busy living the good life on Brit's money and grooming the next daughter to continue supporting her. She hasnt been able to do anything, not change a diaper, not wear a wig or a hat, not eat a damned burger, nothing, without the whole world looking and criticizing. If she didn't try for a comeback she was criticized, when she did try and wasn't ready, yeah, she made a fool of herself, but she was doing all that to try to please the people out here who won't give her anything but misery. Not one of you, nor I, could live through all she has and do much (if any) better.

2647 days ago


That is DEFINITELY lactating. Not just a stain on one side, both are exactly where milk would leak. How old is the little one? The one we never see? GEEZE, that's terrible, if she is leaking, then she is still nursing, and how the HELL can she nurse that baby with alcohol and drugs in her system? And heck, she is never with him, she must have to milk herself, and she isn't doing a very good job!

2647 days ago


Looks llike a cortney love wannabe, lol

2647 days ago
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