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"View" Without Me

5/29/2007 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

(By TMZ staff, with apologies to Rosie O'Donnell, who had nothing whatsoever to do with the following text ... except for providing us with much-needed inspiration the day after a long weekend.)

babwa, joy, & that other one
said buh-bye this morning on "the view"
bw still loves me, wants me to come back
uh, ok

said that split screen
that pushed me over the edge
was used before --
really, when?

called slugfest between me and e
"a little contretemps"
fancy euphemism for
i kicked some hasselbutt

speaking of e-beth
she said we were on road to reconciliation
that we exchanged messages
but no apology, still, on air

whoopi chilled, said she was groovin'
but all 'view' and no ro
make morning tv
very dull watching

peace out


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Rosie rocks and the view sucks so does that dumb ass elizabeth BORING Rosie is right Donald Trump is an idiot. Rosie may be a little off however she has the balls to say what she feels!!

2703 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Sure. Elisabeth needs to spend as much time as Rosie has perusing the left-wing nutjob conspiracy websites and hobnobbing with the likes of Charlie Sheen and Barbra Streisand. That's Rosie's education. Not an original thought in her head, just regurgitating the same old spew I've been reading from the crazies since 9/11. Anything to tear down President Bush, they are so immature and childish in their hostility.

Might as well put Rosie, Charlie, Barbra S. and their ilk in sandwich board signs parading the sidewalk with the other crazies.

Elisabeth is supposed to be young. She fills the "young woman" spot on the panel. That's how the show was arranged.

It was extremely condescending of Rosie to act like Elisabeth was somehow handicapped by being pregnant and should not be presented with an argument. That's surprising coming from the big lesbian. It's the same argument and attitude that men have used for centuries to keep women "barefoot and pregnant" and at home, allowing men to make all the money, gain the power and promotions, while the "little woman" is coddled and smothered, without a dime or a job.

I can't believe the media has not commented on Rosie's attitude yet. Pregnant women are considered in many areas of public life and the media to be empowered, strong, not weak and helpless.

2703 days ago


I stopped watching the View when they got rid of my girl Star . But I am on Rosies side on this one. EH is ignorant. Barbara needs to get rid of her. You can see the body language on Joy when EH speaks. You can see the smirk on Whoopis face when EH lied and said the healing was beginning. Quit calling Rosie names. She is entitled to her opinions. If you don't agree fine but insulting Rosie's mental state is just plain mean. I am not a Rosie fan since the comment she made concerning the Black community and OJ but I respect her right to her opinion.

2703 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Enough! Damn, I never even watched "The View" but saw Rosie on Fox News over and over and over 24/7. When she left I thought finally no more "Rosie Rosie Rosie" but NO they are stll talking about her. They still show her pic on the show's website! Notice how Elisabeth looked down when she said she and Rosie where "commmunicating a lot" That's because she was lying. One email is all it was! Barbara dissed Rosie's remark about using a split screen but never said why they didn't cut to a commercial when it was due and stopped the fight? Get a clue, "The View", Rosie, the woman most love to hate is GONE so take her pic off your website and sink to the bottom of the cold ratings ocean with some dignity cuz that woman with the shiny face and dimwit brain just isn't gonna carry your show. And Fox News--shut up about Rosie too! I emailed Rosie suggesting that, if she accepts CBS's offer to only do it if they gave her a show in the same time frame as "The View". Funny how the media pushes hate to get ratings. "Hate Rosie""Hate Paris""Hate Lindsay" Getting somewhat pathetic. Bill O'Reilly:" I have nothing against Rosie and wish her well" right after saying "She's radioactive" She's Anti-American" "She hates her country" Sounds like the "no-spin zone" to me.

2703 days ago


Barbara had an idea of different woman,different points of view. Sounds good,didn't work. Maybe a mix of man and woman will. And for a change would be nice to see how a person with a PhD in any field will sound.Not just someone from a reality show or comedy club

2703 days ago


For a change it would be nice to have a new panel of hosts. The country is in serious trouble and a true discussion and a fresh approach by intelligent people is long overdue

2703 days ago


Rosie: I miss you already..........I will NOT be watching the View no matter who they hire to replace you. Best of luck to you and your family. I expect to see you again on your own show in the future.

2702 days ago

married with children    

The view is boring without Rosie. EH is the worst! For some time now, she has been very gabby, but says nothing of importance. and now she just talks and talks and talks, even when other people are talking. Like she has some "nervous" energy or something.

2702 days ago


Elisabeth is very young and has led a sheltered life. I don't believe she is well read or educated. I think she grew up with the values she speaks about or they are her husband's views.

Anybody who supports this war after all that has ahppened is not aware of the world's affairs. Maybe Elisabeth should meet w/parents of the dead soldiers so she can have some understanding of the war. I doubt she could have an intelligent conversation w/democrats or with other educated people who are oppose the war.

2702 days ago


430. Elisabeth is very young and has led a sheltered life. I don't believe she is well read or educated. I think she grew up with the values she speaks about or they are her husband's views.

Anybody who supports this war after all that has ahppened is not aware of the world's affairs. Maybe Elisabeth should meet w/parents of the dead soldiers so she can have some understanding of the war. I doubt she could have an intelligent conversation w/democrats or with other educated people who are oppose the war.

Posted at 3:46PM on Jun 3rd 2007 by sue

Souns about right..People with sheltered lives cannot possibly relate to human pain and suffering.

2702 days ago

Essie Hough    

Very sorry to see Rosie leave THE VIEW....the point being that she has substance along with Joy...the remainder of the crew is just blah!!!! I am a 75 year old Great-Grandmother and I've watched a great deal of TV in my time and unfortunately there are few news programs anymore...Fox News is an OPINION PROGRAM...not news...CNN is unfortunately following their lead......................Rosie gave us women some substance.....she has a mind that was not dictated by Hannity, O'Reilly and now Geraldo.....

frankly, with the demise of IMUS and now Rosie ..who is next for speaking ones mind???? Not allowed anymore in this country...Hasselbeck comes across as a spoiled uninformed child. Yet, people seem to think she's the greatest because she is a true the rest of us are heathens..i, PERSONALLY RESENT THAT!!!!! WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LAUGH ANYMORE UNLESS HANNITY, O'REILLY, jESSE jACKSON, AND AL SHARPTON SAY SO!!!!! TOO, TOO, BAD!!!! I am not watching for the summer...i need a is not fun anymore!

2702 days ago

Natalie Badolato    

Did anybody see the episode on Feb 5th where they took an audince member out of the audience for the first time to co-host the show? It was me!

On February 5th, I had tickets to see The View. When my girlfriend and I got there, we were told that somebody from the studio audience would be selected to be the first audience co host, and guess what.... IT WAS ME!!!! To tell you that I had the time of my life would be an understatement.

I got up there, and it was a BLAST. I wasn't even nervous. I made scarves for all the ladies... So here is my quest... Now that Rosie has left and Elisabeth is pregnant, they have an empty seat. I want to fill it. To this day, I am stopped and asked if that was me on The View. Everybody tells me that they thought I did a great job and that I should be up there. They want a normal average person up there that they can relate to. I have a view so why not express it.

I'm married, a working mother of 3 children; two of which are still in school. My eldest daughter just made me a grandmother. My son is graduating from high school in June, and my baby just turned 16 and got her learner's permit. I'm originally from the left coast and have lived on the right coast now for 13 years. I've traveled a bit, am very creative.

I think I can do this. I know I can do this. The producers thought it was great too. I'm starting a grassroots effort to be the next co-host.

If you saw it, what did you think? Check out my blog and help me out! There is a link to The View website where you can leave a note for the producer, Bill Geddie, to bring me back.
(check out the pic on the first page)

or you can go straight to The View site and click on the "Ask A ViewMaster" link under Elisabeth's picture.

I can do this, and you can be a part of it. Take a chance and help a girl out.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2701 days ago

connie juarez    


2701 days ago


Rosie was self-centered and i am happy she is gone. I loved her talk show and thought she was great for showing us that you don't have to be a size zero to be on T.V. BUT her everyday plugs of her personal lifestyle and business was totally overboard. The others didn't talk about their men or partners as much as Rosie did. She used the View for her own personal advertisement for her lifestyle. We are all people but what we do inside our own homes should be kept there! If she were a real man maybe she would be in the war right now!

2701 days ago


TMZ! C'mon enough already! Rosie isn't now getting the attention she wants, so she "blogs" knowing that the media is watching every "haiku"......... she did this to stir more up. I used to really like Rosie, but after she left her own show she only looked hateful and bitter. Almost everything she spouted was heterophobe. I don't agree with Elisabeth's view's either, but Rosie's extremism is FAR too much. You CAN support the troops without supporting Bush. I would never call our troops terrorists because they were forced to go to a place that I guarantee you that 85% of them would leave in second's notice. I don't really like either of them, but they'll stay in the news as long as the media allows it. It really IS a snore, so please move on.

2700 days ago
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